Insurgency: Sandstorm

Infected for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by DFS_Compad (mod ID: 1209505)


Early Access

1 or 2 players are needed to start the game.
Only then one player changes to the other team and the changed player is infected.
The infected player must try to infect the other players as well.

Now there is a new game mode in the map and it is called extraction. In the future we need to extract the VIP to a certain point.

Day or Night version available
Mapname: Power

For 1 player start:
start: -ModDownloadTravelTo=Power?Scenario=Scenario_Power_Infected_2?Lighting=Day
MapCycle.txt: (Scenario="Scenario_Power_Infected_2",Lighting="Day")

For 2 player start:
start: -ModDownloadTravelTo=Power?Scenario=Scenario_Power_Infected?Lighting=Day
MapCycle.txt: (Scenario="Scenario_Power_Infected",Lighting="Day")

For Extraction start:
start: -ModDownloadTravelTo=Power?Scenario=Scenario_Power_Extraction_Security?Lighting=Day
MapCycle.txt: (Scenario="Scenario_Power_Extraction_Security",Lighting="Day")



filedata.11.zip131.32mbBetter night lighting


filedata.9.zip114.04mbMore Points


filedata.7.zip114.04mbSingle Player

filedata.6.zip114.04mbMissing floors inserted

filedata.5.zip110.75mbMore buildings and better night

filedata.4.zip78.03mbUpdate Hud

filedata.3.zip73.38mbFine tunning


filedata.1.zip33.8mbEvery time I forget to do the same

filedata.zip33.79mbEarly Access


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