Insurgency: Sandstorm

ISMC Resources for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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null_subject @null-subject

I appreciate the obvious hard work that is going into updating this. Is there any soft ETA as to when the full textures will be back online? I can see that the main mod has been updated to work with the latest version, and while I don't mind bugs, or missing features, I don't care to play with quarter res textures (5 GB is tiny anyway). In any case, keep it up—your work and dedication does not go unnoticed.

[EDIT] Typo.

RareK @rarek

I'll probably do an increase next update (03) as most issues are resolved for now, ETA maybe <30hours. Modio can be pretty unstable for a lot of people if your connection is slow and you need hours to download. So 5gb may be tiny for you but a headache for others. Even just for me, uploading it @ 5gb will take between 1-2 hours+ without issues.
I want to limit massive downloads like this to maybe at most 1 per week.

null_subject @null-subject

Sounds awesome, I'm looking forward to it! I definitely did not mean to imply circumstances can't be such that 5GB quickly turns into a headache. I am also new to, so I may be missing something obvious. I thought the textures could have been uploaded separately as an optional upgrade. In any case, I'm glad to hear the main mod is progressing rapidly!

DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

Thx but i wonder how did 4Gb of ISMC shrunk to 1Gb?
and why does it need to remain as other file not all together as 150867?

RareK @rarek

As mentioned while I sort out porting to 1.11 I've reduced texture sizes because there are bound to be re-downloads when I update. The files have been split so that blueprints and theater files can be updated independently and frequently without forcing a 5gb update.

E1xP @e1xp

Is this mod is trying to seprate the base resources that ismc base on incase the NWI change them in the future?

RareK @rarek

No, this is all of the meshes, textures and materials from ISMC. That way the the base mod's blueprints and data assets can be easily updated in <10mB