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WintorOperator @wintoroperator

June 29th, 2021, a day which will live in infamy.

nop_from_insurgency @nop-from-insurgency

xD lol - I see what you did there ...

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

ooooh, awesome job, lets give this a try!

Very interested in the process of doing it through blender as opposed to Hammuer as that's caused some issues for me previously and still does. Curious though, does that make the map inside of Unreal just one big mesh? Or is it still segmented? I've never really used blender much before.

nop_from_insurgency @nop-from-insurgency

I had issues with HammUEr as well. Was on reddit one day and heard about a Blender addon to import Source .VMF files to Blender (

All map objects are imported into Blender as individual meshes (already positioned in their original locations). Here's a good tutorial for that:
When exporting from Blender, it's your choice to export as a single mesh or individual.

For this map, I merged all meshes in a duplicate project and exported as a single mesh as dragging and dropping 10k objects in my Unreal Editor ... made my computer very sad : P

There are a few fixes one has to do while in Blender -- I'm planning on throwing together a guide here on Mod.IO within the next few weeks.
Hopefully this io_import_vmf being free and a DoI -> Sandstorm specific tutorial makes modding more accessible to others. : )

Here's my initial post on the topic:

As I mention in the "Known Issues" above, there are still a few kinks in the pipeline, such as:
- Source's "blend" materials not actually blending with neighboring materials. This issue results in obvious texture gaps (for lack of a better word).
- masked materials in Blender (like tree leaves or fences) are imported as Opaque for some reason in Unreal.

I've written a few Blender and Unreal (python) scripts to help fix the mask material issues, but have a feeling they can be fixed earlier in the pipeline (perhaps an option I didn't click somewhere).