Insurgency: Sandstorm

INS Theater (1.0.4c) for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by Circleus (mod ID: 137263)


NOTE: This mutator isn't really for public use. It's for my own server.

This mutator only works for the normal checkpoint. It's a custom theater for my server. You can try it out on your server if you want.
The goal of this mutator is to try to make a similar theater I have for the old insurgency server.

My server:

Mutator name:
- INSTheater

Custom Player Class

Signaller class (Removed)
This class have same gear and weapon as rifleman but has a special smoke grenade. When it uses, it can respawn all teammates after 10 seconds.
This class is removed due to unable to respawn players without enabling cheat on the server.

VIP class
The VIP class is basically a class with no primary at all but has access to all pistols. It also has access to the VIP carrier that let the VIP carries 2 secondaries. The goal of the VIP is to stay alive and capture the objective. Each time the VIP capture an objective, the entire team will reward 1 supply point. If the VIP dies, the enemies will respawn.

Recon class
Recon class will have access to 2 special radios. When recon class alive, it will tell how many enemies are alive. It will show up in a special HUD. It depends on what kind of radio the recon class equips. Self radio will only show the enemies count for himself. The team radio will show the enemies count for everyone in their HUD.

Supplier class (Not yet implant)
Let teammates interact with the supplier class to get mags for their weapons. The supplier class will carry special backpacks. Depends on the backpack type, there is a limit of how many mags the players can get from his backpack. Upon resupply, the supplier backpack will restock.

Medic class (Not yet implant and might not implant)
This class will allow the player to drag the unconscious player's body and revive them. (Unconscious system will be implanted. When a player unconscious, their input will be limit. Which means they can still move their mouse and look around but unable to move their character. There will be X amount of seconds to revive before it get shot and die or run out of time and die).
The medic class will have access to the medical backpack. The medical backpack has a limit of supply. It will have X amount of supplies to revive X amount of player. It will restock when resupply.

Custom Weapon Upgrades

- Tactical Sling: Available to all primary. Reduce 40% of duration when switching to the primary.
- Fast Hand: Available to all explosives. Reduce 40% of duration when switching to the explosive.
- Long Barrel: Added long barrel back which was disabled in the game.

Custom Weapons/Gears/Accessories

- Grenade M18 Special: Only for signaller class to respawn teammates
- VIP Light and Heavy Carrier: 2 secondary slots (Only VIP)
- Tactical Carrier: Cost 4 supply points but able to carry more magazines
- Intel Radio: Show the current alive enemies to the person who equips it (Only Recon)
- Intel Radio (Team): Show the current alive enemies to everyone in the team (Only Recon)
- Military Thermal: A thermal goggles for insurgent
- SOF Thermal: A thermal goggle for security

















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DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

i like this mod, N1

Circleus @circleus

Not really
A lot of stuff is broken and it needs fix

BioRage @biorage

Ohh, I like this! Be cool on Hardcore too. :)

[3lNP]ElNecrofilico @3lnpelnecrofilico

what does it do

Circleus @circleus

It removes all ur theater mods and replace it with mine.
And this is for my server so its not really for public use. It just I have to upload it here to have it running in my server.

SoB|Pablostinoz @pablostinoz

What is the IP of ur server?

Circleus @circleus

It is in the description the website link

-Zhourias- @zhourias

is this a culmination of all your current mods?

Circleus @circleus

This is something else