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Glassdome for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by TomGrooves (mod ID: 140914)


A local mall has been taken over by insurgent forces and security is sent in to clean up, retake and re-capture the mall.


This is my first insurgency map ever, and the first map i made in Unreal Engine since 2005. I have always wanted to play a tactical shooter set in a giant mall, and with the modding tools released and a month where i had no plans, now was the time to make that dream come true. The map still needs a bit of polish and a few more game modes, but there will be at max one update a week from here on out, as the map is in a pretty playable state, and i do not have the time to work on the map all day anymore unfortunately.

Current Features:

  • Four game modes (TDM, Firefight, Checkpoint and Domination).
  • Night and Day mode
  • Lots of abandoned stores with flanking routes and cover positions.
  • Custom models and customized textures

Coming soon:

  • Push game mode
  • Graphical improvents (More varied textures), more fixes to lighting, better decals and overall polish
  • Custom loading screen and map which corresponds with daytime (currently daytime uses night mini map)
  • Soundscapes (different sounds depending on size of the room)

Known issues:

  • Ceiling light looks weird on night time
  • Some AI spawn positions need tweaking
  • Some Scenario names on loading screen has 'checkpoint' prefrixed
  • In Checkpoint, at last capturezone 'Foxtrot', when you have captured the zone and are defending against a counterattack you will spawn at Foxtrot instead of the previous spawn.
  • AI is not agressive enough at Foxtrot upstairs
  • There are still some floating props around i did not get fixed in the current build. Will try to fix as many of those as possible for next patch

Map name: Glassdome




Launch Example local play:
travel Glassdome?Scenario=Scenario_Glassdome_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Night?Mode=CheckpointHardcore

Launch Example server config:

If you have any issues or feedback feel free to leave it below and i will try to get back to you as soon as possible.
The map has not been tested on Linux servers so i have no idea how well it works there.

Special thanks to my friend Exhex for creating custom 3D models and to my friends and family who came with input and feedback while testing, and brought me coffee. I would not have been able to do it without your help and support. Also a big shoutout to Warmaster2143 and the guys at that created all the awesome guides, as well as the team of Insurgency Sandstorm that made all this possible.















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TOCAHUEVOS @tocahuevos

Nice map for CQB, and nice idea making corridors with ceiling windows for air support calls :) Keep working on it!

TomGrooves @tomgrooves

New update is out:
Added Hardcore mode to Checkpoint
Added new Checkpoint Scenario (insurgents)
Fixed: Some floating props and lights (there are still some i missed for this build)
Fixed: Tweaked AI counter spawns coming into Alpha on Checkpoint Security
Fixed: Ai can now shoot through storefront gate fences

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

Seriously one of my most favorite mod maps. Everyone on the server loves it. I could see this one being featured by the dev's at some point!

TomGrooves @tomgrooves

Really happy you guys like the map. Gives me a lot of encouragement to continue working on it and making it as good as possible so thank you!

[NF]Colonel_Klinck @nfcolonel-klinck

Re spawning on A as security the room is packed with insurgents. Have to say I hate it when its designed like that, just makes it random if you live or die. Other than that so far it looks great

TomGrooves @tomgrooves

Hi. Thanks for your feedback. I will try to tweak the spawns a bit for the next patch as the counterspawn on Alpha might be a little too close to the spawn points.

DaddyMac @daddymac

Loaded on servers now.. can't wait to try it out!

B4NDO @b4ndo

good map tom. were testing it out on frenzy at the moment, im having problems getting insurgent side to work is that implemented in this or is it strictly security only map?

TomGrooves @tomgrooves

Hi. Glad you like the map. So far there is only the security side, but next patch I will try to make a scenario for insurgents as well as hardcore and more game modes.

Democore @democore

Wow! Amazing map!!! One of the highest quality maps around. Been playing on hardcore coop on a private server with some friends and it's an absolute blast!!! The only thing missing is ammo resupply in coop.

TomGrooves @tomgrooves

Thank you for the kind words. Next update will support hardcore mode as well as more game modes.

AlphaDogs @dogmanbytes

Good job on the up date, last point counter fixed plus lighting, our group says thumbs up on this map!

RareK @rarek

We got countered fine on last objective, but the bots are preferring to push under the point rather than onto the actual point above. Maybe move some of the cover actors or block the nav underneath to give the defenders more of a challenge.

TomGrooves @tomgrooves

Good to head the counterspawns are working now. I will try tweaking the cover actors for the next patch. Thank you for the feedback

od-servers @od-servers

no counter lats objective and friendlies spawn to near to the objectives on b & C , better to have them spawn at last objective
fun and different

TomGrooves @tomgrooves

Hi again. I just tested it here again, and i purposefully died at every objective and i did spawn at the previous objective as intended. Also the counterattacks are working here. Can you try deleting the mod and downloading it again as i suspect something may have gone wrong in the update process.

TomGrooves @tomgrooves

I removed all decals that looked like "cracks" in the walls at the center as well yesterday. Are those gone in your version or are they still persisting?

TomGrooves @tomgrooves

It was working fine yesterday when I tested it, but I will have a look. When you say your team doesn't spawn on the last objective it almost makes me think you are still running the old version for some reason. I am 100 percent positive that the spawns are fixed at least. You should always spawn at the previously captured objective, but I will try to delete all my downloaded mods here and redownload it, just to double check. Thanks for letting me know

-Zhourias- @zhourias

On the last objective after this update still doesnt have a counter attack

TomGrooves @tomgrooves

I have just tested again and are not able to replicate it. Bots are spawning on all objectives for me. Can you try deleting the mod and download it again? Maybe some files got mixed up in the update process.

TomGrooves @tomgrooves

That is weird. Tested it twice after upload yesterday, and it was working fine here. Both times I got the counter attack and plenty of enemies. I will have a look

-Zhourias- @zhourias

Its all good now, everything seems to be working as of 28/07/2020, Love the map. Definitely receiving love from all those who play this map.