Insurgency: Sandstorm

CQB TestingGrounds (T-Hunt) for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Tango Hunt Proof of Concept, Map was quickly thrown together to test some CQB! Objective, Defeat the 30 Tangos! AI could still use some serious adjustment for a better CQB feel but its a start.

To get this running on a Dedicated Server you will want to have the Mod ID (98049) in your Mods.txt found at "Insurgency\Config\Server" and launch with "-Mods -ModDownloadTravelTo=TestingGrounds?Scenario=TestingGrounds_Scenario_THunt"

To get this running on the Client you want to boot up a Local Play game, once whatever map has loaded bring up the console with the tilde key and input "open TestingGrounds?Scenario=TestingGrounds_Scenario_THunt" for whatever reason you can't run this command from the main menu :(

Changelog: (Current Active Version = 0.92)

Since all this modding/mapping for Sandstorm is so new just trying document the troubleshooting process.


Reduced AI Difficulty from 1.0 back to 0.5.
Security uses Default Theater setup for classes/weapons etc.
Added a few AI that will roam.
Enemies Remaining appears in chat area.


Quick Hotfix update to support Sandstorm 1.7 (Nightfall Update)


Added HUD to ExcludedAssets like the GameMode and now it works! so we are finally back to where 0.1 should have been, so no more Mutator/RuleSet trickery.


0.4 DefaultGame.ini was to change "BlueprintNativizationMethod=Inclusive" to "BlueprintNativizationMethod=Disabled" from my understanding Inclusive would convert Blueprints into C++ during the packing process and I'm guessing since we don't have access to the C++ Classes for GameModes/Mutators it would fail to convert them, by setting this method to Disabled it doesn't try to convert the assets, though this seemed to lead to more problems, this time around I've gone into DefaultEditor.ini and under "[BlueprintNativizationSettings]" I've added "+ExcludedAssets=/TestingGrounds/Gamemodes/INSTHuntGameMode" which should now mean my GameMode remains untouched while anything else needed will still get converted.


now crashing with "LogWindows: Error: Missing import of (/TestingGrounds/Maps/TestingGrounds_THunt): Arrow1_GEN_VARIABLE in Package /Game/Game/Actors/World/BP_SupplyCrate_Base was not found, but the package exists." looks like that .ini line didn't solve anything, sure GameMode builds but it broke so much more.


Removed HUD Folder, now crashing with "LogWindows: Error: Missing import of (/TestingGrounds/Maps/Lighting_Layers/TestingGrounds_Day): SceneComponent_1 in Package /Engine/EngineSky/BP_Sky_Sphere was not found, but the package exists." I haven't even touched the Lighting_Layers from 0.1, there really needs to be a way to test without all this uploading >.>


Stopping the GameMode itself from using the HUD didn't seem to fix the crash, server still tried to load it, guess removing it from the project is next.


Changed a line in an DefaultGame.ini file and GameMode/Mutator are now being built, looks like mode failed to startup loading custom hud, lets see if taking that out for 0.5 works.


Super hacky way of getting the general idea to work, now using a Rule Set, game is set within a Checkpoint Objective which defines the random spawn of the Tangos, I couldn't work out getting them to use PlayerStarts? so whole game its going to say you are trying to take the Objective and once you defeat the 30 Tangos and take the point, you will get hit with a "bug" and 30 more spawn in at one location... so you can't really complete it atm but remember, Proof of Concept!


Turned Custom GameMode into a Mutator, was a bit more hacky but should have worked, turns out this also doesn't get packed, appears to be a bug where most Child Blueprints or just Blueprints in General aren't getting packed :(


Custom GameMode - This would keep track of the amount of Tangos and End the Game at the correct point, turns out GameModes don't get packed into the .pak atm.














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JoMiMi1594482639 @jomimi1594482639

How would you use this with mutators in local play?

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

The difficulty level on the bots is broken af. What is it set at? 1.0? lol. Its just op and not fun. And this is coming from someone who likes a good challenge who is used to Tango Hunt in classic R6. Is there a way to have certain bots move around a bit as if on patrol instead of ONLY being in their designated spot while others stay put at their post? So its more dynamic? I haven't explored the mod tools yet myself for mapping and don't know if this is more of a map designer choice. Are you using cover nodes etc? How does it work.

Also, of course, eventually we would need this to be applied where we can use all classes like normal. Hmmm. The concept is great though because Checkpoint gets old after a while.

DarkSynopsis @darksynopsis

The difficulty was indeed set to 1.0, managed to clear it with 2 players after a few tries so I didn't see an issue with it, have turned it back down to 0.5 which I believe is the default, as for patrolling, I have thrown a few in, I believe if too many decide to patrol at least on a map this size they seem to get stuck in the doors :(

No cover nodes used, maybe the AI would work better but since I was testing more the Game Mode than a map I really didn't spend much time with the map side so far.

Also set it now to use the default classes.

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

Awesome dude! I will check it out now!

RyuAzuku @ryuazuku

Neat, just wish you would allow all weapons on the map, its slow having to use the dev menu.

Pablostinoz @pablostinoz

Map name? In order for me to load in from console this is the right script? ''open TestingGrounds?Scenario=TestingGrounds_Scenario_THunt??

DarkSynopsis @darksynopsis


dutchies @dutchies

in need full scenario name without all that
ModDownloadTravelTo=TestingGrounds?Scenario=TestingGrounds_Scenario_Checkpoint -
because thats not how that works. why is there = is that part of scanario name?


DarkSynopsis @darksynopsis

? As far as I'm aware you that is the correct line for the Server. either way as of 0.9 the Scenario Name is "TestingGrounds_Scenario_THunt"