Insurgency: Sandstorm

ISMC Project Binford Beta 3 for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by fdr0manowski (mod ID: 169475)




We're working making beta participation easier, but for right now, players & admins follow the instructions below.

PLAYERS do one of the following:

1. Join a server that is currently hosting the latest beta build - you will download the mod directly from them when you join. You can confirm you have the latest beta by going to your game installation folder, checking sandstorm/insurgency/mods/modio, and ensuring folder "169475" is there.

2. Download ISMC "Project Binford beta 3" mod at (we'll share the link when it's ready) and put folder "169475" in insurgencysandstorm/Mods/modio - overwrite anything it requests to overwrite. You do not need to uninstall the current launched version. I'm making up the file paths In order for the beta to install correctly, you will need to also delete folder "150867" from your modio folder. If you played during the alpha/preview, delete folder "654274" as well. Please also unsubscribe from all ISMC Content on - right now this can cause issues.

SERVER ADMINS - First, thanks for running ISMC on your server, and extra thanks for helping to test the beta! To run the ISMC Beta on your server, please follow all of the above instructions for PLAYERS. Also FYI: You can choose between two mutators right now - either ISMC_Casual or ISMC_Hardcore ISMC_Casual is: 1.5 PvE sprint speed (1.0 for PvP), 1 run speed, 300 health (100 for PvP), normal animations, no class restrictions. ISMC_Hardcore is: 1.5 PvE sprint speed (1.2 for PvP), 0.7 run speed, 250 health (80 for PvP), hardcore animations, restricted to 11 players max per server. We recommend setting bots to 0.3 or 0.4 to start, as they are considerably more difficult. Please use both ins and sec maps to play as BluFor and RedFor! You can run PvE or PvP, both should work. We recommend using 150-200 supply.










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Lipe123 @na2207282

Love the update, it really makes things cleaner to have the "classes" to filter the guns with.

I notice a lot of guns that had extended mags before no longer has any option for those, is this by design or an oversight?
Things like the AK47s um, FAL
Also FAL used to have a bipods option that is no longer present.

The movement speed I struggle with, it feels like my character is a speedboat that can't change direction anymore. I get stuck trying to turn into doorways all the time. Is this normal?

Klonesoldaten @klonesoldaten

Oversight on the speed, should be fixed with today's hotfix! the mags are coming back, we're just figuring out how to make them "balanced" with the classes! Maybe some classes gets them, some dont?

Mike26M4BHm8mDeGkG @mike26m4bhm8mdegkg

In my opinion weapons with a high caliber bullet, lets say 7.62x39 and above should not have extended mags (except for Machinegunner) but should be the only ones to have Armor Piercing Ammo for a more immersive gameplay, because most of the time i feel like there is no point in using any other gun rather than a 5.56 because it doesnt have recoil and it drops enemies in 1-2 shots because of the AP ammo...

Lipe123 @na2207282

Nuu mo mags for everyone!! Oprah MAGS!!!

[KC]Ballistic650 @kcballistic650

I realized the extended mags are all gone now as well, getting use to it, but would be nice to see them come back in the next update. As for the movement speed and getting stuck on doors, I haven’t encountered that. I’m running the ISMC_Hardcore, maybe try that one if you are using the classic mutator.

Graczaj @graczaj

Hello i have a question about the mod, its really amaizing but i have saw some issues, esspecialy like kicking from the serwer, idk why but when i join the serwer every single time, i cant propatly play on any serwer with this mod even in offical, if you could concact me i will explain whats seems to be the problem and how probably fix it. Thank you for creating this stuff its really impresive, i cant wait to see finished mod :3

Affinity420 @affinity420

this is really good update thank you all the ISMC devs for working hard on the best sandstorm mod . the new cosmetics look really good but they are performance heavy. its still really great update gg

[KC]Ballistic650 @kcballistic650

After testing the mod out for a few hours, the only thing we noticed was that the armored vehicle (MRAP) spawns 50m or so ahead of where you actually call it in (happens about every other time). Also, when exiting the MRAP you can get stuck in the door for a bit, if exiting from the left side of the vehicle.
Love the new fire supports! Running a mechanized infantry OP is so much fun! My only suggestion would be to add a mounted M249 or some other belt fed machine gun to the top of the armored vehicle (50 cal might be too over powering). Thanks for all your hard work ISMC Squad!

=EBS=Peglegswansoon @ebspeglegswansoon

Really liking the look of the new features! Planning to try this out on my server soon. Would it be possible to get a mutator which gives 100 health in PvE in the furture, for those that want the immersion?

Klonesoldaten @klonesoldaten

for sure!

THELORAXISARMED @theloraxisarmed

to be honest this mod is sadly doing the job of the defs, they make new weapons, better equipment even new clothing.
i REALLY Love the work of you but sadly the community has to do this work.

Dolarhyde_89 @dolarhyde-89

I just want to praise the ISMC-team working on this mod. Listening to the community, and making a good game really great. The mod is running on my dedicated server. Check it out: - no password. Slow and tactical gameplay. Let`s go!

AssaultApe @assaultape

So Much love <3

Klonesoldaten @klonesoldaten

Thank you for the kind words<3

[KC]Ballistic650 @kcballistic650

Hands down the best mod for Insurgency Sandstorm.

=[AD]=AlphaDogs @dogmanbytes

Really like this mod but now sniper rifles are empty and will load ammo??

RyanXiao @ryanxiao

In the movie 《Black Hawk Down》,the DELTA FORCE use the Colt Model 727 Carbine and the Colt Model 733 Commando with the A2 style Rear sight,can you change the CAR15 14.5 inch and the CAR15 10.5 inch in ISMC MOD with the A2 style Rear sight?Please!

Klonesoldaten @klonesoldaten

sure, send me some refrence on what they should look like and Ill see what I can do!

huihuizz @huihuizz


panzerschr1600283576 @panzerschr1600283576

I manage to make it work, awesome work,especially the bombardments and the heavy deployables machine guns. Will it be possible to make a ISMCvehicles?To have 3 vehicles per team for example or perhaps (I dream) some new armoured vehicles ! For factions, I hope there will be ancient conflict like war of the gulf or perhaps ex -yugoslavia. If you do an Isis-like faction, it would be better to have terrorists with long beards, black uniforms and turbans, chest gear (see french serie on Daech "no man's land" pictures, I can't put links here ).

seansratigan @seansratigan

I love this mod so far.. I have 2 issues:
(1) There should be a way to disable Fire Support Indicators
(2) Any speed mutators I apply stop working on custom maps....

Any solutions?