Insurgency: Sandstorm

Cache Hunt (WIP) for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by DagZede - learn more (mod ID: 1069391)


Converts Survival game mode into Cache Hunt mode.
Hides the active objectives on the map, players will need to search the area for the correct objective. Also replaces the survival pistol only loadout into checkpoint loadout.

- CacheHunt
- CacheHuntHardcore

Still a work in progress.


Objective hider blueprint made by RareKiwi.

Mutator's minimum compatible game mode is set to Survival, but if it fails just set the mutators into the mapcycle config, for example:

You also might want to adjust the Survival game config inside game.ini as well, this is what I personally used:


filedata.2.zip3.7mb0.1.2 Test

filedata.1.zip3.7mb0.1.1 Test

filedata.zip17.66kb0.1 Test


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Партизан @na1589408736

Hello, did you get to fix round ending crash issue?

Chan_ @chan23

This will be the best mod if this work complete!
'hunt' is a more realistic game mode than 'checkpoint', 'survival', 'outpost'

machine.gun.panda @machinegunpanda1

Interesting take on this, good job!

Jaxxis @jaxxis

Very interested in this for my hardcore ISMC server, as the main Checkpoint gameplay loop does get a little stale after a while.

DagZede @dagzede

Not sure if this will work with ISMC since it also overrides the theater for the loadout. Do ISMC has loadout for survival game mode?

d4d330 @d4d330

We also get the end of game crash but we are running Dinghy's loadout. I didn't know about theater conflicts. Server mods in command line are Vampirism,DinghyLoadout,NoRestrictedAreas,ScaleBotAmount,MapVoteLabels.
Min/Max enemies doesn't work either. Server spawns 30 enemies, a number it seems to grab from Outpost ini settings. <<<strange...

Jaxxis @jaxxis

I'm not sure if it has a loadout, my server has some survival maps ready to put in, but none are in the mapcycle. I'll check the next time I can get on.


I loaded some survival maps alongside ISMC, and the loadouts for the mode are overwritten by ISMC, as we had the same ones saved that we would use in checkpoint. No vanilla restrictions on handguns or anything of the sort. We were able to play through the mode as normal, with TWO exceptions:

-Rushers (colored t-shirt guys with knives) would only appear as clothing, their bodies weren't there, likely due to ISMC replacing OPFOR with security faces.
-Some regular soldiers would also be wearing red clothing, clipping with their ISMC clothing

Out of curiosity, I loaded CacheHunt to the server afterwards; we were able to load in, select classes, and proceed to objectives and capture them, up until all of us died, at which point everyone's clients crashed simultaneously. Interesting to say the least.

I'm relatively new to server administration. If there's a more official avenue through which I can submit reports, my friends and I would gladly help in testing. Thanks for your work!

DagZede @dagzede

Those bot issues might be able to be fixed if there's a custom wave config for it [/Script/Insurgency.INSSurvivalGameMode], then again it depends on the theater mutator if it has it or not.

And yeah, sorry I still couldn't find out what caused the game to crash with this mutator during round end, whether in lose condition where all the players die or in win condition after the extraction. A wild guess is that it may conflict with that game over HUD.

TayLord @taylord

So will the whole map have to be searched or will there eventually be an overlay of potential locations (number configurable)?

DagZede @dagzede

You have to search all the objective points for now, it doesn't even inform you which points you've visited as well so note it down I guess? lol
It only modifies the game HUD so it won't do anything to the scenario system.

TayLord @taylord

Does this only work on a server? Just tested this locally and the objective points are hidden, but only on the overview and minimap. The HUD objective icon still appears when you look around. I tried in both CacheHunt and CacheHuntHardcore. The mutator showed as active in the Overview screen and I did get the checkpoint loadout so it was running.

DagZede @dagzede

Sadly yeah, tried it on local play few days ago and I had the same problem. HUD objective icon and current active objective on the bottom bar are visible due to the vanilla survival HUD. Don't know why but the HUD override won't work on local play.

TayLord @taylord

Wow! This is gonna be awesome! You guys are amazing.

od-servers @od-servers


DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

That sounds good