Insurgency: Sandstorm

Highlands for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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A snow map set in a beautiful, picturesque valley located up in the Afghan mountains. On one side of the valley is a small, quaint village with a scenic frozen lake. The other side of the valley features a shanty town compromised of mainly shacks using materials from the local scrap yard. Separating the two areas is a small forest which local insurgents have been hiding out in. They've built up fortifications using stolen equipment and have been terrorising the local villagers, blocking off any escape access and have even shot down a Security helicopter patrolling the area - its crash site located within the woods.

Security forces have finally made the call to step in and have already broke through the insurgents first line of defense in the surrounding perimeter of the shanty town. It's now your job to finish the fight.

Scenario Names:

  • Scenario_Highlands_Push_Security
  • Scenario_Highlands_Push_Insurgents
  • Scenario_Highlands_Checkpoint_Security (Now with hardcore)
  • Scenario_Highlands_Checkpoint_Insurgents (Now with hardcore)
  • Scenario_Highlands_TDM_EAST
  • Scenario_Highlands_Domination

Lighting Scenario names:

  • Day
  • Night

When opening the map in local play using console commands, enter:

open Highlands?Scenario= Scenario Name ?

Don't forget the question mark!

If its a multiplayer PVP mode and you want to add bots add


after the scenario, for example:

open Highlands?Scenario=Scenario_Highlands_Push_Insurgents?Bbots=1

For checkpoint hardcore, add the mode string at the end. For example:

Open Highlands?Scenario=Scenario_Highlands_Checkpoint_Security?mode=CheckpointHardcore

New to 1.7 Nightfall update is specifying the lighting scenario in your open command, for example:

open Highlands?Scenario=Scenario_Highlands_Checkpoint_Security?lighting=night?

You can set this to either day or night, however if you don't include it, by default it should set to day.


- Some areas are a little barren and could do with more graphical polish (The whole map is very work-in-progress)

- Checkpoint Insurgents/Security
-- There are no restricted zones to stop players from running to enemy spawns.

What to expect in future updates:
-Team Deathmatch (2 Scenarios, 1 currently done)

Have fun, please let me know if you run into any issues/have any suggestions! :)

NOTE: This is a WIP, essentially a 'Beta'. There will be issues!

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Most recent Changelog: (You can see each individual changelog in detail by clicking the document icon next to the specific update below)

Hey guys!

This will probably be the last Highlands update for the next few months as I want to shift all focus on my mapping competition entry so I can hopefully create an amazing map you will all love and enjoy.

I am still not 'done' with Highlands by any means, I still plan to incorporate more modes and overhaul/change areas I am not happy with as well as changes according to community feedback in the future. However as of now the project will be put on hold, only being updated for quick hotfixes if required.

That being said, today's update is a decently large one:

Highlands Update 0.5

+Added Domination scenario (Scenario_Highlands_Domination)
--This takes place in the village with the ice lake and the edge of the forest.
+Added Checkpoint Hardcore scenarios.

+Added a new small industrial area next to the hospital to fill the previously dead space, let me know what you think.
+Added a new cave/tunnel which connects the edge of the shanty town to the back of the raised area in the forest.
-Overhauled the sniper tower building in the shanty town, it's now larger and has more of a church type theme. The sniper tower is also more thicc!
-Overhauled and expanded some of the buildings in the village area.

-Tweaked skybox texture, now using a default unreal one.
-Tweaked Night lighting slightly.
+Added a couple more AI cover actors across the level.
+Added hundreds of soundscape triggers across the map so audio better reflects its environment.

-Misc changes
--Supply boxes are now linked to objectives and spawnzones in the checkpoint scenarios, meaning you have to capture the point for them to open, should be slightly harder :)
--Fixed a hilarious bug where a lot of the new shop building from last update was tied to the Checkpoint Security sublevel, meaning when playing on other modes, a lot of objects were completely invisible/missing.
--Detailed several more areas across the map.
--Smoothed terrain and navigation across several areas.
--Fixed many other minor bugs, I have either forgotten about or so tiny they're not worth mentioning :)

Thank you all for playing and giving your feedback on Highlands so far! I hope you'll continue to do so and look forward to my contest map entry. I will not disappoint.







filedata.9.zip576.1mb0.4 CLEAN SWEEP





filedata.4.zip547.68mb0.3 NIGHTFALL






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Ninj1stic @ninj1stic

Any plans for an update?

SVpenthopia @svpenthopia

Hi, could you please help to update the mod. After Sandstorm 1.11 update. There's bots spawn issue. Very very few bots spawn in every checkpoints.

Jackdamian @jackdamian

This deservers to be in the mapping contest. Would love to see this as an official map.

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

Thanks man that means a lot! I actually have my own map in the contest, it's called safehouse.

If you like it, please give it a thumbs up so hopefully I can make it into the finalists. :)

it's been a little battered sadly in the public voting phase despite having almost 100% positive comments and being one of the top daily downloaded for the past week so it is a little discouraging to see it receive quite some dislikes.

Rykers642 @rykers642

Hey Spartan, played this earlier and wanted to say thanks for your efforts making it and putting it on here for us to play. Really enjoyed it and I hope you continue your good work into the future. Cheers.

elMEatPuppet @elmeatpuppet

in checkpoint security when you first start out if you dont go through 1st building sound enviroment does not start until alpha point. great map edit: 2nd time around not initial start

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

Thanks for the report. I shall look into this.

=[AD]=AlphaDogs @dogmanbytes

The Alpha Dog group want to express there appreciation for all the work you put in to you map designs and making a quality map!

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

Thank you so much! I'd love to hop on the server sometime :)

[REDi]1RMAJPolTuurd @redi1rmajpoltuurd

great work mate we all enjoy this map

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

New big update just went live, with the upcoming competition this will probably be the last update in a while. Please read the patch notes for more information :)

Thanks all for playing and giving feedback so far, it really means a lot!

B4NDO @b4ndo

hi spartan , yeah that did the trick all fixed :) thanks, good work mate we all love the map

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

Thank you!

B4NDO @b4ndo

all good works a treat :) the only thing ive noticed but its really not an issue is the whole scenario name is shown on the mapvote screen Scenario_Highlands_Checkpoint_Security like this. but im not sure if thats how ive set it up the maplist

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

Should be fixed now! Thanks for letting me know.

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

It shouldn't do. I'll take a look thanks as it's most likely to do with my scenario setup.
It should just say "Highlands Checkpoint Security"

B4NDO @b4ndo

hi spartan the mapvote images for day and night dont show up like they used to on our server. not sure if there is anything else i need to do i added the _ addition, the map works fine apart from that, this is how the script looks with just the underscore addition


SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

Put out a hotfix, should now work.

...Hopefully! :D

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

No sorry this is on me. I believe they’ve changed how the setup for them works compared to last time. So I need to figure out how to do it again. Thanks for reporting, will hopefully hotfix soon. Sorry for any inconvenience.

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

Finally managed to update. Not sure why I was having issues uploading to modio. But seems to be okay now. Please let me know if you run into issues.

NOTE: Scenario ID's have slightly changed, if you have any left over from previous mod.txt's these will need editing to include an underscore between the mode and side (like the official ones). They have been updated above, feel free to directly copy them from there.

[AR]Xn0r @arxn0r

Working great on my server/client. Nice map!