Insurgency: Sandstorm

Highlands for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by SpartanViperz (mod ID: 100082)


A snow map set in a beautiful, picturesque valley located up in the Afghan mountains. On one side of the valley is a small, quaint village with a scenic frozen lake. The other side of the valley features a shanty town compromised of mainly shacks using materials from the local scrap yard. Separating the two areas is a small forest which local insurgents have been hiding out in. They've built up fortifications using stolen equipment and have been terrorising the local villagers, blocking off any escape access and have even shot down a Security helicopter patrolling the area - its crash site located within the woods.

Security forces have finally made the call to step in and have already broke through the insurgents first line of defense in the surrounding perimeter of the shanty town. It's now your job to finish the fight.

Scenario Names:

  • Scenario_Highlands_PushSecurity
  • Scenario_Highlands_PushInsurgents
  • Scenario_Highlands_CheckpointSecurity
  • Scenario_Highlands_CheckpointInsurgents
  • Scenario_Highlands_TDM_EAST

Lighting Scenario names:

  • Day
  • Night

When opening the map in local play using console commands, enter:

open Highlands?Scenario= Scenario Name ?

Don't forget the question mark!

If its a multiplayer PVP mode and you want to add bots add


after the scenario, for example:

open Highlands?Scenario=Scenario_Highlands_PushInsurgents?Bbots=1

New to 1.7 Nightfall update is specifying the lighting scenario in your open command, for example:

open Highlands?Scenario=Scenario_Highlands_CheckpointSecurity?lighting=night?

You can set this to either day or night, however if you don't include it, by default it should set to day.


- Some areas are a little barren and could do with more graphical polish (The whole map is very work-in-progress)

- Checkpoint Insurgents/Security
-- There are no restricted zones to stop players from running to enemy spawns.
-- The supply crates aren't currently linked to objectives. So are always active.
-- Bots spawn on the roof of the E objective (CheckpointSec). Will look at this ASAP
-- Bots not present on final counter attack? Saw this on a video. Doesn't seem to be happening in editor. Will have to look into this! Sorry for inconvenience.

What to expect in future updates:
-Hardcore Checkpoint scenarios.
-Domination (2 Scenarios)
-Team Deathmatch (2 Scenarios)

Have fun, please let me know if you run into any issues/have any suggestions! :)

NOTE: This is a WIP, essentially a 'Beta'. There will be issues!

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Most recent Changelog: (You can see each individual changelog in detail by clicking the document icon next to the specific update below)

Sorry for the delay in update to 1.7. Had some IRL things I had to sort out and was midway through developing a larger update but had to fix it up and push it out now as I still want this map to be active and for people not to think its dead. :D

Thanks to all those who reached out asking if I was going to update, it means a lot!


Highlands Update 0.3

- Updated to be supported on 1.7

+Completely revamped some areas of the shanty town to appear more "lived in" and more like a favella. It should now make more sense aesthetically and play a little better. (No tiny annoying angles created by the metal shack walls)

THIS IS AN ONGOING PROCESS and is not complete for a large section of the shanty town, especially near the river. This will come in future updates and was planned all to release as one large update like I was talking about earlier but I need to get this one released! :)

+Added support for a Team deathmatch scenario (Highlands_TDM_EAST) centered around the shanty town, should also help to showcase the new areas.

+Added new points of interest.
--A few new and changed buildings in the shanty town.
--Overgrown church ruins on the edge of the forest/shanty town.
--A new basement in the last objective building of the checkpoint security scenario (Tideway inspired me and I really like it)

+Added support for night lighting scenario, this is the first iteration of night lighting and will be severely iterated on till I get it how I like it. It might be a little bright at the moment.

-Checkpoint Security
--A objective moved further into the shanty town to show off the new area. Let me know how you like it.
--B objective also moved to the new church ruins to show off that new area. I really like this change, let me know if you do too!
--The last objective building has also received a entirely new basement as well as different outside routes to access it. its cap area has also shifted to accomadate this change.

-Misc changes
--Added more grass sprites in and around the woods as the forest floor felt a little bare before.
--Added more soundscapes so audio better reflects its environment (still a WIP and missing from some areas)
--Added scatter rock meshes to some areas of the map.
--Smoothed terrain in several areas.
--Several other minor changes not worth mentioning individually / I forgot :P

Highlands Update 0.3.1

Quick little hotfix.

-Added Day/Night loading screens.
-Added Day/Night scenario images.



filedata.4.zip547.68mb0.3 NIGHTFALL






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TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

One of the best maps in the game we love it on the COOP server

B4NDO @b4ndo


after fiddling about with it i got it working in mapcycle.txt and showing the day and night selection in the vote screen.

hi rover yes thats the right one

Rover_Oceania_Admin @rover-oceania-admin

try correct format

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

Yeah THX, real live first => great job

[BG]Nomy61 @bgnomy61

thx for the update

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

No worries, let me know if you run into any issues :)

AlphaDogs @dogmanbytes

what the coop Scenario Names: for night and day?

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

The scenarios haven't changed you just need to specify lighting on the end of the travel/open command or alter it in your mods.txt


travel Highlands?Scenario=Scenario_Highlands_CheckpointInsurgents?lighting=night

You can of course switch night to day, I think if you leave the lighting command out. it's default set at day anyway.

AlphaDogs @dogmanbytes

Thanks this is how i have it and it works (Scenario="Scenario_Highlands_CheckpointInsurgents"?lighting="Night") good map, also can you make a night pic for night Highlands? the in game menu so we know if its day or night? Thanks again

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

Yeah, working on that as we speak! Should hotfix either later or tomorrow. :)

Swagger200 @swagger200

Needs an update to work after 1.7 update. Look forward to playing this again.

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

Yeah definitely by next week, sorry some IRL stuff is kind of occupying my time currently. Fairly large update coming though :)

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

We are running it on the coop custom maps server we have a large community of several thousand members if anyone ever wants to squad up!

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

Edit update: I got the map working on the server, and voting list (sans thumbnail but thats ok) I could not get it to load as the first map in the list showing in the server browser however, but thats not a big deal really. Thank you!


neither of these are working for some reason on my server

but also, i loaded in with the map anyway, and got error loading game assets errror

but i placed my files correctly in mods/modio/100082

so confused

Also its not showing up in the MapCycle for the voting at the end of the match, I thought I typed things correctly, but maybe not, what should I put?

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

Forgive me as I don't know much of the server related stuff.

I normally get people to test it for working on servers (I just load/test the map in local play) and when putting out the recent update everything worked fine for servers according to the server admins I speak with.

Though I believe the travel command in your rcon should just be:

travelscenario Scenario_Highlands_CheckpointSecurity

I don't think you need to define the map first.

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

(Scenario = "Scenario_Highlands_Checkpoint_Security",Mode="Checkpoint")

I have this for my map cycle file. But its not showing up in the voting list. Hmm...
Not sure why its giving the game assets error either. :(

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

update for anyone wondering I was able to fix the map not showing in vote list on my server by removing the underscore, thats my bad, I didnt realize... so it should say Scenario_Highlands_CheckpointSecurity in MapCycle

-Zhourias- @zhourias

Im not quite sure but i think the map is not working for my server, when loading in i get the error error loading game assets

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

Sounds like you mistyped the scenario input. What are you entering exactly?

bahzooga @bahzooga

Insurgents E - entire tree trunks INSIDE? rofl

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

Yeah, they're rather chopped pieces of logs than tree trunks. However, if you think that it looks out of place I can switch it for something else. :)

bahzooga @bahzooga

yeah, man, you know what I mean. It´s really nothing of importance on an in any other aspect really great map, but we found it hilarious to imagine some poor workers pulling the trunks in there somehow ... :D

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

lol yeah, I guess it might make more sense to change it. :D