Insurgency: Sandstorm

Castaway for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by CrazTheKing (mod ID: 698772)


Small Map made for TDM only.

Location: Unknown

Map: Castaway
Scenario: Scenario_Castaway_TDM

Local Play:

Load any base sandstorm map in local play.

Hit ` (Tilde) to open console and type
"Open Castaway?Scenario=Scenario_Castaway_TDM?bbots=5" without quotations, and hit enter.
(Replace 5 with any amount of bots you would like)

Known bugs:
Ability to prone underwater.
Pine trees climbable.
Some leftover small tree splines causing performance issues.

Created from Procedural Nature Pack




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=[AD]=AlphaDogs @dogmanbytes

Not showing n the game menu is this correct Scenario: Scenario_Castaway_TDM ?

CrazTheKing @craztheking limits a single string to 100 Characters lol, I'm going to send you the mapcycle version to your inbox. (the string is 102 characters)

CrazTheKing @craztheking

Hmm, Yes you have it exactly correct. Have loaded the map on a dedicated server myself with
[obviously only first load]

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

Your map based on the pictures look nice.... I hope you consider a Check Point version.... I would love to try it on my server. Good luck to you.

CrazTheKing @craztheking

Hey Sparkie, First of all Thankyou for the feedback. I'm sorry to say I have no plans to expand this map outside of TDM. Currently, If I had to guess, The map is about the size of Ministry or smaller (if only one floor), Which as we know, would not make due for a good coop map, unless it was like 1 objective lol. The map is a rework of an even smaller environment. As beautiful as It is, an expansion may most likely knock performance far past playable. I even had to discard a specific tree from the level which beat performance from (personal) 130fps to 15-60, and far past unplayable when you zoomed in. I however, may in the future create a new map using the same assets, and bring the same environmental feel to it. For now, a bit busy with some other projects, including more Sandstorm Maps and Surprises. :)

Affinity420 @affinity420

Your work is amazing and i check once in a while if this map or something like it will be in checkpoint.

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

I understand.. Will keep any eye out for your work.