Insurgency: Sandstorm

D-Tech Eotech Reticle mod test for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by Depleted (mod ID: 123355)


The reticle has been replaced with my own from a Insurgency 2014 mod I made, it's more precise and with a clearer picture (no excessive laser spatter) and it's green.

UE4 is proving rather difficult to make texture replacement mods for, i cant get this to work on local so i've opened the release to the public anycase anyone knows the fix.




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Circleus @circleus

I don't think you can apply source engine modding logic here in UE4 modding.
In source engine modding, you can just replace the files with the same name and it will start working.
UE4 modding you can not replace any base game file. Even if you copy it to your mod folder, the path will be different. You will have to link your reticle to the attachment manually.
Your reticle will work if you making it as a brand new custom attachment and put that attachment in the theater file to allow player to use it. That will work for sure.

Depleted @depleted

Source engine mod logic: this should work.
Unreal engine mod logic: this doesnt' work. And i'm clueless as how to fix it so i've opened the release to the public incase anyone knows how and would like to inform me so i can fix it.

I say again, this doesn't currently work unless mods only work on servers and not local.