Insurgency: Sandstorm

Cruise for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by TayUE4 (mod ID: 100518)


"Pirates have boarded a luxury cruise ship during its voyage and have taken hostages. Security have managed to evacuate most of the passengers, but it's up to Securityl team 6 to rescue those who remain at the mercy of the hijackers."

This is a port of Cruise from the source engine originally created by Skybex.

This map is still in development, this is an early gameplay plass published to allow players to give feedback. Contact me on Discord for any questions, comments or concerns: Tay#7386

Map credits: Skybex

Port credits: TayUE4

SCENARIO: Cruise_Security_Checkpoint

MAP: cruise




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TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

Is this map still being updated?

[NF]Tazzy @nftazzy

i have mailed the person who made it as he said he would share the mod source files but hasn't got back to me

DaddyMac @daddymac

I cant get this to work using SAW on my server
The map loads but have "Error loading gamemode assets" (Windows Server)
in Saw mapcycle.txt - using --> Scenario_Cruise
in Saw modscenarios.txt - using --> Cruise?Scenario=Scenario_Cruise_Security_Checkpoint?

[NF]Tazzy @nftazzy

MapCycle.txt: Cruise_Security_Checkpoint
modscenarios.txt: Cruise?Scenario=Cruise_Security_Checkpoint

works for me using SAW

DavidARMAstrong @davidarmastrong

Thank you for all your work on this map. We are enjoying playing it on our community server where all are welcome. Server name: XTREME SANDSTORM COOP MOD MAPS

james30263 @james30263

Nice Map! Any chance you are going to add the TeamDeathmatch Scenario?

Kyrocera @kyrocera

Love this map, its so different from all the others. Really looking forward to more updates so we can explore more of the ship. Hoping that wave rider works too (will look awesome) Good work!

Kyr4l @kyr4l

Error loading gamemode assets
i used this command to load it in SP mode : open cruise?Scenario=Cruise_Security_Checkpoint

[3lNP]ElNecrofilico @3lnpelnecrofilico

For this map and more modded maps

Crazy81584539834 @crazy81584539834

The map loads but have "Error loading gamemode assets". As of 4/18 still same, black screen with "Error loading gamemode assets".

[NLD]Dutchxarms @nlddutchxarms

prop because Cruise_Security_Checkpoint has not
Scenario_Cruise_Security_Checkpoint in front of it (scenario) people cant vote for it on the vote screen?

philip92dk @philip92dk

did you use hammuer to port the map?

TayUE4 @tayue4

Yes I did.

Hippcelt @hippcelt

Here's some feed back for you , a couple of times I've run into glass doors and the lift doors and just got stuck .Had to wait to get get killed.

TayUE4 @tayue4

The collisions still need to be cleaned up, will get around to it when I have the time. Busy working on another game at the moment, just do this in my free time. I'd be happy sharing the mod source files for anyone who wants to contribute.

kdjac @kdjac

Fall tru the map on spawn on Linux server.

TayUE4 @tayue4

Linux server issue not map issue.

Lyamc @lyamc

Unfortunately I think we'll have to wait for NWI to fix that one

Facknrite @facknrite

Map name Cruise?
Is the scenario Scenario_Cruise_Security_Checkpoint or just Cruise_Security_Checkpoint?

TayUE4 @tayue4

Same as listed above

Facknrite @facknrite

Thank you, it worked.