Insurgency: Sandstorm

Grindelwald for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by DFS_Compad (mod ID: 895547)


Its only a Forest and you search in the wood you can found Grindeltown there.

Very large map and super suitable for sniper
New sniper spot at the start point right side up the hill.

New objects for shorter ways included.
Day and Night version ready.
Hardcore only for Coop

Play Team Deathmatch only in Grindeltown

Scenario for Coop:
Play Checkpoint short tour in Grindellake (9 Objects from A-I)
Play Checkpoint long tour in Grindelwald (21 Objects from A-U)
Play Checkpoint only in Grindeltown (8 Objects from A-H)







Travel for admins:
travel Grindelwald?Scenario=Scenario_Grindelwald_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day
travel Grindelwald?Scenario=Scenario_Grindelwald_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Night

travel Grindelwald?Scenario=Scenario_Grindellake_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day
travel Grindelwald?Scenario=Scenario_Grindellake_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Night

travel Grindelwald?Scenario=Scenario_Grindeltown_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day
travel Grindelwald?Scenario=Scenario_Grindeltown_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Night

travel Grindelwald?Scenario=Scenario_Grindelwald_Team_Deathmatch?Lighting=Day
travel Grindelwald?Scenario=Scenario_Grindelwald_Team_Deathmatch?Lighting=Night

or open for localplay:

open Grindelwald?Scenario=Scenario_Grindelwald_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day
open Grindelwald?Scenario=Scenario_Grindelwald_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Night

open Grindelwald?Scenario=Scenario_Grindellake_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day
open Grindelwald?Scenario=Scenario_Grindellake_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Night

open Grindelwald?Scenario=Scenario_Grindeltown_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day
open Grindelwald?Scenario=Scenario_Grindeltown_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Night

open Grindelwald?Scenario=Scenario_Grindelwald_Team_Deathmatch?Lighting=Day
open Grindelwald?Scenario=Scenario_Grindelwald_Team_Deathmatch?Lighting=Night

Objects A to U:
Alpha 115m
Bravo 200m
Charlie 270m
Delta 200m
Echo 230m
Foxtrot 210m
Golf 250m
Hotel 320m
India 320m
Juliet 330m
Kilo 490m
Lima 360m
Mike 260m
Objects in Grindeltown:
November 370m
Oskar 210m
Papa 135m
Quebec 235m
Romeo 195m
Sierra 165m
Tango 125m
Uniform 135m


filedata.18.zip4.59gbFix DeerDoe and DeerStag



filedata.15.zip4.47gbLandscape Fix


filedata.13.zip4.29gbSorry Hotfix 1.1 Last Object had gaps

filedata.12.zip4.29gbV 1.0

filedata.11.zip4.29gbBug Fixing = all ready

filedata.10.zip4.26gbGrindeltown and new Objects there

filedata.9.zip4.26gbFixing and 2 new objects


filedata.7.zip4.26gbObject Alpha

filedata.6.zip4.26gbStart Object

filedata.5.zip4.26gbTeam Deathmatch

filedata.4.zip4.26gbGrindeltown Team Deathmatch


filedata.2.zip4.26gbMore Object

filedata.1.zip4.25gbMore Objects and Night Version



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DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

When it's night too dark so even nvg has very noisy screen could you fix it?

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

I can try to improve the night vision, may take some time.

isaacike88 @isaacike88

this map is incredibly difficult solo not complaining though i really like these fantasy/medieval type maps ive been seeing lately

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

Haha, if it's too hard you're too weak, all joking aside.
With such a big map you need a good team and possible special server settings to be able to do the mission. A map like NWI where you can simply run through, as on the official server, it is just not.
But everyone has his opinion and can express it freely. I am looking forward to your first map to play this, I look forward to it.

isaacike88 @isaacike88

i didnt rate it poorly i just said it was hard its fun i appreciate all the work that went into this map and when i git gud ill be able to see all of it kinda like motivation i like doing mod maps solo and i know that it makes it harder i just like being able to experience the map myself at my own pace eventually i will make it to the end

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

Oh, sorry, I misunderstood your comment. I take everything back and must admit one also has bad days next to the not so good days.
In order to discover partial sections of the map, I have specially developed different scenarios. Grindelwald = everything,
Grindellake = half and
Grindeltown is only the city.

DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

Just played out on my server Great map! thx.
It would be much better if there are some ambient sounds
like bird sounds, little wind breeze etc

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

I work on new ambiente, wait a little bit

DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

Could you also add hardcore CP?

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

Update: Testing and uploading CheckpointHardcore mode
I dont know how i can do this, but lets have a look

sheppy711 @sheppy711

Would love to load this on my server, but most people get annoyed with maps over 1 GB. Especially when new msps roll out updates on a very frequent basis. Do you think your map download can be reduced in future? Thanks for your efforts, hope to play it sometime.

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I have already tried to reduce the size of the download from 6.5GB to 4.3GB.To test the Grindelwald mod you can play on our servers.
=[DFS]= Kawumba Server =>
=[DFS]= BoltAction with Pistols =>

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

BTW, This would really make quite a Brutal Night Map! LOL! Hint Hint!

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

Oh my god, you send me to work , haha.

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

Just tried the map... Plays well... I noticed on Counters, it spawns very few, but the wide area can count for that... Noticed possibly one minor Glitch, when you use a scope to look at the lake from D to E it does not look like a Lake... Looks very weird and not sure how to describe it. Very much like the map, have it installed on one of my serves and plays well through E... LOL, have not been able to make it past E!

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

We played it with 20-60 bots at 1-10 player. The bots have their problems with the rocks, just like the players. The see have a glitch you are right. Thx for testing it :-)

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

We play 8 to 60 bots, so more players will build up quickly... Very nice map!

Wolph1620178393 @wolph1620178393

4.33GB?! Holly cow, are you serious? That's going to be over 9GB when it's installed.
The only server I play on just installed this map, probably going to be choking on 5FPS.

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

Actually only 7gb!

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

my grafik is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER
I play this map with very high resolution and 60fps
If you switch the shadow quality to medium i got 70-80fps
If you switch to all high you got 70-80fps
If you switch to all medium you got 100fps
new installation Win10 and Insurgency very high resolution now 90-110fps

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

No he is not serious.... he is "DFS_Compad" LOL!

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

Thank you for your trust in me. Yes again one who has noticed that I tick differently.