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Operation Cavar for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Operation Cavar- WIP

There was a long break for Cavar map mostly because it was a busy month in my private life. It is not v1.0 yet, but I hope that I will finish that map asap. Do not forget to update map on your servers.

v0.9999999abc (06.07.22)

-It is small update where I try to fix problems with bots on checkpoint game mode(tunnels still are broken) but not only:
-Moved FireFight game mode to another map -> ( Wizna).
-Slightly moved objective D, E, F.
-Improvements on obj B, C
-Added some random boxes on obj F(because that part of map is not finished and was too empty).
Map can looks a little bit more ugly than usual because lighting is set on lowest setup. On final version I will back to the "production" setup(It take 4+ hours with 99% usage of CPU to build map on production setup).
I think that it is a good idea to create scenario for checkpoint game mode (B) once again for that map because IMO there still is a problem with bots (Let me know if i'm right because I do not play Checkpoint).


Map: PRS_Guru
Scenario: Firefight moved to -> Wizna
Scenario: Ambush_cavar
Scenario: Domination_cavar_A
Scenario: TDM_cavar


Checkpoint _B*:
Map: PRS_Guru
Scenario: Checkpoint_cavar_B

Checkpoint _A:
Map: WIP
Scenario: WIP

4example: Open PRS_Guru?Scenario=Checkpoint_cavar_B?Game=CheckpointHardcore
What need to be done:
-add soundscape for buildings, etc
-fix minimap for tunnels
-tunnels need to be rebuild
-add Checkpoint A
-and much more

Any suggestions are welcome. Especially if we talking about Push/Checkpoint game mode cuz I play only FireFight.
Do not forget to update map on your servers.

Freedom for Ukraine!


















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COACH1584534052 @coach1584534052

Anyone else having Checkpoint map no longer loading?? Had to remove as it just locks up when loading map

Brakken @brakken

Yeah, I’ve received reports from players that it crashed the server last night. I’ve had to take it off for now. Shame s as it is a popular map!

MasterOfCrepes @masterofcrepes

I check it in next few days. But more possible is that there will be an update when map will be finished. I'm very close to do that. Don't wanna lie but imo I need no more that 4 weeks.

COACH1584534052 @coach1584534052

Look forward to your finished version.
Loaded Wizna for now to replace it :)

smile2002(JP) @smile2002jpn

I didn't have a problem before, but maybe since the latest version, I couldn't read it when I turned it in Mapcycle.
If I load directly with the RCON tool, it works fine.
Does anyone else have similar symptoms?

smile2002(JP) @smile2002jpn

Checking the server LOG, I get "LogGameMode: ProcessServerTravel: Guru?Scenario=Checkpoint_cavar_B?Game=?" It seems to be trying to read in "Guru", but the map name needs to be read in "PRS_Guru".

MasterOfCrepes @masterofcrepes

I'll check it out over the weekend. If you play only with you crew then temporary you can use that command to change the map on the server: AdminTravelMap PRS_Guru?Scenario=Checkpoint_cavar_B

smile2002(JP) @smile2002jpn

I was having a problem because I can make changes with commands when I am there, but not when I am not.

=WAR=VASILICH @warvasilich

Mapcycle.txt - Scenario_Checkpoint_cavar_B
the map is downloaded but does not start?

MasterOfCrepes @masterofcrepes

On our servers it looks like that:
So imo for checkpoint it should to looks like that. (Scenario="Checkpoint_cavar_B")

Mamba45 @mamba45

Hey, thanks for the map, we tried it out last night (we play Checkpoint only). Do love all the detail and the performance is fair on our older systems given the large scale and particle effects. The bot battles are a bit sporadic, looks like they spawn pretty far out or have pathing issues getting to most of the objectives... lots of waiting for action. The crate problem on Echo has already been noted. The tunnels and final Hotel objective are really crazy in regard to bot spawns, so hope you can fix those eventually, as the map shows a lot of potential.

MasterOfCrepes @masterofcrepes

Bots working better than before ;) , BUT I still need to fine-tune it. The direction I took to fix it is good, so I just need to improve that section a bit. I will try to sort it out in the next few days. THX for the info and opinion ^^ BTW I forgot to add bots to tunnels section (except counter-attack) so there are no bots when you try to capture that obj. Once again thx for the info ^^

[BG]Nomy61 @none28

Theres an armor crat at E that does not open after objective attained

MasterOfCrepes @masterofcrepes

Why I didn't read it 2 hours ago... :D I will try to check it tommorow., cuz rn it is 2 AM in my country. I do not play checkpoint game mode so sometimes I forgot to check something. Usually I check that game mode with a good mode and with fly option. Unfortunately my crew do not play that mode too. Thx for info :)

[BG]Nomy61 @none28

Np man can you add a hardcore mode that would be gr8

MasterOfCrepes @masterofcrepes

Sure, I will add that game mode on next update, same as survival game mode.

smile2002(JP) @smile2002jpn

I have a request regarding checkpoints.
More enemies after object B would be great!
Especially counter attack (when defending).
I miss it because there are not so many enemies.

MasterOfCrepes @masterofcrepes

Yes I completely agree with you... I checked checkpoint game mode an hour ago and I've noticed that it is not working as should to...On Saturday will be next update and most of the problems with bot spawns etc should be resolved. Also (small spoiler) there will be night game mode ^^ more info will be add under the change log after the update.

smile2002(JP) @smile2002jpn

Thanks for the new update!
I don't know if I'll be able to check all the checkpoints by the end of the day.
I don't know if I'll be able to check the checkpoints today, but if I do, I'll let you know if everything is okay!
Thanks for all your hard work!

moraktor @moraktor

Hey my friend. This map was awesome before the update. Specially the part in the tunnels were lot of fun. I dont know what happened and why u changed it and removed this great part of the map. Hope u can repair it, so that we all gonna love this map again. Thanks for your work mate

MasterOfCrepes @masterofcrepes

Tunnels will back after some improvements (cuz I received one suggestion from my crew mate about that section) , but I hope so I will add them back before next update.