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ISMCmod Installation Guide

This guide goes over how to play ISMCmod online, in local play and run it if you're a server admin!


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Hello players! Due to popular request we are writing up an official ISMCmod installation guide for server admins, players and for local play. This is currently a work in progress and doesn't cover exactly every step of the way and it is assumed that you have done some basic research. We will continue to update this page as we go.

Please still refer to the ISMCmod pages for more specific instructions on installation, The Official Insurgency Sandstorm Admin Guide and join the Official ISMCmod Discord if you have any questions.

This is the ISMCmod official release!

ISMCmod Beta Build
Where we test bugs before it is officially released.

Project Binford
A test preview of the future of ISMC that provides unprecedented modularity gameplay, cosmetic and gear customization.

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What Is ISMCmod and how do I play it?

ISMCmod is a total overhaul modification that adds tonnes of new content such as weapons, attachments, cosmetics, gear and more to Insurgency Sandstorm for both PVE and PVP. If you simply wish to play the mod, you can join one of the official servers (listed on our Discord & page or the variety of community servers running the mod in the server browser by looking for the keyword ISMC! Additionally you can copy paste in an IP address of the server in the server browser and press enter. There are no passwords on Official servers and there is no need to subscribe to the mod as it will download for you automatically.

Server Admin Guide:

If you want to run your own server with ISMC there are two ways of doing so.
1.You can run your own server using the Insurgency: Sandstorm Dedicated Server under Tools in your Steam Library (Hard)


2.You can rent an Insurgency Sandstorm server using a provider such as (Easy)

There are 5 main configuration files you will need to change and their respective locations if you're using the Steam Dedicated Server:


Server Command Line that gives it a name, password, mutators, gamestats etc

It should look something like this although every provider sets it out different. Replace the stuff in quotes:

Windows Servers
InsurgencyServer.exe "MapCodeName"?Scenario="Scenario_"MapName"_Checkpoint_"Faction"?MaxPlayers="12"?password="password" -multihome="@SERVERIP" -Port="@SERVERPORT" -QueryPort="@SERVERPORT1" -Rcon -RconPassword="RconPassword" -RconListenPort="@SERVERPORT2" -log -hostname=""ServerName"" -mutators=ISMCarmory_legacy -GSLTToken="GSLTToken" -GameStatsToken="GameStatsToken" -GameStats -Mods ModDownloadTravelTo="MapCodeName"?Scenario=Scenario_"MapName"_"GameMode"_"Faction"

For Linux Servers
./Insurgency/Binaries/Linux/InsurgencyServer-Linux-Shipping "MapCodeName"?Scenario="Scenario_"MapName"_Checkpoint_Security"?MaxPlayers="12"?password="password" -multihome="@SERVERIP" -Port="@SERVERPORT" -QueryPort="@SERVERPORT1" -Rcon -RconPassword="RconPassword" -RconListenPort="@SERVERPORT2" -log -hostname=""Server Name"" -mutators=ISMCarmory_legacy -GSLTToken="GSLTToken" -GameStatsToken="GameStatsToken" -GameStats -Mods ModDownloadTravelTo="MapCodeName"?Scenario=Scenario_"MapName"_"GameMode"_"Faction"

You can change the map, scenario and gamemode to whatever you want: For example if you want to play day time Hideout Security Checkpoint enter this:


Refer to the Official Insurgency Sandstorm Server Admin Guide for more in depth setup:

You must to add the following to your server command line to enable mods and add ISMCmod mutators like ISMCarmory to the list for example:

Refer to the page for specific mutators and instructions:

Changes a plethora of Sandstorm gameplay settings such as bot count, timers, and more. This is where most of the customization will be done for your server. Some mods allow for Game.ini customizaton and we are planning to allow players to change ISMC settings through the Game.ini as well

Refer to their respective pages for Game.ini configs.

For a basic list of servers commands you can refer to the Official Insurgency Sandstorm Server Admin Guide:

For more server commands refer to Circleus (zWolfi's) Game.ini config list for more in depth customization

For example such as e.g. enabling server replays etc.


A steamID is a unique identifier used to identify a Steam account can be used to give access to the admin menu in game.

Simply enter your friend's steam URL into the website above and it will give you a SteamID64 like this:


Here you will place the mod ID of your selected mods on your server. The mod IDs can be found on the their pages

For example ISMCmod is:

You can also add a ; as a comment after it e.g:
150867; ISMCmod

Here you'll place the map name and what sort of game mode and lighting scenario you want.

Here are several examples of how to launch Hideout Checkpoint with Security & Insurgency theatres as well as day and night lighting. You can do this for any gamemode.


Full list of base map names can be found here.
For custom maps their Map Cycle will be listed on their page

Local Play Instructions:

If you want to play the mod offline in local play subscribe to the mod on to download the mod. Launch into any game of local play enter in these console commands (Press ` the Tilde key) :

Open "MapCodeName"?Scenario=Scenario_"MapName"_"GameMode"_"Faction"?Lighting="Day"?mutators=ISMCarmory_legacy

Replace the stuff in quotes to change the map, scenario and gamemode: For example if you want to play day time Hideout security checkpoint:

Open Town?Scenario=Scenario_Hideout_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day?mutators=ISMCarmory_legacy

Furthermore you can customize the supply limits and bot count etc through the Game.ini located in:

Refer to the server admin guide for the list of map names and pages for custom maps.

If you experience any issues loading the mod. Here are a list of the mod folders that you can delete in:
150867; ISMCmod
167049; ISMC Characters
161134; ISMCmod Beta
168692; ISMCmod Beta Alternate
175258; ISMCmod beta 2
158930; ISMC Characters Beta
174997; ISMC coop characters beta
177423; ISMC coop characters beta 2
169475; Project Binford
312515; Project Vandelay

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kaiber @kaiber

It doesn't work for me, whenever I launch a server (in online) the mod doesn't load and in local play when I enter the command I just get a black screen. Any way to fix that?

WintorOperator @wintoroperator

Try clearing your folder. SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\sandstorm\Insurgency\Mods\modio

CfX @cfx

The copy-pastable code line is apparently wrong. "MapCodeName" needs to be replaced with the respective map. In this case "Farmhouse".
Open Farmhouse?Scenario=Scenario_Farmhouse_Checkpoint_Security? Lighting=Day?mutators=ISMCarmory,ISMCarmory_legacy,ISMCVehicles,ISMCDeployables
Like this it works for me. Delete the spaces, won't let me post "words greater than 100 characters in length" lmao

GiftedVenus8046 @giftedvenus8046

do you have one for the range

KennyLuo @kennyluo

Which mutators should I use?
ISMCarmory_legacy or ISMCarmory,ISMCarmory_legacy,ISMCVehicles,ISMCDeployables
What is the function of ISMCVehicles and ISMCDeployables? I never saw it before.

iandoodle @iandoodle

Really should add a section helping people install the mod manually, takes entirely to long to download in game for me and my friends and theres zero info here for how to do it manually.

5150herr @5150herr

Yes you should I can't get it to install on my offsite server.

OnlySkillz1616265625 @onlyskillz1616265625

Nothing is working. It keeps telling me to be connected to Mod.IO when trying to join an ISMC servers even though I am already logged in...

jbp84 @jbp84

Hello, this happens to me too. You must enter the server from the IP, that way it is working for me. It seems to be a problem

TheBloody-Nine2 @thebloody-nine2

Hey all. First of all, thanks for the mod, having a blast with it.

One small thing I was hoping someone might know how to fix. Server is set up for only hardcore checkpoint maps when the first map loads, I have the two ISMC classes to chose from.
But when the next map loads, it reverts to the default game classes, which is not what I want, I prefer everyone having a radio and being able to chose from the full weapon set (launchers etc.)

Predo1618968350 @predo1618968350

why i can't install mods on my insurgency they don't even download it I tried to reinstall the game 4 times, it still doesn't work
can someone help me

Tooshort_2 @tooshort-2

how do I customize the supply Limits?

AleXGibbs @alexgibbs

You'll want to edit the file C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\Insurgency\Saved\Config\WindowsClient\Game.ini where <User> is your user file.

[Here]( is a reference guide to what values you can set, it's standard ini syntax (it seems like).

If you're not wanting to look, just copy/paste the following into that file and save. I've had to restart my gave every time.


Xhaven @xhaven

I'm playing ISMCmod local play only but friendly bots are having only gadgets, none of them having weapons. So the frienldy bots are just sitting ducks in ISMCmod. Help.

Jimdijkemans @jimdijkemans

I got the same! i really could use some help

ShotgunJoe1 @shotgunjoe11

Yo, anyone knows how to run this on singleplayer? None of the commands work for me. They used to but now I can't get it working.

[264th]SnakeDoctor @264thsnakedoctor

U launched 'Tutorials', right? This is only played in 'Tutorial'

[264th]SnakeDoctor @264thsnakedoctor

A lovely mod that has changed IS tremendously! Can I just ask for one tweak? Not sure if it's possible - we keep getting fragged by air support because we can't tell whether it's friend or foe. Any chance to change the voices?

Blitzy662 @blitz26g3mpvemg62m9

my issue is that it just doesn't download. and I can't find any help on manually installing

ForeskinJohn @foreskinjohn

how do we install this manually? why is there a download for it if it doesnt work manually? i just want to back this up..

Meandmybigclock @meandmybigclock

I want to play the Redwood Reborn mod. Do I need to use ISMC for it to work? I'm a bit new to the Modding scene and not 100% sure?

bizkick @bizkickjg

for some reason my mods folder for my server is deleting and re downloading the resources pack every time. tried manual install as well. cant get it to play with ismc.

DewmGuy @dewmguy

Love the mod. I have just one question because I am not sure if it's something that I've done wrong. How do you disable/enable earning waves by completing objectives on checkpoint maps?

hofeR. @hofer11

Are all standard game modes available for single player with bots? Domination, Push or Shootout?

hofeR. @hofer11

I can't get it to run Scenario_Crossing_Domination, MaxPlayers=10 Loading and black screen:(