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HealthRegen for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Configurable delayed health regeneration after taking damage or by taking objectives.

Mutator should work with all gamemodes and can be configured separately for each

Timer Regeneration

Every configured timer loop, players that haven't been damaged for the configured amount of time can be restored a specified amount of health. This is looped until the player has full health. Taking more damage will reset the delay.

You can also regen players up to a limit instead of full health.

Can be disabled if you just want Objective regeneration.

Objective Regeneration

Adds a configured percentage of health back to the player after an objective has been completed and the next objective is active. Can additionally be configured to heal at the start of counter attacks or at the start of the final objective counter attack for checkpoint.

You can also heal players up to a limit with some config combinations.

Can be disabled if you just want timer regeneration.



Goes into your server's \sandstorm_server\Insurgency\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\Game.ini

(Or for localplay) %localappdata%\Insurgency\Saved\Config\WindowsClient\Game.ini

Config= is an array so you can have more than one entry with different settings.

(Mutator="",Scenario="",GameMode="") let's you pick the config depending on which ever of these matches first. Mutator matches are searched first, then scenario then gamemode, only the first match is loaded. Mutator won't do anything if there are no matches.

Gamemodes for matching:

INSCheckpointGameMode INSCheckpointHardcoreGameMode INSOutpostGameMode INSSurvivalGameMode INSPushGameMode INSFrontlineGameMode INSSkirmishGameMode INSFirefightGameMode INSTeamDeathmatchGameMode

Mutator config;

So I cannot actually paste the full line with all the characters on modio because it is more than 200 characters, full checkpoint config line is here

Below are some examples though.




Inside the Config=(). Defaults are shown.

Mutator="" Config is loaded if this matches

Scenario="" Config is loaded if this matches

GameMode="" Config is loaded if this matches

RegenATeam=False Enables timer looped health regeneration for the attacking team.

RegenDTeam=False Enables timer looped health regeneration for the defending team.

(Setting RegenATeam=False and RegenDTeam=False will disable the Timer Regeneration part of the mutator.)

RegenLoopTime=1.0 (Seconds) How often all valid players are checked and healed

RegenDelayTime=5.0 (Seconds) How long of a delay there is before healing after taking damage

RegenHealthAmount=10.0 How much healing to give every loop to valid players. Normal players have max 100

RegenHealthLimit=1.0 Range 0 --> 1.0 X Max health (normally 100). Regenerates health up to this amount.

ObjATeam=False Enable objective healing for the attacking team.

ObjDTeam=False Enable objective healing for the defending team.

(Setting ObjATeam=False and ObjDTeam=False will disable the Objective Regeneration part of the mutator.)

ObjHealStart=0.2 X Max health (is normally 100) to restore for the player. Triggered at the start of counter attacks if ObjHealMode=2

ObjHealEnd=1.0 X Max health (is normally 100) to restore for the player. Triggered after finishing counter attacks, caches or objective captures with no counters.

ObjHealFinalObj=1.0 X Max health (is normally 100) to restore for the player. Triggered for the final defend in Checkpoint if ObjHealMode=1 or 2

ObjHealLimit=1.0 X Max health. Upper heal limit. ( You can do different functionality with this. For example, if you set all the Heal values to 1.0 and this to 0.2, then all players will be healed up to 20% if their health is lower than that.)

ObjHealMode=1 Can be 0 or 1 or 2. See ObjHealStart and ObjHealFinalObj above. 0 does ObjHealEnd only.

Additional configs, outside Config=(). Defaults are shown.

RegenGrunt=True Optional grunt from the player when they start healing.
RegenOverlay=True Optional subtle flashing effect when timer healing.
ObjShowInChat=True False will hide objective heal you CURRENT HEALTH/MAX HEALTH messages in chat.

InitDelay=2.0 Delay before init to allow assets to load. Default should be fine.
Debug=0 (0 or 1 or 2 or 3); 0 does nothing. 1 will show the loaded config in the game chatbox when round starts or if there are no config entries at all. 2 is the same but also shows if the are no config matches (but there were at least some). 3 is the same but also shows the gamemode and mutator classes in chat when the gamemode starts.




















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MNSTR @mnstr

Can we get a config option to show current/max health all the time sort of like obj heal but instead it's more like a UI health bar

Wildcard24 @wildcard24

Pastebin doesn't work post some Config Files or Use Drop Box!

allycat3372 @allycat3372

hello, would you like to show me the source code of the mod? I would like to produce some mods but I don't have in mind how to do it, and what do you plan with?

tkullberg @tkullberg1

Can someone post the configfiles? Cant get into the site.

Pakoslav @pakoslav

Is it possible for this to regenerate health up to n*max health? Like 2.0 or 5.0?

We are looking to create a better coop experience with bots that react quick and actually hit by allowing the players to survive a substantial beating if they take cover in time. We are using DoublePlayerHealth mutator, but 2x is not enough with the AI we play with :D

SVpenthopia @svpenthopia

Hi, does it works with ImprovedAI mod?

RareK @rarek

It does, why wouldn't it.

Lipe123 @na2207282

Can't seem to get it to work with survival mode, the debug message shows up that its loaded but no regen happens.
Any ideas?

RareK @rarek

The player team is the defender (D) team in INSSurvivalGameMode
I had to make an update for objective regen to work with INSSurvivalGameMode, because the defending team is capturing the objectives. ObjDTeam=True
Timer Regeneration was working, make sure your using RegenDTeam=True

Lipe123 @na2207282

Lmao so I was healing the enemies all along :(
Thanks bro!

DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

If i understood it properly
This means when you took damage and if 10s passed with no more damage
you get healed(whether immediately? or slowly?) for amount of 100hp
in Hardcore CP. Is that right? I don't know if mine is right
(but i can see "config is loaded" log) but it seems to
doesn't work. when i get damaged and screen got bloody screen doesn't
recover how long time passes. And it seems i still have low HP
judging by getting additional test shots after.

DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

Now it's working! thank you for all your works!!!

-[U|S|A]-WilliamF @usa-williamf

Hi DarkGhost7, do you mind share me the setting you use for this mod? I had the same issue that it says config is loaded but not healing after I take damage.

DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

sry,.. now i've seen it.. I did it as the post.
and RareK patched the problem. that's all

RareK @rarek

Give the new update a go, I used the wrong variables in a branch, so Timer regen wasn't working without objective regen.

ijam_j @ijam-j

Does this plugin worked anymore? Doesnt work on my server.

KennyLuo @kennyluo

Can I use 'ReganShowInChat=True' to show CURRENT HEALTH/MAX HEALTH messages for timer Regeneration in chat?

KennyLuo @kennyluo

Or show CURRENT HEALTH when the player is checking his ammo left in the magazine?

RareK @rarek

I'd have to make an update to add both, but RegenShowInChat would fill the entire chat log though.

bahzooga @bahzooga

Nice feature, for Hardcore in particular :)