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How to Install Modded maps for Single player

How to Install Modded maps for Single player + and adjust bot count


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So I've been getting asked this a ton since my last vid,

Here's what you do.

Part A

1. From the main menu , load a local game , spawn.

2. Bring up the console prompt with the tilde key ~

3. Type the following I've be playing Redwood and the toro maps lately so to launch them use the following.

open OperationRedwood?Scenario=Scenario_OperationRedwood


open TORO?Scenario=Scenario_TORO_Checkpoint_Security hit return and the map installs.


Part B To Spawn bots like I did in the vid

1. With IS off Navigate to the game.ini file - remember 'name' is local to your pc.


2. Paste in the script:








bBots=True SoloEnemies=25


3. save.

4. Launch IS and repeat Part A If you wanna experiment with more option for the game.ini I used this list

Hopfully you all find this useful , I'm no expert..I just google well.



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[BG]Nomy61 @none28

i tried this but got black screen

Snakeyio @snakeyio

The best way to do it is to travel to farmhouse using this command:
travel Farmhouse?Scenario=Scenario_Farmhouse_Checkpoint_Security

Add your mutators before entering, it should be like:
travel Farmhouse?Scenario=Scenario_Farmhouse_Checkpoint_Security?Mutators=Frenzy (Here you can add more mutators followed by a comma)

So, you just add ?Mutators=[Mutator Name] to your command.

For loading other official maps, open the admin menu, select a level. Admin menu is located in Keybinds, configure it to open it.

Notice: Everytime you want to load a map with mutators after you launched the game, start a local play map and enter the command on top. This is your main command for activating other mutators.

Now, you can only use travel command with map mods. This will keep the mutators saved. Do not use open [Map] command. Use Travel [Map] instead.

Always be in a local game for all of this to work.

Pizza_Time42069 @pizza-time42069

None of this is working for me and I can't play these modded maps I do the exact code and I get a black screen

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

how do you do this for a dedicated coop server

sfwtopper @sfwtopper2

Hello guys, I am new to setting up modded map, I managed to get the map (Macedonia) to download from into my server, however my attempt to launch it seems to fail. Server keeps reverting to Farmhouse. Best I did was getting a black screen with no options to pick except to hit ESC and go back to menu.

Zsavage1 @zsavage1

same here...everything I try.. just gives black screen :(

VMax_RPR @vmax-rpr

The technique worked for me. For Domination mode, I replaced "[/script/insurgency.inscheckpointgamemode]" to "[/script/insurgency.dominationgamemode]".

fearsomemaster @fearsomemaster

You can't play a map locally that you've downloaded just by having previously joined a server—this gives you a black screen! However, if you go into the MODS section in the game's main menu and subscribe to the map, followed by exiting and restarting the game, THEN the black screen problem should resolve. Subscribing doesn't appear to redownload a map you already have, and unsubscribing doesn't appear to delete the map from your modio folder.