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Advanced Chat (1.0.10a) for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Note: This is for the server-side only.

This mutator will add custom chat colors and other features to the chat like emojis or icons. The mutator chatbox color will not work with any mod that replaces the widget/HUD. This mutator also has multiple HUDs for the right game mode. If you are playing hardcore game mode, the mutator will be automatically using the hardcore chatbox HUD to keep your hardcore HUD look exactly the same other than the chatbox.
Advanced Chat mutator is compatible with any mod that sends the message to the chatbox as long as they are not changing the HUD. That's mean the chat color and the feature of this mod will work with them.

Gamemode properties command also supports in this mutator regardless if the chatbox color and emoji works or not.

Mutator name:
- AdvancedChat

Default game.ini config:

;Only admin able to make text color in the chat
;It useful if you don't want players to go in and start making the chat like a rainbow

;Replacing specific text with emoji/icon

Chat Color

There is a limit for chat color. Not all color is provided. I'm planning to make the user able to input their hex color code in it and use it but that will be in the future. To use chat color, you need to have the open bracket with the color name in it and a closing bracket in your chat.
Example: <red>This is red color</> and <blue>this is blue color</>

List of chat color that are available to use:



Emoticon or emoji is auto-replace in the chat with a specific word the moment u send it. For example, if you put the word NWI in the chat. It will be replaced with the NWI icon the moment it sends. It is not case sensitive and it can be disabled in the config if it too annoying. I might add emoji picker in the future.

List of a word that will be replaced into an icon


Chat Commands

To execute a command, your chat must start with ! or /.
Using the ! will send your command to the chat. The / will be silence. Which means your command won't show up in the chat. You can also change these prefix in the config.

The commands that you can use are the gamemode properties that can be executed using rcon. Instead of using rcon, you can execute it in-game. Only the admin can use these commands.
For example, if you put /bAllowFriendlyFire in the chat. It will tell you the current bAllowFriendlyFire value and only the person that executes it can see it.
If you put /bAllowFriendlyFire False then you are changing bAllowFriendlyFire property to False.

Note: Make sure you know what you doing when you changing the value. It can crash the server and the effect will immediately change to the value you put.

The other command that everyone can use is /me. What exactly this command does is just to output your own name with some message. For example, /me is playing insurgency then this will show up your name is playing insurgency in the chat.

If you dislike using the in-game chat command, you can disable them.
This is the default config for the command:

;Enable the usage of chat command. (This chat command usage will send to the chat message)

;The chat command prefix 

;Enable the silence command usage. (This chat command usage will NOT send to the chat message)

;The prefix for silence command chat

Note: If you want to use only the silence command, you can disable the bEnableCommand and keep using the bEnableSilenceCommand

Discord Chat

This is a feature that is optional.
Advanced chat supports discord chat. You will have to create a discord bot yourself using nodejs, python, C/C++, or other programming language you are familiar with.

I have a working version of nodejs on my github:

Follow the readme on the Github on how to set up the bot.

You will ask why do we need advanced chat mod if the bot can just rcon the message? Advanced chat has a way to detect if the rcon message is sending from discord or not just simply search for _DiscordTag_ in the rcon message and it will automatically replace it with a light blue color [Discord] tag in the chat. Without advance chat, the rcon message will look really ugly.

If you are a dev and you are going to make your own discord bot. All you have to do is send a say rcon with _DiscordTag_ in front of it.


say _DiscordTag_<Player name here> : <message here>

You will replace the player's name and the message you want to send in the rcon.

Rcon Say

If you are using rcon say, the "ADMIN:" is removed. So you can put your own in your rcon say.
This was a request by people using sissm.

If you like my mod and you want to support me, you can make a donation in my profile.




















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kriansa @kriansa

You are a Hero, Circleus! A true hero. Question: You added a "_DiscordTag_" to the chat, would that work if a normal client (non-rcon) use it? Will it be possible to customize that and add additional tags to the chat?

Circleus @circleus

It will not work for non-rcon. The "_DiscordTag_" is made for rcon say.
Also, we will not able to customize and add additional tags due to client-side HUD. Like whatever you change in the server, it will not affect the client-side HUD at all. So adding additional tags in the server config will not appear in the client-side HUD at all. Not unless you make your own custom gamemode and that will not be friendly with the existing maps. The mapper will have to add the gamemode in their maps itself.

The configs I have for the mutator like allow emoji or admin text color only. Those are config to make the game appear different HUD. It's not changing the stuff in the HUD itself. If you want another tag, I will have to make another HUD myself. If you want customization, then custom gamemode is required and it will not work until the mapper adds the gamemode to their map.

kriansa @kriansa

I really appreciate the work you've been doing for the insurgency community. I'm among the people that see the small "Z" logo, I know it's top-notch work.

Now, for the AdvancedChat mod specifically, would it be possible to have a "tag" that we could use to remove the "ADMIN:" prefix out of RCON messages? That will enable modding tools (such as the excellent sissm by @schroeder-lvb) to look like it's built into the game.

Thank you for all the good work!

Circleus @circleus


G-Force49 @g-force49

Will this mod be updated? The text color is great especially on night maps. I would hate to see it go away. There have been a few good maps and mutators that have been removed since v1.7 was released.

TokaiTele @tokaitele

This mod was working fine two days ago. But now, there is no hud. So I have removed it until it is fixed.

Rover_Oceania_Admin @rover-oceania-admin

I believe there is a problem with files, and repackaging... I do miss the colours sob sob...

[3lNP]ElNecrofilico @3lnpelnecrofilico


TokaiTele @tokaitele

Excellent mod mate!!!!

chacal_bl4ck @chacal-bl4ck

This is compatible with 1.7 Update?

Circleus @circleus


Rover_Oceania_Admin @rover-oceania-admin

I have set bAllowIcon = False, but when I type a message with say "Steam" I get <img id="Steam"/>
see screenshot

schroeder_lvb @schroeder-lvb

For RCON originated "say" messages, are you able to override the "Admin:" prefix with something operator assignable like "HQ:" or remove them entirely?

unpocoloco1 @unpocoloco1

i have a problem in mod maps it shows tag together <red> red </>

Circleus @circleus

If a map is using a custom hud or you are using a mod that involved with HUD then it won't work

[NLD]Dutchxarms @nlddutchxarms

thanks works great!

Rover_Oceania_Admin @rover-oceania-admin

What can I say... it works, certainly makes it easier to get admin messages highlighted.... best not to let players know. lol