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Create a Checkpoint Level with Day & Night Lighting [Steps]

Have you tried creating your first checkpoint map, but had no luck? were you asking a lot about a tutorial for it? this is it! Follow each step in order to create your first checkpoint map with working AI! You will need Epic Games Launcher to install the modding tools from the Epic store. 80Gb of space is needed. Minimum 16Gb ram. To download visit


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1. Click on Create Mod in the toolbar on top of your viewport.


2. Name your map and your name, Then click on Create Mod to create your mod.


3. Go to your mod folder <ModName> Content in Content Browser. In this tutorial, it will be Guide Content.


4. Click on ModData to view your mod information.


5. Create 2 folders named: '' Maps '' and '' Scenarios '' based on your ModData Directory. (3) and (4) in the screenshot above.


Main Level

6. Click on your '' Maps '' folder that you created, and create a new level. Then give it a unique name. For this guide it will be named '' Guide ''.



7. Create another level and call it <Yourmapname>_Checkpoint_Security. For this guide it will be: Guide_Checkpoint_Security


8. Click on your main map level <Mapname>, then click on save selected. In this guide it will be '' Guide '' level.


9. Click on Window and drag both Levels and World outline onto your favorite location.


10. After clicking on your <Mapname> in step 8. You will see Persistent level in the Levels window. The persistent level is your main level where you place objects, make sure you always click on it when you add objects other than game mode actors ex. Capture zone, player spawn and cameras.



11. Search for Nav Mesh Bounds Volume in Modes > classes tab. Drag the Nav Mesh Bounds Volume into your empty level, so when you create your map, the AI will move. Always make sure you are in your persistent level of your main map level. Remember, you can increase the size of the Nav Mesh to suit your level size.



12. Create a new level called <Mapname>_UI, for this guide it will be Guide_UI. In this level, you are going to place UI elements such as Intro Camera Actor, UI Camera Actor. Intro Camera will be used for round start, round finish. UI camera will be used for loadout menu and weapon customization. I will get into that down below.




13. Go to file and create a new level, select Default. Then, save it as <Mapname>_GlobalDay. It will be Guide_GlobalDay.


14. Delete the floor and player start by clicking on them and pressing delete key. You can select them manually from the World Outliner window. This is going to be your day sublevel, so don't place anything unecessary, such as geometry or walls that don't require lighting.


15. Save the level as <Mapname>_GlobalDay. It will be Guide_GlobalDay. This is later going to be your Day lighting sublevel. I will explain below.



16. Right click on your <Modname> Content > Maps folder, and create a new level called <Mapname>_GlobalNight. For the guide it will be Guide_GlobalNight. Then, click on save.


17. In the Content Browser, go to Content > Maps > Farmhouse and select level Farmhouse_GlobalNight.


18. After you have selected Farmhouse_GlobalNight, go to the World Outliner and hold CTRL with your mouse, select and copy the following: FogNight, PostProcessingVolume_GlobalNight, SkyBoxNight, SkyLightingNight. [Hint: you can use shift and select FogNight to SkyLightNight, and it will select all of actors between them] [CTRL+C will also copy them easily]


19. Now, paste them in your <Modname> Content > Maps > <Mapname>_GlobalNight level. Now, your GlobalNight sublevel is complete and has night lighting from donor Farmhouse. Don't forget to always save your work :)



20. Now, select your main level or persistent level <Mapname> in your maps folder you created first. Go to Levels tab, and click on Levels > add existing. Select all of these levels: <Mapname>_Checkpoint_Security, <Mapname>_GlobalDay, <Mapname>GlobalNight, <Mapname>_UI. Now you have added all necessary sublevels to create a working checkpoint map. But! you still need a few things to do.


Persistent Level

21. Make sure to save everything. You can select each sublevel by double clicking on which one you want to edit. The persistent level will remain the same. Use it to create geometry or objects to shape your level. Use sublevels to add extra things, such as spawns, lights, cameras. Keep up with me to find out more. You can make mistakes, such as placing actor or object in the wrong sublevel, make sure you select the right one everytime you build!



22. Go to World Settings window, scroll down until Lighting Scenario section, click on the first option with + sign to add both of your Global Day and Night sublevels. Make sure you type the correct name for both of your sublevels.



Checkpoint Setup


23. You will need to place the required actors to start your game. Select Levels window, and double click on <Mapname>_Checkpoint_Security sublevel. Now, go to your Modes window and in the Classes search bar, search for Spawn Zone. Grab it and drop it into your security sublevel. This will prevent enemies from attacking players, so make it big. In the Details window, go to >Player Start and make sure Team Id is set to 0 for security, and 1 for insurgents if want to spawn as an insurgent. Leave Start Enabled off.



24. Go to your Modes window and search for Player Start. Select the first one, its for insurgency player spawns. In the details window on the right, Set team ID from 255 to 0, you are spawning as security. Set it to 1 if you want to spawn as insurgents instead. Place it inside the SPAWN ZONE to make sure players are protected from enemies when they spawn. You can also check out the official mapping guide to know more.



25. Do the same thing from above. Search for Capture Zone and place it anywhere you like in your checkpoint security sublevel. Capture Zone will determine the location of the objective in the UI, such as A, B, C... etc.



26. Search for Objective Capturable in classes search bar again, place it in your level inside the CAPTURE ZONE. Make sure it is not bigger than the CAPTURE ZONE. Objective Capturable will determine the area that will be capturable by you, so keep in mind that you should make it suitable for the area you wanna use it on. Objective capturable can include ( Capture Zones ) from the step above, click on + icon in step 3 in the screenshot below. You can add as many as you like to cover the area of Objective A for example.

33 1


27. Search for BP_SupplyCrate_Base in the Content Browser, drag and drop it into your viewport checkpoint sublevel. You can connect a supply crate to an objective or player spawn, so do that when you want to. You can make supply crates remain open for the entire game by not linking them to any spawn or objective. You can increase the time to supply and the time that these crates will remain open.

53screenshot 500


28. Now, select your <Mapname>_UI sublevel to make sure you are not putting UI in your <Mapname>_Checkpoint_Security sublevel. This camera will show up during round start and round end, victory or defeat. So place it in a nice place.



29. Following step 27 above, search for UIcamera Actor in the classes search bar, drag and drop UICamera Actor into your <Mapname>_UI. You will need 2 of these, so grab another one and drop it in your sublevel again. Select the first UICameraActor1, then go to the details window on your right, and look foor >UI Camera. There are 3 settings: Enabled [YES]. Soldier Camera [YES]. Security Camera [YES]. That's what you need for the character to appear in your loadout menu.



30. Since you have 2 UICamera Actors, select the second UICamera Actor 2 and disable Soldier Camera. Now, this camera will be used for security weapon loadout screen.



31. Go to your <Mapname> Content folder where you created your scenarios folder. <Mapname> Content > Scenarios. Right click to show properties, select Insurgency > Scenario, then select ScenarioMultiplayer. Name it to: Scenario_<Mapname>_Checkpoint_Security. For the guide it will be: Scenario_Guide_Checkpoint_Security


32. Open Scenario_<Mapname>_Checkpoint_Security you have created. Follow the screenshot below. Attacking team will be 255 by default. Choose 0 for security, and choose 1 for insurgents.



33. Go to World Settings Window and on top, you will find >Game Mode. Inside it there is >Default Scenarios. Click on + Icon to add a scenario. Select Game Mode INSCheckpointGameMode. Select Scenario: Scenario_<Mapname>_Checkpoint_Security. That's it.


Build Lighting

34. In your Levels window, next to both of your <Mapname>_GlobalDay and <Mapname>_GlobalNight, next to the lock, you can toggle lighting for both sublevels in order to build lighting correctly.


35. On the left of your lighting sublevels, you will see an eye icon, this indicates that this sublevel is visible and is ready to build lighting. Always make sure that you have one lighting sublevel is visible to build it correctly. Build lighting twice, once for <Mapname>_GlobalDay, and once for <Mapname>_GlobalNight. Now you have completed everything I hope.





Create Landscape

36. Just go to your Modes window on the left, and click on the terrain icon, you will find the material and size of your landscape, click on create. Just a reminder, the navmesh you placed earlier at the start of the guide will need to be increased in size to cover more areas you wanna use, so go ahead and increase the size of the navmesh box, you can find it in the World Outliner window. [Nav Mesh Bounds Volume]



Sharing Your Mod

37. In the toolbox on top of your viewport, there's an icon for Share Mod, click on it. After you have done that, Mod Manager window will appear, you will need to click on Login or create a new account and login to start sharing your mod. Next, click on New Mod. A window will appear called New Mod, in here you need to put your mod details correctly, otherwise it will show an HTTPS error. Finally, choose the mod you have created in the first step, then upload it!



Local Play Testing

You can test your map after you have uploaded to, while its hidden.

1. click on subscribe in your hidden mod page while signed in

2. Launch Insurgency Sandstorm

3. The mod should appear on top of the screen downloading.

4. after it successfully downloaded, click on Local play and start any map.

5. open the console and type: <Mapname>?Scenario=Scenario_<Mapname>_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day or ?Lighting=Night

6. If your map is loaded and the AI is working, you are doing good. Remember <Mapname> is your main map you created in your mod maps folder. Like ministry or farmhouse.


If you are editing your level and you can't see anything because it's too dark, you can click on the view mode on top of your viewport. Set it to Unlit. You can also switch to Unlit by pressing ALT+3, to go back to Lit, press ALT+4.


Does your editor take so long when moving anything around the map? do you always see Updating Navigation whenever you want to place an object? Go to Edit > Editor Preferences >Miscellaneous > Editing > Update Navigation Automatically. Disable Update Navigation Automatically to make your CPU calm down because its not on cinebench xD. Now, you can click on Build to build your entire level including navigation. Also, you can select to only build navigation when building your level.


Found an error or a mistake? leave a comment.


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Snakeyio @snakeyio

Also, use the World Outliner window to help you find what you are looking for without having to manually select the actor.

B4NDO @b4ndo

fantastic snakey, excellent explination on the basics to get started

AndrewRain @andrewrain

The hotkey to Update Navigation Manually exists?

5QuAD @5quad

I made a mod and it can run perfectly in the SDK. But after I uploaded it to the and subscribed to test, it shows me "error loading gamemode assets"in the game. Have you ever meet this problem? How to solve?

Snakeyio @snakeyio

yes, move ur mod folder to plugins folder and make sure you have the correct scenario name loaded in-game.

After 1.9, you no longer need to do this. Mods folder is working properly with packaging.

WintorOperator @wintoroperator

Very nice and helpful!

Thôt1615395261 @tht1615395261

I am designing a map by following the recommendations of the modio tutorial.
but I can't test it in Epic's editor." insurgency: sandstorm Mod Tools ".
I die from the start. impossible to test my card.
what should i do to make it work?

ps: this is mi 1st map