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Award Respawns for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by TayLord (mod ID: 2105828)


This overrides the respawn (wave) counts for the players team and awards waves per x bot kills as opposed to on completion of objective. This just provides another game feel, which encourages team-work in fully eliminating the enemy team. This can be used in tandem with waves being awarded for objective completion by using the overrides in the config.


Default config is shown below. Only change if you want different values then these. An additional config and mutator AwardWaves2 can be used with different parameters:

<br>//optional config if HUD is not desired

Config Value Description
InitialWaves This sets the number of respawn waves that player team will start the round with. This overrides the vanilla value of SoloWaves.
MinThreshold This sets the number of bots the team (or individual players if bPlayerCount) must kill in order for a respawn wave to be awarded at single player
MaxThreshold This sets the number of bots the team (or individual players if bPlayerCount) must kill in order for a respawn wave to be awarded at maximum player count
MinWaveIncOnObjective This overrides the vanilla amount of respawns awarded on an objective being captured set by SoloWaveIncrementOnObjective when single player
MaxWaveIncOnObjective This overrides the vanilla amount of respawns awarded on an objective being captured set by SoloWaveIncrementOnObjective when max players
bEnableMessaging If set to True, then a message will be printed to chat instead of the default HUD. This message is printed every PrintEvery kills stating the number of kills left before a wave is gained.
PrintEvery This sets how frequently the message is printed. 3 would be every 3 kills.


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This new version is great, UI is great, and it would be even better if it could be put in a conspicuous place. But why did cancel the personal mode?

TayLord @taylord

You can still use it with AwardWaves_Legacy if you want it, but theres no HUD. I wanted to add a HUD real quick and didn't have the time to add a unique HUD to each player that is needed for personal mode. I may get to it eventually. I didn't think that the personal mode made much of a difference since respawns are shared either way. Why do you prefer the personal?

Where would you prefer the hud location?


Ah. It's not that I prefer individuals.
I'm just confused to see that this option is not mentioned in the new version.
I prefer to make the UI more conspicuous, in the middle of the top or bottom (near Objective) of the screen.
Maybe this circle can directly circle the rebirth wavenumber display. This is more intuitive.

TayLord @taylord



Copy that! The effect is the same as I expected!
Players clearly understand the effect of this circle.

TayLord @taylord

With the HUD it would take more time to implement to have everyones HUDs different, so I removed the individual option with the new version.

The issue with placing the HUD someplace else is the center of the screen has a lot of content already from other modes and mods. Frontline has many objectives and wave counters for both sides and then Coop HUD adds the bot count to the bottom, which makes bottom center have no room. Left side has fire support, right side has loadout, top center has active objective. Theres just not a lot of room for it. I like the thought of overlaying something else. I'll look into it for the next update.

Haruko2 @haruko2

for some reason it not working on my server! the count keep repeat

TayLord @taylord

Keep repeat as in it doesn't decrease?

TayLord @taylord

*Update v1.1:
Changed IncThreshold to be MinThreshold and MaxThreshold
Changed Objective increase into MinWaveIncOnObjective and MaxWaveIncOnObjective for player counts
Added AwardWaves2


A flash of inspiration:
Can you change the "bPlayerCount" control to the Mutator control?

Because the game does not support targeted loading of Game.ini, for example, in checkpoint we need "team kill count" to emphasize cooperation, in survival mode we change to "individual kill count" to encourage killing, "Game.ini's bPlayerCount" is difficult to implement, but it can be achieved by loading different Mutator.

TayLord @taylord

So I'll probably create two identical mutators to allow all settings to be configured differently and chosen with either AwardWaves or AwardWaves2. Or if its just bPlayerCount you want to adjust, then I could add bPlayerCountSurvival and bPlayerCountCheckpoint for a single mutator. Either way can be implemented. Any preference?


I prefer the former (controlled by mutator). Combined with MapCycle, we can customize for different maps / game modes / day and night.
BPlayerCountSurvival / bPlayerCountCheckpoint is not so flexible.

[BG]Nomy61 @none28

thx this looks interesting


Is it possible to combine IncThreshold with quantity scaling?
Under the premise that the team shares the number of kill: the number of bot to be killed in a single player may be too large (making it difficult to take effect), and the number of bot to be killed in multiple players may be too small (causing the game to be too simple).


And ask a completely unrelated question here:
Can pve be like pvp: will it enter the countdown to rebirth only after a certain percentage of players have been killed?
After the introduction of rebirth to the pve server, I found it difficult to balance the rebirth time. There is always the problem of wasting the rebirth wave or the player waiting time is too long.

TayLord @taylord

I can add the Min and Max for these in the next update, which will take a few weeks till I get to it.

Unrelated answer:
Not that you can control in vanilla and it'd require a complete rework of the spawning in a mod I believe. I just set the respawn timer to 0 and think of the waves as individual player respawns and set them accordingly. I think it makes a bit more sense for coop.


Uh... First of all, I would like to thank your new work for giving the server a choice of settings. I simply think that personal rebirth may encourage players to kill rather than attack object, so I may prefer team rebirth (just a personal point of view).

Phederal_BR @phederal-br

I have the same question