Insurgency: Sandstorm

IRCA Snow Map 0.0.16 for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by a7med9870 (mod ID: 99441)


Edit 4 : There will be an update coming sometime in 2 weeks to plan , but it will take a while as i am making the map not flat anymore and reworking every gamemode for it

Supported Gamemodes (Day/Night)
Checkpoint Security
Checkpoint Insurgents
Outpost Insurgents
Outpost Security
Map Name:
Scenario_Checkpoint_IRCA_Insurgents {Not recommended at the moment since there are some problems were there is no buildings and that i have to fix to make it enjoyable}
Scenario_Checkpoint_IRCA_InsurgentsNight {^^}
Scenario_IRCA_SEC_Outpost {Currently broken , it will be fixed on the next patch}
Next Updates plan
Hot fix for Insurgents checkpoint with more imporvements to the layout of the map , the hot fix is estimated to come on 10th of May
EDIT ONE , about the Hotfix , it got delayed to unknown due some issuse with something that will affect the perfomance very hard imo , until i find the issue and fix it i will upload the fix
EDIT TWO , there was going to an a major update coming on less than two days , but reclently i got my map file corrupted and most of the porgrass are lost for about 12 days , and now i am gonna need 10 days to rework all that to make sure that the map is ready for nightfall update on jun 16th , i cant say it 100% coming at that time and i am sorry to dely the update even father
More small deatils

Known Issues:
Broken minimap.
Black boxs {sometimes blue}
No Restricted Zones
Dark areas
Empty Areas
Lighting isnt Correct
Not alot of AI covers {Means the AI isnt going to hide in sneaky spots or snipers will be effective}
Objectives are little bit for away
Must Buildings have the same color
Bulidings with no lights inside

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TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

Update, according to the map creator this map will not be recieving further updates.

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

We are testing this now (night version since the day time sunlight looks weird on the screen shots) on the coop servers. Excited to try! Looking forward to the next update!

oohhboy @oohhboy

A comment on Outpost Security. You might want to pick a more interesting/larger building. Also spawning is a bit messed up as all players get spawned on the middle boxes on the first floor.

a7med9870 @ahmed993250

thanks on you feedback , i am currently working on update from over 3 weeks now , it will add more areas to play with so i may add more than a single scenario for each faction on next update and change their picture so players can recognize the building they are going to defend on
about why they spawn on boxes , for some reason i couldn't set up normal spawns for the objective so the game would spawn them on the place of the objective icon , so on the next update the box icon for the objective are going to be moved little bit so they don't get stuck as you mention
i cant say when this update is gonna come out as i do have some issues with my PC at the moment that make the PC cant upload the update on the current moment


The truck you arrive in has road rage trying to get in front of the truck with the armory playing insurgents.
Playing Insurgents at cap A see a floating armory and a door below it nothing else, no building to enter.

a7med9870 @ahmed993250

Thinks for you feedback
i working on a hotfix that should come very soon to replace the buildings that were should be there on the flying cache {A} and B with C

G-Force49 @g-force49

I had a problem with Scenario_IRCA_SEC_Outpost. In the server browser my server's mode display as firefight and when I joined my server I got the message "Error Loading Gamemode Assets" I did not have this problem with Scenario_IRCA_INS_Outpost.
Scenario_IRCA_INS_OutpostNight or Scenario_IRCA_SEC_OutpostNight

a7med9870 @ahmed993250

Thanks for your feedback
i may did a miskate while importing the scenrio into the world settings that cosued the issue to happen i will recheck the gamemode to hopefully fix your issue

oohhboy @oohhboy

ikr it's a test :D

Two critical things that need to be done for COOP. Player respawns are not great, one dumps players on top of bot respawn lolrip. Another dumps players in open quite unprotected area. Need ammo crate with each objective. It is an otherwise playable and fun for early development with all the usual bot nav issues etc. Objective distance is fine btw.

It's staying of the server as it has potential. Looking forward to updates.

a7med9870 @ahmed993250

Thanks for the feedback , i will do a rework for the respawn very soon with the ammo crate ,but i may add one to two objectives after charile on Checkpoint Sec

oohhboy @oohhboy

Without basic updates like fixing spawn and added ammo crates I can't keep the map on server.

a7med9870 @ahmed993250

The update is out if you want to test it

a7med9870 @ahmed993250

Currently uploading update that should fix most of spawns with added supply points aswell Outpost

oohhboy @oohhboy

Ok, it's going back up and live on next server reset so you might hear something the day after tomorrow.

Is outpost what I think it is?

a7med9870 @ahmed993250

Yep its Outpost very simalr to the one from INS2014 but with some addtion of fire support and little more harder than 2014 in my opinon

Lyamc @lyamc

Message me on Steam when you get the TDM version and I'll stick it on my server to test

a7med9870 @ahmed993250

The TDM may come in 3 days not sure