Insurgency: Sandstorm

Coastline for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by Reeecompile (mod ID: 566171)


Coastline is an urban map that that uses a mix of areas ranging from close quarters to open areas.

This map supports these scenarios: Push, Checkpoint, and Hardcore Checkpoint.

Update 1.4 released!
One more objective has been added in the multi story building, and an ammo crate final objective has been added under the lighthouse in the end of the map, as a last stand objective.
Big detail pass added to the map, with areas now having additional cover added to them making them feel less empty.
Some areas have been changed to look different than when first released.
Bomb craters have been added in areas to help provide cover.

To play these scenarios locally in game please enter the following commands:

open Coastline?Scenario=Scenario_Coastline_Push?bBots=1

Checkpoint and Hardcore Checkpoint:

open Coastline?Scenario=Scenario_Coastline_Checkpoint_Security

open Coastline?Scenario=Scenario_Coastline_Checkpoint_Security?Game=CheckpointHardcore
Known bugs:
In checkpoint some restricted areas do not work - this seems to be a bug with the editor
Some buildings may have weird lighting bugs.
Audio for environment fx in the map might be too quiet
Rubble on roads cause strange shadows
Checkpoint spawns and AI may act strange.

Planned updates:
Areas near the first objective will be improved to be less linier.
Final objective area will be improved.
More detail will be added to map
Lighting will be added in some areas as they are too dark
















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DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

Idk why but when it's Hardcore CP
i can see teammate's names like as if it's normal CP

[REDi]1RMAJPolTuurd @redi1rcaptpoltuurd

great map

DavidFL @davidfl

Absolutely love the map. could use a little polish here and there but over all greatstart.
I noticed a bug with the first checkpoint when playing security tho.
when you enter thru the broken wall, left hand side there is a door with stair leading to first flor behind it..
Stand infront of the door and there is a small space where you are no longer considererd inside the cap zone of the objective.
So if this objective is active and occupied by enemys, if you run over this section you will loose the round as you are out of the cap zone for a split second.

Reeecompile @reeecompile

As the modding contest is now over I'm now able to make changes to this map! Expect an update in the future with layout changes, polish, a potential night version of this map, and maybe extra game modes.

od-servers @od-servers

this map is a great map, in the future it might be fun to add more points and fight back alongside the coast

Reeecompile @reeecompile

Thank you! I'm thinking about doing that in the future if it works well for gameplay.

istasyon @istasyon

map name does not appear correctly. it says coastline_checkpoint_security instead of coastline

Reeecompile @reeecompile

Will fix this in the next update

Shane_SGC @shane-sgc

For Push, I see this:


Insurgent or Security is not specified. Should it be? I want to add this to our server.

Reeecompile @reeecompile

At the moment this map only has Push with security attacking, though I might add a version with insurgents attacking in the future after the contest is over. Because of this at the moment Push is just listed as "Scenario_Coastline_Push"

Rover_Redback_Admin @rover-redback-admin

Some players ask, will there be a night map version.

Reeecompile @reeecompile

A night version was planned but I didn't have enough time to implement it, after the contest is over I hope to add a night map version for both Push and Checkpoint.

Treefrog357 @treefrog357

Map has potential, but several issues already noted. Given the rollback to 1.0 and the planned updates we're reserving opinion for now....will check back later. Thanks for your work.

Reeecompile @reeecompile

Thank you, hopefully once the contest is over I'll be able to add more updates to the map and improve more based on new feedback. Keep an eye out for updates in the future!

Dolarhyde_89 @dolarhyde-89

I have a strange problem. When I set checkpoint mode it shows as "firefight" with 32 players in the server browser. I`dont know what I´m doing wrong:


I´m using mutators, but I cut that and serverinfo out from the file over.

Anyone had the same issue?

Reeecompile @reeecompile

Hello sorry for the late reply, I'm not sure how to set the map up for a server exactly, but I have been told that you could try using mode= instead of game=

akdu4real @akdu4real

Thanks for the reply! After som dialoge with the serverprovider I managed to make it work. I’m really enjoying the map now. Keep up the great work!

[REDi]1RMAJPolTuurd @redi1rcaptpoltuurd

one of the best maps made by anyone so far , the lack of resupply means you have to take care of yourself and your ammo discipline has to be on target. The CQB battles are epic and the pacing and enemy placement superb. Keep up the great work , I wish more map makers would remove the resupply points and follow your lead with the random ammo boxes. Thank you from the REDeye Squad

Reeecompile @reeecompile

Thank you very much! I'm happy that you like the lack of resupply, it's one of the things I wanted have as a way to add tension. I plan to improve this map in the future once the contest is over, so look out for more updates in the future. Glad you guys enjoy the map and thank you for playing it!

miltonjackson @miltonjackson

Well we played this map extensively and it quickly won the hearts of our players over and became very popular. Considering this wasnt made for COOP in the first place, it plays really great there. The level of detail is amazing while still retaining the performance. My personal favorite is is the last CP where you have to fight your way into the building to the top floors. That is truly epic! which is also its downfall as the last CP is way to easy to defend with just one staircase leading up. While this map dosent deliver any spectacular groundbreaking new visual it is a great map with good pace and hard fights and a welcome change to the overplayed maps of the vanilla version. I wish your acquired skill and optimized workflow will bless us with more work from you in the future. You have amazing talent and i am eager to looking forward to your next project.
As a final score, i give it a 9/10. In the name of my Community we thank you very much for your contribution and hard work! We would love to invite you sometime to come and play a round with us over at ISMC Hardcore. Cheers

Reeecompile @reeecompile

Thank you very much! I'm glad the players on your server love it, it's great to hear after working on the map for so long.
I did plan to add more stairs and entrance points into the last CP but again had to push them back until after the contest due to time. Hopefully after the contest I'll be able to add more entrance points to the last CP, like fire escapes for example.
Thank you for the kind words! I do have one or two maps planned for the future, one of them being a map I started on before the contest, but had to put on hold because of the contest itself. I'll pop onto the server sometime in the near future and play with you guys, thanks for the offer! :)