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Ver. 1.9.0 compatible

Hello guys,
i want to introduce you my Insurgency sandstorm custom map named "der_Bunker"

It is a Quick & Dirty Map project, based on different "UE" Marketplace Content.


nuclear missile bunker

Infiltrate a nuclear missile bunker and liberate it.

Test Server

User Posted Image


  • Checkpoint_Security (A-F)
  • Checkpoint_Security Hardcore (A-F)
  • Outpost
  • Teamdeadmatch

(Other gamemodes are in progress)

Map Name:


Scenario Names & Server command line:

Coop Server Start Parameters:







not planned

MapCycle.txt Parameters



Coop Hardcore:






to do: a lot :)

  • optimize the map (draw distance, cull distance volumes, lods
  • light settings
  • bullets blocking
  • map overview
  • sound / custom sounds
  • bots spawns & walking routes
  • Increase Capture Points
  • additional game types
  • additional buildings and cover

    and more...

Have fun




filedata.2.zip1.38gbBeta 2.0

filedata.1.zip1.37gbBeta 1.0



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Treefrog357 @treefrog357

Definitely one of the most professional looking maps, both in style and quality. It does push my older PC pretty hard; had to lower textures down to Medium to get 80FPS average. Even then some occasional stutters from our low-end remote server (70 ping avg),
However, once we get to Delta the ambient generator/machine sounds are too loud and not very localized...still loud on Echo, which is where we respawn during the final (Foxtrott). I normally disable restricted areas but that made the map almost unplayable due to that sound quirk. Also seeing a lot of "sparkle" reflections from the lighting, mainly when up on the catwalks on the final. Speaking of, we do appreciate that bullets don't penetrate those catwalks. ;)
While we're not big fans of bunker-maps since they tend to be claustrophobic and repetitious by nature, the graphics are gorgeous and the huge multi-level final on this one provides an epic finish. Looking forward to your planned updates.

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

Everyone Says it is a Beautiful Map, but most players very glitchy... however being in the same LAN as the server, I do not see any glitching.

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

when we play the map on our (vanilla) clan server we also have no issues with the map.


[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Release Beta 2.0

· 1.9.0 ready
· Outpost added
· Player UICamera fixed
· More coverage at Object "F" (Missile Bunker)
· Bot Spawn points at at Object "F" adjusted
· Light adjustment at Object "F" (slightly more brightness, less bloom)
· Blocking Volumes added to the tanks
· Set up player start soundscape override


-Zhourias- @zhourias

Anyone else dropping to like 40 fps when playing since the new update released by the mod maker? and also getting a lot of shimmering on random surfaces.

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Hello, unfortunately the moodtools are still not working for me. NWI has delivered two updates after 8 weeks but both don't work. Because of this, as mentioned above, I can't release any current versions of my maps. The only map that can be released is "Temple" because I don't use external textures here

=PoM!=Salvo @pomsalvo

So is it broken all together or just some things not working after the 1.8 update?

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

This error occurs with myself, after the 1.8 update cooking was again not possible.
About 1 day later there was another update, now you can cook the maps, but all materials and textures that are not standard in the game are not shown (in the editor they are shown).
During the cooking process the files are stored in the folder "CookedMods", but if you play the map on a server (linux or windows doesn't matter) only the standard materials / textures that were used are displayed correctly.
On "Meshes" with external materials / textures the developer material / texture is displayed.
I have checked some config files but can't find anything concrete.
Maps that were cooked before the 1.8 update are ok.
I also deleted the directory "Insurgency/Intermediate/" as described in the release notes "(you will may to delete your Insurgency/Intermediate/ folder for these changes to apply)".
That does not help either. In any case, I won't waste any more time for troubleshooting a bug that is probably again NWI.

I have the feeling that NWI wants to prevent external content from being used. Be it from a rights of use or that the custommaps (then only with standard material) will not be as big anymore.
If this is the case I will withdraw completely from the community and the game.

Snakeyio @snakeyio

Hey, remember some binaries were missing which means they have missed something else as well that makes packaging ignore compiled shaders.

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Hi, in principle it does not matter what the reason is.
After every update the mod tool does not work properly anymore.
Why is something like this not tested before?!
This has nothing to do with professionel anymore!

[aCe]Xindrum @acexindrum

Sorry to hear that the mod tools are broken, must be really frustrating!
The thing is that if they don`t fix this soon, awesome people like yourself that are making cool stuff for the game would just quit and move on.
And I believe if the mods die, this game is dead.
Frustrating seeing the developers not doing anything to help the community with technical issues that they alone are responsible for.

Warm thoughts from a frustrated server admin.
Keep up the great work, it means a lot for the community.

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Hi, thanks for the words of encouragement.
I manage 2 community servers and can also feel your frustration.
After each update the question, do the servers still work (with custom maps)?
I wonder if they test something before a release.
The bugs are sometimes so obvious that they can't be overlooked during a test.
But you got it right, if the bugs are not fixed in time I'm probably not the only one who knows how to use the time left for his hobby in a different way

Z1T2 @botm96k3y

Havent played enough to give feedback on issues but the level itself is amazing., thanks for creating this! :)

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Hi, I'm glad that you like the map, i like it to. :)
The props and Material are also great, but unfortunately you can't say that about NWI's mod tool. :((
After the update it doesn't work anymore, otherwise I would have uploaded a newer version with some bug fixes

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

Looking forward to some coop on this at the community!!!

d4d330 @d4d330

Last objective obnoxious with overbright "sparkles" that blind you and cover the approach of bots. Clipping tanks are a problem. The detail is good, but over all the map isn't very interesting. It feels like you should use it as part of der_Riese between the stairs going to "D" and before checkpoint. "E", and eliminating the big sparkley room entirely.

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Hi, thanks for your comment.
Since I create the maps primarily for our clan (and they like them) I will discuss your suggestions for changes with them.
Btw. "der Riese" has no bunkers except for the small entrance area after the cave, you are confusing it with "Pruefstand_7". It has bunker areas and a rocket launch bunker.

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Except an adjustment of the rocket bunker (light, more coverage) there will be no layout changes. Possibly an increase of the capturepoints

arknox @arknox

Suggest completely reworking the last OBJ. It's way too dark with no cover.

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

There you go, this hint sounds better and was already mentioned below so I put it on my todo list