Insurgency: Sandstorm

City for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by Sempiterno07 (mod ID: 725902)


Hello everyone. I changed the name of the scenarios. Now it would be like this:


Team Deathmatch

Day: Open City?Scenario=Scenario_City_TDM?Lighting=Day?

Night: Open City?Scenario=Scenario_City_TDM?Lighting=Night?


Day: Open City?Scenario=Scenario_City_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day?

Night: Open City?Scenario=Scenario_City_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Night?

Hardcore Checkpoint

Day: Open City?Scenario=Scenario_City_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day?Game=CheckpointHardcore

Night: Open City?Scenario=Scenario_City_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Night?Game=CheckpointHardcore


Day: Open City?Scenario=Scenario_City_Push?Lighting=Day

Night: Open City?Scenario=Scenario_City_Push?Lighting=Day

Day: Open City?Scenario=Scenario_City_Outpost?Lighting=Day?

Night: Open City?Scenario=Scenario_City_Outpost?Lighting=Night?

Pending tasks:
-More gamemodes.
-More details in some areas.

Thanks for the help.

I hope you can enjoy the map.

























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Tiomat @tiomat

Interesting map. I've only made it to F so far (our server is cranked up), but like what I've seen.

The only issue I've come across so far is that on A for a defend the bots NEVER make it to you. They all hang out outside the walls but never push.

AiBOT @bot-server-admin

textures floor is missing in some many buildings.

DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

Yea, bot's can't find a way to Lima

sheppy2 @sheppy2

Latest update, checkpoint, last point no bots still.

SSServer @ssserver

On your Outpost mode the bots do not really attack on A & I
Rest appear ok

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

Great update! All the objectives are far better now and defend nicely! I encountered bots taking the last objective this time as well. Still no bots during the last counterattack though. The team respawn areas work out a little funny when playing with Waves as sometimes you'll die and respawn at the current objective (further ahead then you were or offset) as opposed to respawning at the last objective, which can lead to disorientation upon respawn. Respawning might be nice to be at the last taken objective like in Vanilla maps. Good work!

[BG]Nomy61 @bgnomy61

any 1 having issue with hardcore mode ?i used (Scenario="Scenario_City_Checkpoint_Security",Mode="CheckpointHardcore", Lighting="Day") and we r not able to move slow

Scotify @scotify

I see you're having some Checkpoint issues with bots attacking last objective for the underground section. Did you check if your NavMesh box is going deep enough to cover the ground underneath? if not make sure its expanded to underneath the map. Otherwise great map, fun to play with a hectic 60 bots!

seeneonu1600678067 @seeneonu1600678067

There is some problem with night version, for some reason night visions wont work, they are complete black, they only work when there is some lights.

Mamba45 @mamba45

What sheppy just said....appreciate the improvements, getting better. Also, on Kilo I died after capturing it and respawned underground, near the stairs, at the OPPOSITE end of the map. No way I could get back to Kilo in time across that distance. Need to move that respawn point closer.

sheppy2 @sheppy2

Just played city again. Great map. The last point L. Still not getting any bots to defend final objective. Recommend spawning the bots underground near point. We didn't get any response to our intimidations either on that point.

[REDi]1RMAJPolTuurd @redi1rmajpoltuurd

great map , getting better all the time love the environment and game play. Keep up the good work mate

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

Ok after another play through here's a bit of a laundry list by objective. First off this map is awesome and shows huge potential! I really enjoyed it. As a whole many objectives are too big with non-objective areas connecting them and the resupply areas are always on the next objective as opposed to the completed one.

A: The objective includes some areas that expand past the walls around the objective.
B: Had counter attacks, but only a few made it upstairs and I saw many retreating from downstairs after defending.
C: No issues.
D: I would remove the roof as part of the objective. It's simply too big and once blocking the roof can't be accessed without leaving the objective and losing.
E: Had good counters
F: No issues
G: Had same issue as D. Too big and spans multiple floors and the stairs aren't included in the objective. Either pick a floor or add the stairs.
H: Same issue as D & G. I would opt for only having the second floor, not the main floor as this allows for more map exploration. I lost here multiple times because I couldn't get to the bots on the second floor once defending. A couple wall running bots downstairs as well.
I: Needs another entry point to the upstairs. Simply burning the one stair way toasts all the counters.
J: Same issue with multiple floors for the objective. This one worked well with multiple floors so I would say use just the upper two floors, but include the stair case as part of the objective.
L: Loved this, but only saw one bot down there. All the rest were encountered before going down. No counters made it. Seemed they were all above somewhere.

Mamba45 @mamba45

Appreciate the frequent updates, gameplay is improving. Some of the indoor and most of the outdoor battles are great! Battle action is good up until India, after that the enemy Insurgent bots are very hit/miss as to whether they show up. I know you did a lot of work making the underground tunnels but not a fan of tunnels. Also, on Lima (which is an outside, above ground capture) those bots spawn underground. Vice-versa for Kilo....frustrating.

NekoTaisen @nekotaisen

Really good map during gunfight we did at night, but unfortunatelly, this is not instinctive to find the last point. The ennemies spawn right on it when we are capturing that cause instant death. And then, when we have to defend it, nobody shows up. Please can you solve it ? This map has real potential !

sheppy2 @sheppy2

We had 4 players a couple of points the bots never showed up, including the last point. Maybe try to spawn them on the lower level

miltonjackson @miltonjackson

Map is really nice and fun to play. Only Problem we had: When we reach last checkpoint and start to cap, suddenly enemys spawn right in the midst of you. Instant death...

[BG]Nomy61 @bgnomy61

gr8 map man but there seems to b a bot spawn issue at last 2 objectives after we took objective bots did not appear

[REDi]_1R_MAJ_Acki @redi1rmajacki

really enjoying this map and the improvments you're making along the way. Look forward to some ambient environment sounds....

Affinity420 @affinity420

Yes some checkpoints miss bots and the last one is really hard to find too. other than that the map is amazing! many unique buildings and such GG