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Glassdome for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by TomGrooves (mod ID: 140914)


A local mall has been taken over by insurgent forces and security is sent in to clean up, retake and re-capture the mall.


This is my first insurgency map ever, and the first map i made in Unreal Engine since 2005. I have always wanted to play a tactical shooter set in a giant mall, and with the modding tools released and a month where i had no plans, now was the time to make that dream come true. The map still needs a bit of polish and a few more game modes, but there will be at max one update a week from here on out, as the map is in a pretty playable state, and i do not have the time to work on the map all day anymore unfortunately.

Current Features:

  • Four game modes (TDM, Firefight, Checkpoint and Domination).
  • Night and Day mode
  • Lots of abandoned stores with flanking routes and cover positions.
  • Custom models and customized textures

Coming soon:

  • Push game mode
  • Graphical improvents (More varied textures), more fixes to lighting, better decals and overall polish
  • Custom loading screen and map which corresponds with daytime (currently daytime uses night mini map)
  • Soundscapes (different sounds depending on size of the room)

Known issues:

  • Ceiling light looks weird on night time
  • Some AI spawn positions need tweaking
  • Some Scenario names on loading screen has 'checkpoint' prefrixed
  • In Checkpoint, at last capturezone 'Foxtrot', when you have captured the zone and are defending against a counterattack you will spawn at Foxtrot instead of the previous spawn.
  • AI is not agressive enough at Foxtrot upstairs

Map name: Glassdome




Launch Example local play:
travel Glassdome?Scenario=Scenario_Glassdome_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Night?Mode=CheckpointHardcore

Launch Example server config:

If you have any issues or feedback feel free to leave it below and i will try to get back to you as soon as possible.
The map has not been tested on Linux servers so i have no idea how well it works there.

Special thanks to my friend Exhex for creating custom 3D models and to my friends and family who came with input and feedback while testing, and brought me coffee. I would not have been able to do it without your help and support. Also a big shoutout to Warmaster2143 and the guys at that created all the awesome guides, as well as the team of Insurgency Sandstorm that made all this possible.
















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urbantec92 @urbantec92

mod doesnt load for me in gameplay

BlargedyBlargedy @blargedyblargedy

There is some weird AI pathing going on in checkpoint security. They think they can go through walls or something. One example is here They get stuck in that corner, all sardine piling on there. Great map though. I upvoted.

tMaskk @tmaskk

Tried to load Firefight mode, black screen then nothing happens.

Rykers642 @rykers642

Hi Tom, just wanted to say thanks for the map, absolutely brilliant effort mate and although I've yet to finish it, I loved all the work you've put in. It's quite dark in places and whether that is intentional or not, it made for some hairy moment with bots that I hadn't spotted suddenly opening up on me. Change of underwear needed!
Only issue I had was a second instance of my character standing outside the initial spawn area. I just left him there and it didn't cause me any issues.
Thank you and keep up the good work sir.

SuDerEroberer @sudereroberer

my dedicated server refuses to display the map in the admin menu when on the server and also won't launch the server into the map. It always launches into Farmhouse..

oohhboy @oohhboy

No custom maps show in Admin Menu. You have a command line/config issue if it is defaulting to farmhouse.

Scotify @scotify

Great map, definitely achieves the feel of what you want to give. One small note that would make this so much more fun is a tip the lead map developer always says: when you need to open up/connect rooms where there shouldn't be a door, just blow the wall. Would make moving through the stores really interesting just by leaving at least one blown wall/door exit between each storefront so you don't have to move down the middle, and open up lanes for the more varied Insurgency-style gameplay.

TomGrooves @tomgrooves

Hi. Glad you like it so far and thanks a lot for your feedback. This is actually something I will be experimenting with in the next update. Opening up more routes and redesigning parts of the map to give more variation and better flow. I also plan to move the spawns around a bit and expand upon the map with a new area which should allow opening up a lot more stores.

Scotify @scotify

ah awesome! glad to hear you're diving back into it. will be sure to boot it up on my server then :)

[NLD]Dutchxarms @nlddutchxarms

bots are just shooting trough objects verry annoying.

TomGrooves @tomgrooves

Hi. Thanks for your feedback. I imagine it is some of the plants and benches specifically as I have noticed how the bots can see alot better through those then they should be able to. Will try to fix it for the next update

[NLD]Dutchxarms @nlddutchxarms

Mostly store counters signs and walls

TomGrooves @tomgrooves

I never encountered it with any of those objects but will investigate

Scotify @scotify

It's been happening on every map, community server admins seem to be having to try and make their own solutions at the moment

Edit: May be hearing something about lighting as well as how collision settings on objects are set for AI, not sure how to handle myself though.

Pablostinoz @pablostinoz

Not working for me. Says Corrupt file data, Please verify your installation.

TomGrooves @tomgrooves

Hi there. Make sure you remove all traces of other mods and mutators that aren't yet updated and it should work.

Madmanio @madman26

Works for me as well, nice!

[NF]Tazzy @nftazzy

works for me

=[AD]=AlphaDogs @dogmanbytes

not working, loaded on server not showing in menu

TomGrooves @tomgrooves

Hey again. I just did some extensive testing and everything is working fine for me. I redownloaded the mod and tested it both local and on a dedicated server I just installed and have no issue at all. So I do not know what is wrong, but I can tell you that the mod is loading and playing just fine on my end.

TomGrooves @tomgrooves

The map was working fine for me in local play, but I will have a look later today. Make sure that no other maps or mutaters that aren't repackaged for 1.7.1 are in your mods folder / server config as I heard that can break stuff.