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Insurgency: Sandstorm

Create and share custom maps, gamemodes and mutators for Insurgency: Sandstorm.

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How to RCON to your INS Server using a tool

Version 1.2 just left my desk for release and is now available to you. This time I integrated another 37 custom maps for your convenience and additional 67 Mutators.


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ISRT is a python 3.9/PyQt5/SQLite3-based RCON and Query Tool for Insurgency Sandstorm Server Administrators.

Release Notes for this version:

  • Removed a bug that created "Server Offline" when Mutators is reported true, but not ModList available
  • Added a couple of comfortability features and removed a couple of bugs that crashed the app or produced disfunctionality
  • Added 37 new custom Maps including old INS 2014 Maps
  • Integrated 67 new Mutators
  • Implemented Gamemode Survival and added corresponding Scenarios from Standard Maps
  • Inserted new scenarios for a lot of updated maps
  • Cleaned up the Main and Monitor App

Featuers of the App:

  • Integrated a total of 130 custom maps
  • Provides 204 Mutators to work with
  • Fast and simple RCON usage
  • Full Query implemented
  • Mapchange for custom maps
  • Show and modify in-game settings
  • Server Database Management
  • Map Database Management
  • Server Overview Monitor
  • Customizable RCON Buttons
  • Command History Management
  • Windows/Linux/MacOS compatible
  • Python 3.9.4, PyQT5, SQLite3 based

Download at:

preview v1 1 main

preview v1 1 monitor

Support me:

Please remember that my software is free, but I would really like, if you consider dropping me a couple of bucks for a coffee or so, if you like my tool - I have now spent 788 hours of development and even though it's fun, maintaining server and testing infrastructure is nearly 500€/year! You can find alink for a Paypal donation on my website, as well.

Thanks and HF


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Madmanio @madman26

Relases Hotfix v.0.5.1 for conditinoal error based on Mutators=None - if you need to update, just drop your old "db" directory in the new folder and oyu are good to go!

GNAO @gnao

//ENG// Hello, I have a short translation for this program with the first impression of translation into Spanish, how do I contact you
//ESP// hola,tengo una breve traduccion para este programa con la primera impresion de traduccion al espaƱol,como me contacto contigo

mi E-Mail:

Madmanio @madman26

Hi Buddy, sorry that I didn't see this straigt away, sure that sounds great, you can contact me using my mail address
Thanks and hf

GNAO @gnao

Hello brother, I already sent the attached image with the translation of the menus, it is still missing but these days I will be sending the rest

Madmanio @madman26

Hi Gnao, sorry that I didn't come back to you - unfortunately translations is not such an easy topic and I will delay it until I have a full version 1.0 ready and only need to make feature improvements or minor changes.

Madmanio @madman26

Released v0.7 with a lot of new stuff - have fun with it!

armagad @armagad

Goog job felicitation

Madmanio @madman26

Thanks m8

[BG]Nomy61 @bgnomy61

how do we add new maps to the list manually

Madmanio @madman26

I have a tutorial video about that on my website

i_am_ttl @i-am-ttl

why is this not the mainstream ins rcon tool?

Madmanio @madman26

I have no idea ;-)

publicENEMY80 @publicenemy80

How do you change map with mods? How do you issue command?