Insurgency: Sandstorm

DumbFrenzy for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by JustAFatYeti (mod ID: 757225)



The intention behind this mod is to build a custom Frenzy "zombies" mode for use on a personal server, with reduced bot movement, hp and capabilities, but to be played with significantly higher bot numbers and often with only the use of bolt action or low capacity rifles.

Mod Alterations :-

  • Bots no longer throw molotovs or grenades, they also don't throw your own grenades back at you but will still try to run away from live grenades.
  • Bots no longer use air support. (Counterattacks still trigger fire support)
  • Bots can no longer use vehicles.
  • Blinkers (Jumpers) have been removed.
  • Frenzied speed has been reduced to 99 (originally 100).
  • Bruiser speed has been reduced to 90 (originally 100).
  • Flamer speed has been reduced to 50 (originally 100).
  • Frenzied health has been reduced to 75 (originally 100).
  • Bruiser health has been reduced to 750 (originally 1200).
  • Flamer health has been reduced to 150 (originally 500).
  • 1 Bruiser will spawn.
  • 2 Flamers will spawn.
  • Bot numbers should scale with MinimumEnemies and MaximumEnemies values in server game.ini (Max Threshhold =10)


Note: The speeds listed above scale with player speed enabling compatibility with the SlowMovement mutator.

Plus probably some other stuff I've forgotten to include in this list.

Installation :-

  1. Put the mod ID 757225 into your server Insurgency/Config/Server/Mods.txt file.
  2. Add DumbFrenzy to your mutator list at server startup.

Future Work :-

  1. Enable compatibility with Outpost gamemode.
  2. Disable fire support being called on a counterattack.

Other Mods :-

WW2only - Play using exclusively weapons and equipment from the WW2 era. Can be used in tandem with DumbFrenzy.






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