Insurgency: Sandstorm

Alps for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by deerslug (mod ID: 1888218)


Initial release, map isn't fully finished as I haven't done a detail pass yet. There's currently a single playable checkpoint layer but I will add more / support other modes in the future.

If you downloaded the previous test mod that included this map

  • Go to your mods folder and delete 174854

Known issues

  • Minimap doesn't line up with ojectives
  • Performance

Map: Alps
Scenario: Scenario_ALPS_Checkpoint_Security

Hardcore support: Not yet :(




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penthopia @penthopia

Works fine with bots spawn ok. 2 other issues.
1) Ammo boxes missing at all CP that do not spawn Supply box.
2) animation clipping issues at some areas. At main road outside Alpha and at Bravo building.

PS - Dont think this is an issues with programng but a problem on our ends. Low FPS. Maybe lots of nice and beautiful surroundings around. Guessed its something to do on our side. Like GPU and PC specs? Or is there anything you can do about this? Guess not.
Great work deerslug.

Majestic121635791976 @majestic121635791976

Great looking map but performance is a big issue. Will there be any updates on that?

penthopia @penthopia

deerslug always Beautiful and quality map use like Macedonia. Just downloaded today.
Have yet to try further than Alpha to see if there's any issues.

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

Awesome dude. Trying this now on the servers

magnum.rh @magnumrh

Have not had any issues with this map, it is actually well planned. Except for the initial start. When playing Checkpoint and only 2-3 players the travel distance is way to far for any chance to recapture Point A. Not sure it can be done, but if there is a way to add a closer spawn point that can be used in Checkpoint that would increase the odds of completing the game in just one round.

penthopia @penthopia

Not really an issue. We can drive up there. There are 6 trucks available for us to use.

magnum.rh @magnumrh

Well, if it wasnt an issue I would not have made the comment. But with a few changes to the server and mods we have been able to over come it.

[BG]Nomy61 @none28

hope u can add hardcore mode to this it would be outstandiung

sshysterr @sshysterr1

Though my PC is on the brink of combusting into flames because it is dogshit. This map is actually really nice, good work brother :)

[BG]Nomy61 @none28

just upgraded videocard map runs gr8 and looks awesome

MurderHornet @murderhornet

How do I load th is? "travel Alps?Scenario_ALPS_Checkpoint_Security" doesn't seem to work. It says error loading game assets after 50% load time.

Jessejamesprice @jessejamesprice

Try this -----> open Alps?Scenario=Scenario_ALPS_Checkpoint_Security

Ive never typed something in manually to load a map, but i watched someone else load a map with a string like this and just replaced the map and scenario :) hope this works for you

Mike26M4BHm8mDeGkG @mike26m4bhm8mdegkg

People looking for a server running this map with ISMC you`re welcome to try mine.


Server Name: Vace Tactical - Milsim Precision (
Server IP:

[BG]Nomy61 @none28

sweet map deerslug would love to have hardcore assets . there is a performence hit but sweet all round :)

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

Beautiful as always mate!

TOCAHUEVOS @tocahuevos

Nice map deerslug! Reminds me of the villages of the Pirineos in Spain. But we need a light rebuild for static lighting and maybe some mesh merge. I've 35-80 fps with a 3060Ti at 1080p in medium settings. I love the start with the vehicles and the pickup with ammo crate. I miss the starting truck haha Good job and keep working on it!

deerslug @deerslug

Thanks!! I ran a production build just before uploading but yes definitely needs some more merging. I've already merged a fair amount but I still have some more to do!

Brakken @brakken

Put this on ESJ server just now! Will let you know how it goes. I had a quick go by myself and it seems like a quality map! Good job!

deerslug @deerslug

Thanks let me know how it goes!

Brakken @brakken

Great map! Looks like everyone really enjoys it! Nice to see you on there too!