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FortuneSoldier for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by dantaylor129 (mod ID: 1423666)


This mod is designed to work with SoldierOfFortune mutator to promote scavenging. The goal is to create a scavenger friendly modes that encourages the use of all stripped down weapons, while discouraging full auto drum mag fire grenade behavior for coop. This enables all firearms and fire support to all players at a steep cost. The radio and binoculars can be bought separately so that one player can purchase both or teammates can buy them separately and require proximity. A few primaries are available as secondary's without attachments so that players can continue to scavenge their primaries from dead enemies for a good portion of a round. For the last bit of the round players may be able to call air support, equip a primary along with a shotgun as secondary, all with minimal mags causing the need to scavenge to never truly leave. There are multiple flavors with different feels. SupplyGainFrequency can be modified to set the frequency of supply point gain. This will need to be modified depending on player count and bot count. bSupplyGainEnabled must also be set to True or SoldierOfFortune run. I find that SupplyGainFrequency=60 is good for 1:8 player to bot ratio.

Note: This becomes increasingly difficult with large bot counts as you will often run out of primary and secondary ammos.

Key Elements:

  • Gain supply by killing enemies and capturing objectives
  • All weapons unlocked
  • Submachine guns and shotguns are available as secondary's as well with no upgrades (except night accessories)
  • Fire Support purchasable (equipping both requires the Tactical Carrier)
  • Fire grenade price increase, frag grenade decrease
  • Max mag count is 3-5
  • Drum mags removed, but you can still scavenge a weapon with them
  • Everything costs a lot
  • New machete added for 2x damage for players
  • Optional carrier for ability to carry one more primary with limited mags
  • Ability to scavenge 4 weapons at a time in FortuneScavenger, but only for scavenging
  • Limited weaponry in FortuneAntiquing
  • Supports day and night on all coop modes
  • Optional removal of NVG, IR, and laser equipment/upgrades to force the use of flashlights for players and bots in night maps. Makes for a easier night round, because bots all have flashlights, but more difficult due to no nvg or lasers.

FortuneSoldier Carriers



Primary 2 primary slots, limited to 3 mags each. 4
Light Adds 1 mag, 1 grenade 3
Heavy Adds 2 mags, 2 grenades 4
Tactical Adds 2 mags, 3 grenades and extra fire support slot 5

FortuneScavenger Carriers



Light Adds 1 mag, 1 grenade 4
+1 Scavenge Adds one more weapon scavenge slots and 1 more grenade 3
+2 Scavenge Adds two more weapon scavenge slots and 2 more grenade 6
Ultimate Scavenger Adds three more weapon scavenge slots, 3 more grenade and extra fire support slot 9

Recommended game.ini settings:


Alternatively, you can run this with SoldierOfFortune to enable these settings by default. However, SoldierOfFortune will set SupplyGainFrequency to 20 and must be adjusted in game, so game.ini settings are preferable.

InitialSupply should be 10 or less. I recommend running with one of the following vanilla mutators:

Supply Mutator

Initial Supply

Available Starting Loadout

Warlords 10 Start with shotgun secondary or MR73 with scope
Guerrillas 5 Start with high end pistol
Poor 2 Start with cheap pistol and maybe some armour
Strapped 1 Start with cheapest pistol with no attachments
Broke 0 Not for the faint of heart. Best be getting the melee sharpened



FortuneSoldier Base gamemode with the carriers listed and all weapons unlocked with stripped down primaries available as secondaries. Max mag count is 5
FortuneSoldier_NoFrags FortuneSoldier but with no explosives or fire support. Max mag count is 5.
FortuneScavenger FortuneSoldier but with the ability to equip 1 primary and scavenge 3 others. No additional mags given. Max mag count is 3.
FortuneAntiquing Limited to old school WW2 weaponry and shotguns as secondaries. This forces bots to this loadout as well making scavenging limited to antique weapons. Fire support is not available. Max mag count is 5.
FortuneSoldier_NoNVG FortuneSolider night variant where flashlights are the only available night equipment for players and bots. Makes bots easier to spot and a desire to go dark.
FortuneScavenger_NoNVG FortuneScavenger night variant where flashlights are the only available night equipment for players and bots. Makes bots easier to spot and a desire to go dark.
FortuneAntiquing_NoNVG FortuneAntiquer variant where flashlights are the only available night equipment for players and bots. Makes bots easier to spot and a desire to go dark.

Normal uses:

Requires game.ini settings like above:

open Bab?Scenario=Scenario_Bab_Checkpoint_Security?Mutators=FortuneSoldier,Broke

Requires no game.ini settings by using SoldierOfFortune:

open Citadel?Scenario=Scenario_Citadel_Checkpoint_Insurgents?Mutators=FortuneSoldier,SoldierOfFortune,Warlords

Consider running alongside Bot Count Flexing, which I made to run alongside this. This will increase the bot count throughout a match to go along with the increase in supply:

open Citadel?Scenario=Scenario_Citadel_Checkpoint_Insurgents?Mutators=FortuneSoldier,CountFlex,SoldierOfFortune,Warlords

For flashlight only night maps:

open Tell?Scenario=Scenario_Tell_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Night?Mutators=FortuneScavenger_NoNVG,Warlords

Fun Use Case

For fun test case try along with the Operation mod within the CustomScenarios and BotCountFlexing. Start with low supply count from Warlords and gain supply through the below settings under INSMultiplayer or from SoldierOfFortune. Then bot count will increase as objectives are blown and players get better weapons. Additionally you can use Wave Printing to print respawn count in survival mode. This creates a slow version of Survival with objectives everywhere and incentivizes killing enemies for supply and weapon scavenging.

open Oilfield_CS?Scenario=Scenario_Refinery_CS_Operation_Security?Mutators=FortuneScavenger,CountFlex,PrintWaves,Warlords
open Mountain_CS?Scenario=Scenario_Summit_CS_Operation_Security?Mutators=FortuneScavenger,CountFlex,PrintWaves,Warlords

Here are some example settings for Solo:

[ CustomScenario/Blueprints/Operation/KWIOperationGamemode.KWIOperationGamemode_C]
Capture Bonus Waves = 2



Other Recommended Mutators To Run With:

Vampirism -> Heal the amount of damage you do
BulletSponge -> Double health to start with
RoundProgress -> Restore saved progress throughout checkpoint
CountFlex -> Increase bot count as you continue throughout a round
CustomScenarios -> Adds Operation mode and alternate layouts for vanilla checkpoint maps
PrintCount -> Print to screen the current alive bot count
HotPotato -> Enemies drop a live frag grenade upon death

Bugs/ Requests/Ideas:

Let me know if you have any suggestions to promote more scavenging and stripped down teamwork or if things need to be balanced differently!

A big shout out to =[DFS]=Compad's, who I borrowed heavily from in his mod GunGame!





























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dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

*New in version 2.0:
Alternate night map mode that disables all night equipement except flashlights for players and bots. Makes bots easier to spot, but vision is limited. See _NoNVG ending for FortuneSoldier, FortuneScavenger, and FortuneAntiquing.

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

*New in version 1.9:
Added night accessories to primaries available as secondaries
Limited night accessories in FortuneAntiquing to flashlights
Increased cost for scavenger carriers for FortuneScavenger
Reduced cost for submachine gun secondaries and mines across the board. Shotguns were too cheap compared to other secondaries.


Secondary weapons, such as the M870 Mp7, still have no Light accessories at night.

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

I didn't know how to add weapon upgrades until now. Just added!

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

*New in version 1.8:
Point shooting, vector, and P90

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

*New in version 1.7:
Addition of FortuneAntiquing, which combines ShotgunsOnly, BudgetAntiquing, and FortuneSoldier into one package. Adds shotguns and all pistols as secondaries to budgetantiquing, increases costs, and forces bots to the same weaponry causing scavenging to only result in antique weaponry.

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

*New in version 1.6:
Added FortuneScavenger for the ability to scavenge up to 4 primaries, but only one can be equipped. No additional mags in carriers.
Adjusted M249 cost


The effect of "FortuneSoldier_NoFrags" is very good, exactly in line with my expectations! There is no doubt that it will raise the intensity of the battle to a higher level.
MoreAmmo compatibility is still a bit strange, secondary weapons are still well supported, but major weapons are still unaffected by changes in MoreAmmo settings.
Flashlights didn't work, it was replaced by NVG shooting.
And I found that More Fire Support (101395) and Fortune Soldier are also somewhat incompatible, and using them at the same time will result in a difference between the number of Fire Support and the expected setting.(But it has little impact on the actual game experience, just to give you feedback.)
Small suggestion: The extremely high magazine capacity of the M249 makes it too practical, Even with a more powerful weapon like the 240B. in terms of actual combat experience, whether it is CQB or firepower suppression, the 249 is worthy of the title of king of machine guns, so I personally suggest that the cost of the 249 should be the highest. And the magazine of 240MG42PKM should also improve cost.

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

Thanks! Good catch. I'll adjust the M249 To be more in the next update. I'm working on another mutator that will open up 2-4 primaries that cant be equipped but just for scavenging purposes. Just working through bugs now and then will update.
Unfortunately I cant really fix issues that arise from cross mod conflict. It's a toss-up as we are both changing things in the loadout so one might win over the other and I'm not sure how to prioritize that. I just made my mod not disallow other loadout mods.

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

*New in version 1.5:
Added flashlights/IRflashlights/NVGs for night maps
Adjusted binoculor/radio costs
Added FortuneSoldier_NoFrags mutator that removes fire support and all frags
Added support for other theater mods


Just thought of: everyone is a commander on a server that is not familiar with each other, it may cause some confusion and friction. If the costs of fire support is raised to 30 or higher, the radio costs remain unchanged, which can alleviate this problem to a certain extent.

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

Good point. I like the thought of more expensive binoculars. I can do that. My goal was to set them priced such that whoever's equips would have to sacrifice their primary. I might set it to 16 or 20 in the next update and keep the radio the same or less. If too many can afford it then SupplyGainFrequency needs to be increased. With 60 I can just barely afford a primary by the end and can't afford a primary and fire support. With high bot counts it might need to be 100 or so.


My personal view is: try to maintain a more expensive price, so that those players who have considerable game skills and can earn a large number of points through combat can afford the high cost of fire support.


As for some other ideas, I'd like to share with you here:
Personally, I think that throwing objects, explosives, and fire support have greatly reduced the difficulty of detonating Cache, and some targets have become too mediocre. Otherwise, they should be very interesting and challenging.
Like Hideout_Checkpoint_Security targets B, D and E. Ministry_Checkpoint_Security targets A and B.
And Molotov cocktails and AN14 also greatly reduce the pressure of defense.
A real man must meet the enemy head on.
So I have a small suggestion: on the current basis, add a version without projectiles, explosives, and fire support to give tough men as hard as diamond a chance to win glory.


Or without combustion, the cache will not be detonated by fire support, explosives or incendiary objects.
All in all, no burning will make the game more challenging.

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

I'll see what I can do for a no fire support, explosives mutator. Would you want frags removed also or changed in price in that mode?


I'm really sorry, man, my English is so poor, and I'm not familiar with European and American language habits, which may have caused misleading in the description.
I mean: Molotov, grenade, explosive launcher, RPG, fire support have greatly reduced the difficulty of detonating Cache.
If none of these things exist, detonating Cache will become more interesting and challenging (of course, it also has something to do with the server Bot logic settings).
The blocking effect of Molotov and AN14 makes defense easier.
Without them, many defensive locations will be full of challenges!
So my idea is:
1. Remove Molotov and AN14.
2. Grenade, explosive launcher, RPG, fire support cannot detonate Cache.
The game experience will be completely different.

Of course, "2" seems to be more difficult to achieve, and the easiest way is to remove all of these things.

Or maybe we can find a more humorous way?
The grenade costs 50.
Molotov costs 100.
Rpg needs 200.
Fire support needs 500.
This is crazy, LOL.

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

See my new update! Should work with MoreAmmo and there's a _NoFrags mutator.


Amazing,It still runs in Survival mode!
We can use Fire Support in Survival mode!
But choosing the MP5 and other guns that require higher points among the secondary weapons can lead to the loss of server connectivity.

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129


dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

Glad you enjoy it! I haven't tried survival, but that could work well! Ah you're right I forgot to add those as well. I fixed the carriers, but forgot the secondaries. Packaging a fix now.


It runs perfectly!
I noticed that you added the second main weapon, which means we now have three guns!
That's cool! I feel the power flowing in my body!
But there is a small problem: it is not compatible with More Ammo Mutator (98373) and cannot be adjusted through More Ammo.
In addition, considering night fighting, secondary's weapons should at least be able to install flashlights.

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

Flashlights I can do. More Ammo I probably wont because that would push against the whole point of the mod, which is to force scavenging. If you want a bunch of primaries and tons of ammo go see Dinghys Loadout which you can equip dual primaries with 40 drum mags and fire support. My goal here is that you could never afford to equip 3 primaries and if you can equip two that they have minimal mags. The extra primary would be for a scavenged weapon.


My ideas mainly come from the situations I use:
I now mainly use FortuneSoldier and Zombies in Survival mode. In many scenarios, in the face of zombies born near players with a large number, a lot of blood, your bullets will soon be empty, which has nothing to do with your ammunition control skills. It is the situation that forces you to do so.
I fully understand your idea of "the art of controlling bullet consumption", which was shared by many brothers with me when I set up the server.
The problem is that each server has different settings for other parameters such as the number of bot, weapon drop time, and so on.
In other words, the difficulty varies from server to server, and the default amount of ammunition for FortuneSoldier is appropriate on server A——a close battle.
But on server B, maybe the Spartan 300 warriors fight God knows how many Persians there are, where players can run out of bullets by pushing a street.
Compatibility with More Ammo is not to deviate from the original intention and meaning of FortuneSoldier, but to set the total amount of ammunition players can hold according to different server environments.