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Clientside Troubleshooting Guide [WIP]

In this guide, I will provide some troubleshooting tips and tricks I have learned playing Insurgency Sandstorm since its release. Please feel free to add comments and questions down below


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Connection issues:

[Q1] I keep getting black screens or lost connections

[S1] Don't be too discouraged! First try reconnecting to the server through the server browser, or by using the console by pressing the ~ key and typing in "reconnect", if you are continuing to have issues, restart the game and try again. If you are joining a new server from the same game session, your game client may still retain values from the older server which may cause conflict on your join to a new server, when in doubt restart your game.

[Q2] I am getting kicked by Anti-Cheat

[S2] Assuming you don't have a VAC ban, you can start off by closing the game, and closing background programs. I have personally has issues with emailing programs, hardware monitoring software, RGB software. Also verify steam game files to ensure anti-cheat software is intact and installed. You're best bet is generally to restart your computer and disable startup programs you don't need.

[Q3] I am trying to connect directly using a given IP address and port, however it's asking for a password

[S3] If the server is not pass worded, just press enter and ignore the field entirely

[Q4] I don't see anything in the server browser.

[A4] Server browser is absolutely potato at the moment. Work around I have found is to reset filters, back out all the way to main menu, and try again. Sometimes a game restart may be required.

[Q5] The favorites function/feature isn't working as intended.

[A5] The favorites function/feature is based off the old school steam server viewer. Go into Steam -> View - > Servers -> Favorites -> Add by IP (or from the master list and right-clicking and add work as well) afterwards, follow steps above for A4, but instead switch to "Favorites tab" as soon a you can, or you can wait for the entire list to load as well before going to favorites.

Graphical issues:

It's generally always a best practice to keep your drivers up to date. When in doubt turn off monitoring software like MSI Afterburner, Rivatuner, EVGA Precision X, ect until root problems are solved.

[Q1] I'm getting the Unreal Crash report about memory access violation.

[A1] This can be a magnitude of different things. In my case, it was because I was using unstable overclocks for example. But I have also noticed crashing on my servers from multiple people firing RPGs at the same time and crashing themselves or other people as well. Generally speaking, the more players and bots there are on the server, the more likely you are to crash, as well as other people.

[Q2] I'm getting low framerate and or low frametime consistency.

[A2] Make sure to check and minimize/close background programs running, update/reinstall graphics drivers, update/reinstall chipset drivers. If problems continue, try reducing and optimizing game settings, I highly recommend this guide over on reddit. In short, you can adjust your graphics settings accordingly, to test if changing some settings can help increase FPS. You can also try running the game in DirectX12 by right-clicking Sandstorm in steam -> Properties -> General -> and add "-dx12" in the launch parameter box.

Mod issues:

To get started, Click on the "Mods" tab in the main menu and enable mods. It's also best practice to NOT subscribe to mods, and just let the client handle mod list by joining a server directly. However if you do want to subscribe to mods and use the auto-update in main menu, know the servers you play, and their mod and mapcycles.

[Q1] I am getting black screens or connection lost again:

[A1] A handful of things may cause this. But generally speaking it's a mod corrupted, or client/server version difference. Follow the guide above for connection issues. If that doesn't work, find the mods used on a specific server and delete them one by one, or your entire Mods folder under Mods\modio.

[Q2] So I managed to finally play a match and we are now voting for a new map, however I see "Level Scenario" but other players say it's a specific map, and I got kicked as a result.

[A2] That map is broken on your end, find the mod number and delete that map in Mods\modio

[Q3] I am trying to join a modded server, but I am stuck at "{Mod Downloading}"

[S3] This usually implies you have an old version of the mod, or a corrupted version of the new mod. In some cases for example, two similar mods like ISMC Stable [150867] and ISMC Beta [161134] may be conflicting with one another. For example since ISMC Stable is the activate branch, you will want to delete [161134] and try joining said server again. If that doesn't work, try deleting [150867] and rejoin and redownload again. In other cases, if it's a map, sometimes map downloads can corrupt, you will need to find said map in the mods list, identify the mod number, and delete it.

Folders and locations of interest:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\sandstorm

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\sandstorm\Insurgency\Mods\modio



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DeoAfeitao @deoafeitao

when i logged in, in insurgency says i need to login to download mod, im logged in but the game doesnt see it, what do i do?

[DPSO]Arrhythmix @dpsoarrhythmix

Looks like you are logged into here using steam, make sure not to subscribe to mods, since the feature is broken and causes problems. Just join any modded server, and you should automatically download the server's mod list. After first download completion and join, the server may kick you out, just attempt rejoin and see iff that works.

JoeDirt1616028170 @joedirt1616028170

I am getting the same issue as above. Any time I try to join a server is says that I need to log in and to go to the Mods menu in game. When I go to that menu in game I am in fact logged in, do you know how to fix this?

[DPSO]Arrhythmix @dpsoarrhythmix

Trying using the Steam overlay's ingame browser as well, and check there.

c0rpsepond @c0rpsepond

I have the same issue, it suddenly appeared

mrcentimeterpeter @mrcentimeterpeter

Same issue as the others.. I am being given an error joining modded servers saying that I need to log in to Mod.Io. I am logged into Mod.Io. via the steam browser accessed via the "mods" menu in game, and am still getting the error. We need a fix!