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Ambush level Setup (intermediate)

This guide walks you through preparing your map to support the Ambush game mode.

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Ambush is a single-life VIP game mode where the Extracting team needs to protect their VIP at all costs. The Extracting team wins if the VIP captures an extraction point or if all enemies from the Ambushing team are eliminated. The Ambushing team wins by assassinating the VIP or by preventing the VIP from reaching an extraction point until the time runs out.

  • 8 rounds
  • 3 minutes per round
  • Security is always Extracting
  • Players are assigned as Security or Insurgents and swap after 4 rounds
  • The default capture time is 5 seconds. This time is even shorter if the capture is assisted.

This guide requires basic knowledge of scenario creation that can be obtained by going through the Quick Start Mapping Guide and Checkpoint Tutorial.

Ambush Objectives

  • Objectives in Ambush mode are extraction points. The VIP must capture one of them to extract.
  • Ambush mode requires special objective actors called Ambush Objective that you place on your Ambush sublevel:

ambush 1

  • By design, an Ambush layout must have 2 Ambush Objectives. However, you need at least 1 objective on your map for the mode to function.
  • To ensure balanced gameplay, place the Ambushing team spawn closer to the objectives, and make sure the Extracting team has enough breathing space to plan their extraction before getting ambushed.

ambush 2

Capture Zones

  • Around each Ambush Objective, place one or more Capture Zones.
  • In your Ambush Objectives, under the Details tab, select the Capture Zones that belong to this Objective:

ambush 3

Player Spawns

  • Place 2 Spawn Zone actors on your Ambush sublevel: one for Extracting team (Security) and one for the Ambushing team (Insurgents).
  • Extracting Team ID must be set to 0.
  • Ambushing (Insurgents) Team ID must be set to 1.
  • Start Enabled must be checked for both Spawn Zones.

ambush 4

  • Place INSPlayerStart actors in each Spawn Zone. Default Ambush team sizes are 12 vs 12 players.

Playable Area

To ensure a focused game experience, you may want to limit the playable area for the Ambush mode on your map.

  • Place a Playable Area actor on your Ambush sublevel. Under the Details tab, enable Scenario Area so it will apply to your Ambush scenario. Under Playable Area Type, select Playable Area:

ambush 5

  • To make sure the in-game Tactical Map is limited to the playable part of the level, place another, slightly larger, Playable Area actor and set its type to Overview Area:

ambush 6

ambush 7

Ambush Layout Checklist

All in all, on your Ambush sublevel, you must have:

  • 2 Ambush Objectives with Capture Zones
  • 2 Spawn Zones with enough INSPlayerStarts
  • Playable and Overview Areas

ambush 8

Scenario File

Finally, create an Ambush Scenario file and set the following fields in it:

  • Attacking Team set to 1
  • Leave the UI Display Name blank
  • Map: your map name
  • Level: your map level
  • Game Mode: INSAmbushGameMode
  • Default Theater: THTR_SecurityInsurgents
  • Sublevels: type in the name of your Ambush sublevel
  • Objectives: select Ambush Objectives you’ve placed on your level
  • Don’t specify any Spawn Zones since the ones you have shouldn’t be linked to the Objectives

ambush 9

ambush 10

You’re all set! Now you can hunt/extract some VIPs on your map!


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