Insurgency: Sandstorm

ISMC Project Binford Beta 3 for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by fdr0manowski (mod ID: 169475)




We're working making beta participation easier, but for right now, players & admins follow the instructions below.

PLAYERS do one of the following:

1. Join a server that is currently hosting the latest beta build - you will download the mod directly from them when you join. You can confirm you have the latest beta by going to your game installation folder, checking sandstorm/insurgency/mods/modio, and ensuring folder "169475" is there.

2. Download ISMC "Project Binford beta 3" mod at (we'll share the link when it's ready) and put folder "169475" in insurgencysandstorm/Mods/modio - overwrite anything it requests to overwrite. You do not need to uninstall the current launched version. I'm making up the file paths In order for the beta to install correctly, you will need to also delete folder "150867" from your modio folder. If you played during the alpha/preview, delete folder "654274" as well. Please also unsubscribe from all ISMC Content on - right now this can cause issues.

SERVER ADMINS - First, thanks for running ISMC on your server, and extra thanks for helping to test the beta! To run the ISMC Beta on your server, please follow all of the above instructions for PLAYERS. Also FYI: You can choose between two mutators right now - either ISMC_Casual or ISMC_Hardcore ISMC_Casual is: 1.5 PvE sprint speed (1.0 for PvP), 1 run speed, 300 health (100 for PvP), normal animations, no class restrictions. ISMC_Hardcore is: 1.5 PvE sprint speed (1.2 for PvP), 0.7 run speed, 250 health (80 for PvP), hardcore animations, restricted to 11 players max per server. We recommend setting bots to 0.3 or 0.4 to start, as they are considerably more difficult. Please use both ins and sec maps to play as BluFor and RedFor! You can run PvE or PvP, both should work. We recommend using 150-200 supply.










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Orange_Bear1 @orange-bear1

They went on to create another project. ismc doesn't seem to have any updates other than bug fixes.

Wildcard24 @wildcard24

Except ISMC has already said they dont even know what this "Project Is" so how can it be "Is A Official Beta". Think this was made by a fan thats not part of the ISMC team.

DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

Binford is no longer supported use ISMC guys

Mike26M4BHm8mDeGkG @mike26m4bhm8mdegkg

Anyone looking for a server with this mod you're welcome to try my server.

Server Discord: BcqvGgGsKB

Server IP:
PvE (EU):
PvP (EU):

PvE (US):
PvP (US):

MOsabbroxd @mosabbroxd

in my opinion......the old version was great and fun, i enjoyed play with bunch of mutators, and bunch of weapons as well as the cosmtics and the scopes and the AI difficulty (man they where launch rockets at your face all the time, and they dont stop calling fire support) but, this new update is just bad, and every thing i liked to play with is gone, and of corse, the bots are now soo dump.....i wiating the full release right i remembar, the developers said in the live stream that they will release the full version on 25th may, but they dont release it......maybe they working on it becuase they are fixing the problems, i dont know, i hope they are actually working on it.....its very sad to see this bugs in this great mod :(((

JasonHayes2 @jasonhayes2

have the full release happened yet? As I remember the dev said full launch will be on 25th May and don't really see an announcement about it.

GrooveTorped @groovetorped

Okay help me out, I'm new to this and somewhat confused. I got ISMC Legacy thinking it would add new firearms and cosmetics, but the legacy ISMC only adds firearms. So I thought that Binford added the cosmetics.

However here I am now reading that Binford isn't compatible with ISMC Legacy? Which ISMC "is" Binford compatible with then? Are there multiple "base" ISMC mods out there?

Mike26M4BHm8mDeGkG @mike26m4bhm8mdegkg

ISMC Binford does not work with other ISMC mods (as stated in the mod description) if you installed this one just add a mutator called "ISMC_Casual" or "ISMC_Hardcore" and remove any other ISMC mutators.

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

Also to add this mod is no longer needed as "ISMC_Casual" or "ISMC_Hardcore" are on the regular mod, just don't use the "ISMC_Legacy" mutator as that just adds the guns.

[YSNCO]inSanewich @ysncoinsanewich

Anyone else seeing issues with certain gear items not saving on loadouts? Mostly shemaghs, neck gaiters, and eye wear.

FR0Z3_N3.Polaris @fr0z3-n3polaris

Cannot equip Smokes while Playing as RedFor, Phantom Vest equipped during that time.

BestGhostHunter @bestghosthunter

5/2/2021 I am unable to get LocalPlay working with Project Binford, I've installed it via modio and that didn't work so now I'm remaking the folder with the .zip file provided. I hope it works for me if not here's my code I am using. Am I doing anything wrong? Open tell?scenario=Scenario_tell_Checkpoint_Security?lighting=day?Bbots=6?mutators=ISMCCasual,HCAnims,

This is what i type into the console after I launch a random Checkpoint map. Am I doing something wrong? Also im unsubscribed to all versions of ISMC besides Binford

Mike26M4BHm8mDeGkG @mike26m4bhm8mdegkg

ISMCCasual is incorrect, type ISMC_Casual

peterbienkowski @peterbienkowski

Hi all, Does the mod add any new weapons? I'm very new to the game, in the screenshot the operator has
a Sig Virtus but I can't find this ingame, is this progression unlock?

Nick0220 @nick0220

There's no progression unlock, i'm pretty sure you can find it in the "Team Leader" class or whatever it's called.

Nick0220 @nick0220

So, i'm trying to setup a deidcated server to play with friends, but when i launch the server with the mod installed it gives the following error: "Mutator path 'ISMC_Hardcore' is invalid ().". Am i missing something? Anyone knows how to fix this?

Mike26M4BHm8mDeGkG @mike26m4bhm8mdegkg

did you type "ModDownloadTravelTo=*scenario*" in the server command line?

Example: ModDownloadTravelTo:Farmhouse?Scenario=Scenario_Farmhouse_Checkpoint_Security

STRIKEXTV @dominik-weiss

mh will u fix the Lost Connection thing? would be nice keep it up best mod <3

GrumpyGrandpa @grumpygrandpa

Hey. Not gonna lie, this new beta "blufor" isn't good. I play on ISMC servers several times a week (including ISMC official, badassgamers EU, 57th squadron) for 2/3 months. ISMC LEGACY was the perfect thing that missed to Sandstorm, to fit the "botmassacre" from the 1st game.
Sadly with this update:
-All my guns presets are gone
-AKs are gone
-Mp7 is no longer a side arm
-Most gun in 7.62 (and some in 5.56) have lost magazine extension, and so, remain with 20 or now 25 rds
This is a real pain. So the question is: is this "blufor team bindford" beta going to be the new ISMC that will replace/erase Legacy armory? And does Legacy ISMC will still be available on servers?

miltonjackson @miltonjackson

How exactly to get this running on a Hardcore server? And are we able to adjust the values like speed/HP that you changend?