Insurgency: Sandstorm

Join Leave Message (v2.0.6) for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by Destinate (mod ID: 101966)


This mod is basically notifying the players in the chatbox when someone joins or leaves the game just like in the old insurgency. Sometimes you don't even know if you are playing alone or someone else just joins the game until you check your scoreboard. This will help you with that.

You will not able to see your own join and leave message. Only other people can so please don't say it broken when you can't see your own message.

Mutator Name:
- JoinLeaveMessage

Supported Mod:
- Advanced Chat

Using that mod, you can also change the color for join and leave message in the config.

Default Config for game.ini file:

;Enable or disable join message
;Message to appear when a player joins
JoinMessage=%name% has joined the game.

;Enable or disable leave message
;Message to appear when a player leaves
LeaveMessage=%name% has left the game.

The %name% in the configuration will be automatically replaced by the player name. You can put it anywhere in the message. It doesn't have to be in the front.

If you are experiencing some problems or some bugs, please report it and state the issue clearly so I can fix it.

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Helsing. @helsing4

On the Overview screen (TAB key, map) I see a strong flickering effect in the upper area (Scenario name, mutator list) when using this mod together with more than four other mutators. Win10 server.

[NLD]Dutchxarms @nlddutchxarms

Outdated doesnt work at least for me. together with ismcmod doesnt show loadout. greetings

Madmanio @madman26

Working like a charm on Linux - thanks m8!

[REDi]1RSGTMagnus7 @redi1rsgtmagnus7

Great job getting this updated for 1.7.1!

Rover_Redback_Admin @rover-redback-admin

sadly 1.7.1 has broken all custom maps/mods.
NWI are a mob of incompetent wankers

Facknrite @facknrite

Circleus is there a way to put some colors on those messages so they can get more noticeable?

Destinate @destinate

Updated the description. Please take a look.

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

If I want to not show a message when someone leaves, can I just delete that message there?

Destinate @destinate

Added an option to disable or enable it in the new version (v2.0.2)

G-Force49 @g-force49

Hi Circleus,
Would it be feasible to include a list of user supplied titles in
Examples of titles "Admin", "Moderator"
If user supplied titles is not doable then a set of predefined titles.

JoinMessage=%title% %name% has joined the game.
LeaveMessage=%title% %name% has left the game.

Then when a player joins or leaves it would state

Admin NameOfPlayer has joined the game.
Moderator NameOfPlayer1 has joined the game.

Admin NameOfPlayer has left the game.
Moderator NameOfPlayer1 has left the game.

I would like the title to be displayed for users who are designated with a title. A list of players would be supplied by the server admin in [/JoinLeaveMessage/Mutators/JoinLeaveMessage.JoinLeaveMessage_C] under their title
Something like this



kriansa @kriansa

Hi Circleus! I saw you refactored the whole thing. Is the welcome message for players already online on checkpoint mode fixed?

Destinate @destinate

It should in version 2.0.0 higher. I reworked the whole thing from scratch for version 2. I tested it with WintorOperator. The message will no longer spam and it will only show up once regardless of the rounds.

[3lNP]ElNecrofilico @3lnpelnecrofilico

Works like a charm only issue is that everytime you capture a checkpoint it says the name of the players that left and then entered while they are still in game.

Rover_Redback_Admin @rover-redback-admin

after deleting it for 37 days, tried it again... still has that same problem, so really is more annoying, so again removed should only show when a player joins the game, and when they leave, if there's an update, I might try it again.

[3lNP]ElNecrofilico @3lnpelnecrofilico

Try it again

laurieh-server-2 @laurieh-server-2

Am getting <my name> has joined
<my name> has left
during the game, multiple times.

james30263 @james30263

I'm having the same issue on the current version. Love the mutator but this needs to be fixed. Makes it very confusing at times.

Destinate @destinate

This is in the latest version? Did it happened before?

laurieh-server-2 @laurieh-server-2

This is the only version I have tried.
Will try again, today, to see if it is consistent.

OK, checked today, Monday 13 April, this issue is still there, which is very annoying, so much so that I will disable it. I had 20 players, all coming up at the same time as joining then leaving, the whole left side of my screen fills up.
I may be when players die then respawn... but only guessing.

[3INP]SouthernCross @3inpsoutherncross

Cool feature to think of is to see if its possible to expose a .cfg or .ini file that will allow us to modify the message by adding a prefix or suffix to the user;s name

Destinate @destinate

It is not possible to make our own .cfg file due to the blueprint limit in the mod. Also, what do you mean by adding prefix or suffix? As in an admin joins will get a prefix?

oohhboy @oohhboy

Any mod or mutator options goes into game.ini rather than in a separate config file as that would be really messy digging through the file system rather than a simple control F, that's why you can't make one.

Also mod is still "Broken" with it spamming chat.

[3INP]SouthernCross @3inpsoutherncross

As in customizing the message such that we can make it say whatever we would like. ex: Welcome $name to our server. We like cats.

Destinate @destinate

That configuration is available in the newer version (2.0.0 or higher)