Insurgency: Sandstorm

Gun Frenzy for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by TayLord (mod ID: 1778404)


Just a fun gamemode to try different weaponry. Start with bolt action and bad pistols and earn better weapons, upgrades, and explosives with kills and objectives. Lifespan of dropped weapons is configurable but set to 0 by default to force the usage of the tiered weapons. Mag grab crates can be spawned for additional magazines and respawn points in survival. Points are gained per kill and on capture ticks and can be configured as well as how much points are required for weapons, upgrades, and explosives. By default the score is reset to the current tier weapon with no upgrades on death. This removes all random weapon crates in survival and resupply crates in checkpoint will give a new unupgraded weapon from the current tier. This is significantly harder in Survival.


  • There is no equippable weapons in this mod. Lowest tier weapons will be given on spawn and improvements earned in time
  • Spawns random improved weapons, upgrades, and fire support for kills in real time
  • Explosives have been modified for higher damage. Mines are throwable and triggered by infantry. If modifed explosives aren't desirable then use VanillaFrags=True, which uses vanilla explosives
  • Resupply grenade will spawn a mag grab crate that can be used for ammunition and additional respawn point for Survival mode
  • Adjusted carriers. Grenade gives you 5 grenade slots and a few minimal mags. Primary and secondary carriers give 2 additional frags as well. Secondary carrier also gives a few minimal mags for primaries.
  • 6 tiers of weapons, with the first tier being improved secondaries.
  • After 6th tier of weapons is unlocked an additional primary slot will unlock and then fire support with no need for an observer
  • There is 1 tier of scopes that contains all toggleable scopes and single scopes < 4x
  • Character has a small configurable speed boost (1x-1.25x) and health boost (1x-2x)
  • Any scavenged weapon will have upgrades added once primary weapons are unlocked in tier2, but will be replaced by the next tier weapon when unlocked
  • Random weapon crates are disabled for survival. Only the mag grab crates that players can spawned are allowed
  • Full resupply from checkpoint crates will give a new random unupgraded weapon from current tier



For PVP modes using players vs bots you can use either of the following:
Mutator=GunFrenzySec ->Forces Security to GunFrenzy loadout and insurgents to FullyLoaded loadout
Mutator=GunFrenzyIns ->Forces Insurgents to GunFrenzy loadout and security to FullyLoaded loadout


Default configuration is below. You only need to change those that differ from what you want:

NewWeaponMsg="New Weapon Gained"
NewFragMsg="Explosive Gained"
FireSupportMsg="Fire Support Unlocked"
ScavengeMsg="Scavenging Slot Unlocked"



Config Variable


NumTiersResetCheckpoint How many tiers of weapons to push player back on death in addition to losing upgrades for checkpoint mode. Default is 0
NumTiersResetSurvival How many tiers of weapons to push player back on death in addition to losing upgrades for survival mode. Default is 0
bResetPointsOnDeath If set to True, this will reset player points to StartingPoints on death. Default is false
bResetUpgradesOnDeath If set to False, then players will not lose any upgrades on death and on respawn will be given weapons with upgrades already earned attached. This only works if bResetPointsOnDeath is set to False, as it has priority. Default is True.

How many points to award on bot kill. Default is 20


How many points to award on blowing cache. Default is 40


How many points to award when on point capturing per tick. Default is 10.


How many to cap player points at during capture. This removes the ability of farming points when bots are recapturing. Default is 80.
PointsForWeapon How many points are required before giving next tier weapon. Default is 200
PointsForUpgrade How many points are required before upgrading the current weapon. Upgrades will be awarded between weapons. So using defaults an upgrade would be awarded at 240, 280, 320, and 360. A new weapon at 400 and an upgrade at 440, 480, 520, etc. Default is 40
PointsForEquipment How many points are required before giving player explosives, if slots are available. Default is 100
PointsForFireSupport How many points are required before giving player both radio and binocs for calling in fire support. Default is 1600
PointsForScavenge How many points are required before giving player a second primary slot. This is only for scavenging and nothing will be awarded to this slot or upgraded from it. This enables a player to scavenge a bots weapons once they've unlocked all tiers and can have a backup weapon. Default is 1400
StartingPoints How many points should player start with and be given on reset if bResetPointsOnDeath is set to True. Default is 100
MaxUpgrades The max number of upgrades to make to a given weapon. Most weapons typically have up to 5 upgrades allowed at once in loadout. Default is 4.
NewWeaponMsg Message to print to player when new weapon is given. Default is: "New Weapon Gained"

Message to print to player when explosive is given. Default is: "Explosive Gained"


Message to print to player when Fire Support is given. Default is: "Fire Support Unlocked"


Message to print to player when second primary slot is earned. Default is: "Scavenge Slot Unlocked"


If set to True this will print the players score to the text channel on every change. Default is False.
bResetPointsOnReset If set this will reset point to StartingPoints on round over. Default is True
VanillaFrags If set to true, this will disable the ability to equip the high damage explosives and only allows the vanilla ones. The rewarded explosives will also be vanilla. They will still show up in the loadout menu, but unequipable. Default is False.

Mag Grab Crate Config Variables


bDisableRespawnCrate If set to true, then the player will not be respawned at mag grab crates in Survival. Default is false
MagGrabLimit Maximum number of mag grab crates to allow to be spawned at a time. Once this is hit, the oldest will be destroyed. Default is 3.
SpawnAtObjectiveTime How long the players will be respawned at the last objective before spawning at crates. Default is 25.0 seconds.
NumSpawnsBeforeRandom How many spawns at the last placed crate before randomly picking a crate to respawn at. Default is 1.

General Settings Overridden


bUseBotAdjustments If set to True, then the below bot count values will override the game settings set under the Checkpoint or Survival headers in your game.ini. This allows for a unique bot count when using GunFrenzy in checkpoint or survival, while keeping normal bot counts without GunFrenzy. Default is False.
MinimumEnemies Number of bot when in single player.
MaximumEnemies Number of bots when at max players.
MinBotsPerCompletedObjective Number of bots to add per objective at minimum player count. This can be a fraction so 0.5 would add 1 bot every two objectives. This override is only for GunFrenzy and will not affect vanilla. Default is 0.
MaxBotsPerCompletedObjective Number of bots to add per objective at maximum player count. This can be a fraction so 0.5 would add 1 bot every two objectives. This override is only for GunFrenzy and will not affect vanilla. Default is 1.
Difficulty Player health and speed override for easier gameplay. Set accordingly: 0 - 1.25x speed and 200 health. 1 - 1.1x speed and 150 health. 2 - vanilla with nothing overridden. 2 is default
DroppedWeaponLifespan Overrides the default time in seconds a dropped gun will be on the ground for before being destroyed. This is solely for GunFrenzy mode to stop players from looting overpowered weapons. Default is 0.1
DroppedWeaponLifespanAfterUpgrade Dropped weapon lifespan in seconds when any player has unlocked the scavenge slot. This enables player to pick up weapons after having unlocked all weapons and have an extra slot for a scavenged weapon. Weapon lifespan is still kept short. Default is 10

Current Tiers:

Tier0 M24, Mosin, Tariq, Welrod, MR73
Tier1 PF940, M9, M1911, MR73, L105, M45, Browning, Makarov Deagle
Tier2 Sterling, Uzi, Grease Gun, MP7, MP5A2, MP5A5, P90, Vector, ASVAL
Tier3 TOZ, M870, KSG, KS23
Tier4 SKS, M16A4, SVD, M16A2, M110, M1Garand
Tier5 G36K, M4A1, VHS, QBZ03, QBZ95, Famas, QBZ95, GalilSAR, Galil, L85A2, AK74, AKS74u, QTS11, M249, MK18, AUG
Tier6 PKM, MG3, AKM, M240, AKAlpha, G3, HoneyBadger, MK17, Tavor, ACE52, MK14, Fal

For respawns in Survival see Survival Wave Enabling.
For alternate bot spawning scheme for lower player count and round progress see Scale Survival
For alternate feel see FortuneSoldier, which is this but where supply gain is used so that players can choose all of their upgrades and weapons as they go.

Advanced Control

Those looking for more control or debugging can use the following config values for additional control.

Additional Settings


bDisableForegrips If set to True, this will pull all foregrips from the rotation. Foregrips require a respawn of the weapon. This is only for servers. Default is False.
MinSecondaryMag Minimum mags to give for secondary weapons on magazine upgrade awarded. Default is 2
MinPrimaryMag Minimum mags to give for primary weapons on magazine upgrade awarded. Default is 1
DrumMagChance Chance of a drum mag to be chosen for a mag upgrade. Default is 0.2, so 20% of drum mag and 80% chance of extended mag.
QueueLoopTimer This is how often (in seconds) a players status will be checked to see if they're still busy and not ready for an upgrade. Default is 0.1. PlayerNotBusyLength will check for 40 times at 0.1second interval is player is busy. If not busy for the 40 checks, then the upgrade/weapon will be awarded.
PlayerNotBusyLength This controls how long to wait while player is not reloading, shooting, or ADS before giving upgrade. Default is 40, which corresponds to ~4 seconds.
PointShootingChance Additional control to make point shooting more or less likely compared to optics. This is the probability of always choosing laser point shooting, if the upgrade slot is chosen and laser/optic have not already been equipped. Default is 0.6, which makes it reasonably likely when compared to optics. Reduce for less likely and increase for more.
bPrintUgprades If set to True, this will print the name of the upgrade awarded to the players screen. Default is false.
bUseSurvivalSettings If true, then the following bold settings will be used instead of the default ones above for Survival Mode. These are the same settings as described above, but with Survival added to the end. bResetUpgradesOnDeathSurvival
DisableResupplyTime This sets the amount of time to force player to be re-given the same weapons at start. This stops players from resupplying until they get their favorite weapons. Default is 45.
ReduceMagCount When awarding new weapons this can be adjusted to reduce the number of mags a player by default gets. Default is 1, which corresponds to the number a player should hold with the carriers allowed.

Future Improvements:

  • Artillery upgrades are excluded for servers and local play for primaries, which are buggy in editor due to spawning them causing multiple issues.

Appreciate my work and want to donate or have a mod made? See my profile. If leaving a comment regarding bugs or feedback go ahead and tag me so I get a notification.










































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