Insurgency: Sandstorm

Fire Support Mutators for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by 2001zhaozhao (mod ID: 100859)


A collection of mutators that change fire support for Coop modes.

To use this mod, add the mod id to your Mods.txt file and then add one of the following mutators (they are NOT compatible with each other, nor with any other mutator that changes fire support).

DisableSmokeArtillery - disables smoke artillery and mortars for both players and bots. I haven't tested whether they work with bot counter attack fire support.

DoubleFireSupport - doubles fire support for the human team.

DisableSmokeAndDoubleFireSupport - disables smoke artillery and mortars for both players and bots, and doubles the rest of the fire support options for humans.

DisableSmokeArtilleryBots - disables smoke artillery, only for bots

DisableSmokeArtilleryHumans - disables smoke artillery, only for humans

QuadrupleFireSupport - quadruples fire support for the human team.

MoreExplosiveArtillery - 10 explosive artillery/mortars uses for the human team

InfiniteExplosiveArtillery - gives the human team infinite explosive artillery and mortars.

InfiniteArtillery - gives the human team infinite artillery and mortars of all types.

InfiniteFireSupportExceptChopper - gives the human team infinite fire support, except helicopters.

InfiniteFireSupport - gives the human team infinite fire support of all types.

No Round Start Cooldown mutators:

DisableSmokeArtillery_NC, DoubleFireSupport_NC, InfiniteFireSupport_NC, DisableSmokeAndDoubleFireSupport_NC

Note: only intended for coop because these mutators will always assume the attacker as the human team and the defender as the bot team. Also, it uses the coop fire support numbers instead of the PVP one.










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[SOC]ozzy @socozzy

Server shows it's not compatible with 1.11

DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

Pleeease could you update.. :(

Uranium235E92 @uranium235e92

Outpost fire support mutator currently broken

Liquid-force @liquid-force

Hi. Great job on this mod. Unfortunately 1.71 broken all mods. Would it be possible to update please.

2001zhaozhao @2001zhaozhao

I found that i forgot to remove the 3 dots in UserEditor.ini and that causing the mod to not work. updating to fix it

-Even- @even15

No working in1.71 please update

Ninja1923 @ninja1923

please update mate

bahzooga @bahzooga

Thank you so much for your mods. Please update to 1.7!

YAMI[YESAH1] @yamiyesah1

Please update, invalid in version 1.7

NEXT13 @next13

I would be happy if I could make a request without an observer

machine.gun.panda @machinegunpanda1

Sadly, it's not possible without some hard scripting (and even with that, just maybe)

bahzooga @bahzooga

The choppers still getting taken down and not coming back :(

2001zhaozhao @2001zhaozhao

I believe that is hardcoded into the game and I can't change it :-(

RocketRammer @rocketrammer

Any chance of adding an option so when ONLY a single player (commander) is on a server, it overrules the need for an Observer?

bahzooga @bahzooga

that´s real fun to run; only thing is the choppers get taken out so quick you cannot take advantage really because they do not come back if shot down.
do you possibly see a way to make them come back, i.e. to not make them unavailable after having been shot down?
i mean, in real life you would have them plenty as the army never has only one...

TokaiTele @tokaitele

Hi. I'm using the DisableSmokeAndDoubleFireSupport but the bots still fire smoke artillery. Is this a known issue or am I being a numpty?

2001zhaozhao @2001zhaozhao

I think the fire support when a counter attack begins isn't being changed by this mod. I will look into changing bot fire support in counter attacks, but honestly I'm not sure if it'll be pleasant since disabling smoke means that the lethal fire supports from bots are going to be much more frequent.

TokaiTele @tokaitele

Agreed. But that constant smoke is more annoying for me! :-)

[3lNP]ElNecrofilico @3lnpelnecrofilico

Is this mod fixed? The cooldown issue i mean

2001zhaozhao @2001zhaozhao

Use the NC mutators if you want no cooldown when starting the round