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Sound Modding

In this guide, you will learn how to add new sounds to Insurgency: Sandstorm using Audiokinetic Wwise, and use them in-game. All you need are: A new Unreal Engine 4.25.4 Project, and Wwise 2019.2.10.7490.1917.


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Let's Start!


Launch EPIC GAMES LAUNCHER, and go to Unreal Engine > Library.

Then, create a new engine version > 4.25.4 > Launch it.

1 1


Create a new Empty project

1 2


Download Wwise Launcher (Register Free Version): Audiokinetic | Download Wwise

3 1


Launch Wwise Launcher

Create a new Wwise project

4 1


Select WWISE tab

Install a new version > 2019.2.10.7490

5 1



Select your project and Integrate Wwise into Project...

6 1

Select WWise Version > 2019.2.10.7490.1917

Select Integrate

7 1


After integration is complete

Select UNREAL ENGINE tab, and open project in Wwise



In Wwise editor, Select > Default Work Unit, Under Actor-Mixer Hierarchy

Right click Default Work Unit, and Select Import Audio Files (.Wav audio files only)

9 2


After importing audio files, right click the audio file

Select > New Event > Play

10 1


After creating New Event

Go to SandstormEditor > Insurgency > Content > InitBank.uasset [Right click it, make it Read-only]

11 1

Go to SandstormEditor > Insurgency > Content > WwiseAudio > Windows

Select the following files, and make them Read-only:

  • Init.bnk

  • Init.json

  • Init.txt

  • Init.xml

  • PluginInfo.json

  • PluginInfo.xml

  • SoundbanksInfo.json

  • SoundbanksInfo.xml

You can disable Read-only or delete those files when you Verify/Update the editor.


Open Sandstorm Editor

Select Edit tab > Project Settings > Wwise: Integration Settings

Go to Installation: Wwise Project Path. Change it to your Wwise Project located in Documents folder.


14 1

Select Edit tab > Project Settings > Wwise: User Settings

Go to Installation: Wwise Windows Installation Path [ Select your Wwise folder]

15 1


Select Window tab > Wwise Picker > Event Folder (Close Wwise During this - Might crash Engine)

12 1

Inside Event Folder > Default Work Unit. Drag and drop the audio event into a specific location.

13 1


Create Audio Bank for your Audio Event [ Will be used to Build your sound linked to it]

16 1

Go to your Audio Event you made in #12 step.

Open it, and select the Audio Bank you made for it. [Save All]

17 1


Select Window tab > Wwise Picker > Generate Sound data

Select your Audio Bank > Windows > Generate

18 1

After doing this, Save everything. Note, you will not be able to save InitBank. Just ignore that.

When you test the sounds in Play window, you won't hear game sounds. You will need to restart the editor to fix that.

This will happen every time you Generate Sound Data

Packaging Custom Sounds


For packaging sounds to work, you will need to package your mod once. Do that now.

Create a folder anywhere or in your Editor installation folder, give it any name, or name it SoundMods.

Inside this folder, create a new .bat File. [Name it to your mod+sounds. Ex. ISMCsounds]

create a new Text File. [Name it to your mod+sounds. Ex. ISMCsounds]

19 1

For .Bat File: Copy this:

cd "D:\Unreal Games\Editors\SandstormEditor\Engine\Binaries\Win64\"
UnrealPak.exe "D:\Unreal Games\Editors\SandstormEditor\Insurgency\Saved\StagedMods\InfectedZombies\WindowsClient\Insurgency\Mods\InfectedZombies\Content\Paks\WindowsClient\InfectedZombiespakchunk-Sound.pak" -create="D:\\\\Unreal Games\\\\Editors\\\\SandstormEditor\\\\ModSoundList\\\\ZombiesSound.txt" -cryptokeys="D:\\\\Unreal Games\\\\Editors\\\\SandstormEditor\\\\Insurgency\\\\Saved\\\\CookedMods\\\\InfectedZombies\\\\WindowsClient\\\\Insurgency\\\\Mods\\\\InfectedZombies\\\\Metadata\\\\Crypto.json" -order="D:\\\\Unreal Games\\\\Editors\\\\SandstormEditor\\\\Insurgency\\\\Build\\\\WindowsClient\\\\FileOpenOrder\\\\CookerOpenOrder.log" -patchpaddingalign=1000000 -platform=Windows -compressi -compress

The path has extra \ this is because of Just remove one or here's a link to the clean text file: Save as .bat -

You will need to make changes to all path, to your paths. They will package properly.

To find your mod paths, Go to > SandstormEditor > Engine > Programs > AutomationTool > Saved > Logs

You will find many text files, find the one with your mod name and Chunk0 or 1.

It should be similar to this: UnrealPak-ISMCpakchunk0-WindowsClient-2021.05.02-22.00.04

Open the text file, copy the path after [ LogInit: Command Line: ] and paste it somewhere to use it.

After that, replace the following .Bat files from Above:

  • cd "Your Sandstorm path, you only need to modify D:\Unreal Games\Editors\"

  • UnrealPak.exe " Here, you will need to copy the first " " Path from LogInit: Command Line: and replace the last path name. Example PackagedModpakchunk0-WindowsClient.pak with ISMCmod-Sounds.pak" This will be packaged into your mod after your run the .bat once.

  • -create="<UrDiskLetter>:\\<URPATH>\\SandstormEditor\\SoundMods\\YourModSound.txt" Text name you made.

  • -cryptokeys="Copy this path from <strong>LogInit: Command Line:</strong>"

  • -order="Copy this path from <strong>Loginit: Command Line:</strong>"

  • Delete -abslog from the LogInit: Command Line: you dont need it.


For Text File you made above, Copy this:

"D:\Unreal Games\Editors\SandstormEditor\Insurgency\Content\WwiseAudio\Windows\Baby.bnk" "../../../Insurgency/Content/WwiseAudio/Windows/Baby.bnk"
"D:\Unreal Games\Editors\SandstormEditor\Insurgency\Content\WwiseAudio\Windows\Baby.json" "../../../Insurgency/Content/WwiseAudio/Windows/Baby.json"
"D:\Unreal Games\Editors\SandstormEditor\Insurgency\Content\WwiseAudio\Windows\Baby.txt" "../../../Insurgency/Content/WwiseAudio/Windows/Baby.txt"
"D:\Unreal Games\Editors\SandstormEditor\Insurgency\Content\WwiseAudio\Windows\Baby.xml" "../../../Insurgency/Content/WwiseAudio/Windows/Baby.xml"

Now, all you need to do is, replace all the Baby. paths with your Audio Bank name, and correct the paths on the left only.

To find your Audio Bank file you made above, it will be located in: SandstormEditor > Insurgency > Content > Wwise > Windows > ISMCbank.bnk or json or txt or xml

You will need to include them inside of your ModSound.txt file you made above

Example for your paths:

"C:\MyInstallation\SandstormEditor\Insurgency\Content\WwiseAudio\Windows\ISMCbank.bnk" "../../../Insurgency/Content/WwiseAudio/Windows/ISMCbank.bnk"
"C:\MyInstallation\SandstormEditor\Insurgency\Content\WwiseAudio\Windows\ISMCbank.json" "../../../Insurgency/Content/WwiseAudio/Windows/ISMCbank.json"
"C:\MyInstallation\SandstormEditor\Insurgency\Content\WwiseAudio\Windows\ISMCbank.txt" "../../../Insurgency/Content/WwiseAudio/Windows/ISMCbank.txt"
"C:\MyInstallation\SandstormEditor\Insurgency\Content\WwiseAudio\Windows\ISMCbank.xml" "../../../Insurgency/Content/WwiseAudio/Windows/ISMCbank.xml"

Remove lines of text if they aren't needed or found after generating sounds inside of your Wwise folder.


Before packaging your mod, remember to include the text file in your ModSounds.bat like this:


Remove the extra // to /. somehow adds another / after saving this guide!

Before packaging your mod, run the .Bat file, it will add it to your .pak files after packaging.

After running the .bat file, you can package your mod, it will include it. You will need to run the .bat everytime you package your mod. You can include more Paths to your Text file, everytime you add new Audio Banks only.

You can find them in SandstormEditor > Insurgency > Content > WwiseAudio > Windows



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