Insurgency: Sandstorm

ALP - Paluja for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by (ALP)*JustCrazy (mod ID: 152124)


ALP - Paluja Mod Map

The mod map has reached it's first stage of maturity.

It's now version 1.0.0 nor Beta version anymore! Enjoy!

Coments about bugs are very welcome!

Scenarios (Day only):

  • Scenario_Paluja_Checkpoint_Security
  • Scenario_Paluja_Checkpoint_Insurgents
  • Scenario_Paluja_HardcoreCheckpoint_Security
  • Scenario_Paluja_HardcoreCheckpoint_Insurgents
  • Scenario_Paluja_TeamDeathMatch

This map was made by:

  • @ALP - F4lkon - 3D Design and Game Scenarios (the big chunk).
  • @ALP - Rensga - Map layout definition.
  • @ALP - JustCrazy - Finantial support and Compilation.
  • @ALP - Krod - Server Support.
  • @ALP - Team - Test.

Change Log

Verion 2.0

- Prision area added.
- New objectives.
- Bugs corrections.
- New respawns.
- Some checkpoints modified.

Verion 1.0.0

- Adjusted access to the guardhouse stairs where the bots were stacked.
- Fixed objective "C" restricted area in insurgent game mode.
- The buildings that had the doors giving access to the limbo, have now been corrected.
- Fixed insurgent side restricted area while point A was being captured.
- Access to the point B terrace on the insurgent side has been released.
- Some respaws have been fixed
- IMPORANT: In this new configuration, dynamic lighting has become mobile. To show all the shadows, it is necessary to set the shadow to Very High level. Any other setting below the shadows will have no effect. You can use everything else in Medium mode to get more Fps performance, but the shadows will only be visible in Very High mode.

Version 0.1.4

- The light system was remade so the map file is smaller without compromizing the image quality.
- Mooving clouds and their shadow (dynamic shadow)
- A few minor improvements

Version 0.1.3

- A catastrophic release!

Version 0.1.2

- Correted assets bugs that prevented the scenario to run (one of the buggy assets was left behind) now corrected.

Version 0.1.1

- Correted assets bugs that prevented the scenario to run.

Version 0.1.0

- Updated Minimap.
- Updated soundscape.

Version 0.0.9

- General image quality improvements.
- Objects image quality improvements.
- Security objective D area corrected.
- Security objective C fixed bots being stuck.
- Floating ammo boxes fixed.
- Hidden ammo boxes fixed.
- Supply crates oppenings.

Version 0.0.8

- Fixed objective B capture point Security side.
- Fixed objective E capture point Security side.
- Fixed objective E capture point Insurgents side.
- Fixed objective F capture point Insurgents side.
- Fixed empty point in the container area when in Security side.
- Modified objective D area in side Security and Insurgents.
- Modified the initial respawn Insurgents side.
- Added more area in the lab access through the corridors.
- Added one more vehicle at the street access to facilitate the advance to the capture point A, Security side.
- Checkpoint game mode improved.
- Added team death match game mode.

Version 0.0.7

- A few bugs corrected.
- Added normal Checkpoint game mode.
- Fixed insurgents side.
- Fixed scenario map names.
- Fixed map display names.
- Added sound to mud pools.

Note: Varsion 0.0.7 was never published due to issues. Version 0.0.8 is a cumulative update.















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Scotify @scotify

Just tried this out and seemed main issue was that B objective wouldn't cap, either above or below the objective. Seemed it may have been placed in the floor and needs to put the box at least above or below it (not colliding with ground).

.skittles. @htpskittles

latest update is broken. entire map shows out of bounds on the mini map, points dont display, and when we cap'd A it crashed the server.

Kokuroku @kokuroku

Hardcore doesn't seem to load properly. Tried multiple Mapcycle configs for it and none seem to work.

Fairly certain it's because Scenario_Paluja_HardcoreCheckpoint_Security isn't recognized properly and should be (Scenario="Scenario_Paluja_Checkpoint_Security",Mode="CheckpointHardcore") for server configs. (Same thing happened to the City map by Sempiterno07)

d4d330 @d4d330


Sparkie951 @sparkie951

Just installed today's update (11) and have a couple major issues... Unable to make point 'A' because of Glitches, Jerkyness and Screen Freezes.... It is hard to say what the issue really is, but after a while everyone who is connected client side crashes... The server still runs, only the client crashes... I have had to remove the map until it is fixed.... This is a good map and I like to play it. Please see video for issue.. Crash codes shown at the end of the video, but all clients crash at the exact same time.

saityrus @saityrus

Agree about the bots. Also, point A often freezes in Checkpoint to where you can't progress and requires a map restart.

K|LLER @kller1

bots path broken af. very well made map but no bots most of the points. i guess they are getting stuck somewhere

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

I just received a note from one of my players: "I was on Paluja. when I got to E, the point was inside a rock pillar. No way to cap it. I'm reentering the game.", "Worked the second time. There's a reasonable area around E, which is in the pillar. But the first time through, it didn't respond to my presence."

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

Played this map tonight and over all it was great.... Have 3 notations that need attention:
1.) Needs more resupply points
2.) if you die on Point D going to Point E you spawn in a cavern that you cannot get out of, but can see some of the above
3.) Either F or G, Bots spawn on Capture point for Counter... Destroyed everyone at point immediately!

Other than those notes, it was a very good map and look forward to playing it more. Keep up the great work.

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

I enjoyed this map! Any way we could get a map voting image for this? It's the only custom map I have in my rotation that loads with no voting images.

[NF]Tazzy @nftazzy

Paluja Checkpoint Security bots stuck on D and E

BlargedyBlargedy @blargedyblargedy

Great map layout, easily worth my upvote. The bot pathing is super broken though. We had no opposition for most points. This was with 50 bots. They seem to like to get stuck in other buildings. One example here, where they are stuck on the roof of the far building.

[NF]Colonel_Klinck @nfcolonel-klinck

Checkpoint Security E broken. No bots on defend

bahzooga @bahzooga

we are running it on bahzooga&friends; hardcore (
great map overall. my community loves it even though it still has some flaws: eg hardly any insurgent bots opposing you on A thru B. there must be a problem with them getting stuck somewhere. other than that, really nice. keep up the good work!

storkstork1 @storkstork1

There is a rock you can get stuck at objective E, when you play as security. I made a picture but can't figure out, how to send it, since your profile is private.
So i describe the spot. It is on the south-west corner oft the platform in the middle of E. There are crates with a tarp on top. One crate has a round red gas canister on it.
Between the handrail and the rock you will get stuck inside the rock.

(ALP)*JustCrazy @alpjustcrazy

We are fixing the bugs from the last 2.0 release!
Hoping it will be online this weekend with everything fixed.
Huge effort here, so you can continue to play and enjoy.

[NF]Tazzy @nftazzy

i think its D objective after capture and players spawn 1 player spawn is under the map. Also from A to C there doesnt seem to be any bots they seem stuck somewhere

(ALP)*JustCrazy @alpjustcrazy

Today we will try to publish a new version of our map.
At arround 00:00 UTC.
Wish us good luck.

oohhboy @oohhboy

Holy hell, long, huge diverse map at a reasonable file size!(Seriously, mapmakers think everyone has fibre) Damn good. Other than each point needing an ammo chest and slightly too tight restricted areas like the road to Alpha I can't complain.

(ALP)*JustCrazy @alpjustcrazy

Thanks oohhboy.
Regarding the ammo chests that was a decision we took to turn the map more difficult to play.
Tight restricted areas also.