Insurgency: Sandstorm

JunkYard for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by [HTP]Synthean13 (mod ID: 115402)


CQB in the JunkYard. Checkpoint_Security Only. 7 Objectives. Current Ver.1.4

This map will be updated with patches and fixes in the evenings, mostly weekends...EST, as I work full-time during the week. This is my first map, please leave feedback and criticisms or bring new ideas to better the map. I have never built a map before. However, have fun, a lot of hours went into this map, mostly because I didn't know what I was doing, especially with UE4. Enjoy the map!. I will try to limit the uploads for patches/fixes to only once a week to keep people from having to re-download everyday, unless immediate attention is needed to address a game breaking issue. Thanks for trying my map and look forward to meeting you in the JunkYard! - Syn13

V 1.3.2 *IMPORTANT* UPDATED MAP AND SCENARIO FILE NAMES: Map Name: JunkYard (formally JunkYard_Landscape) and Scenario Name: Scenario_JunkYard_Checkpoint_Security (formally had _Day or _Night at the end). Then add your mode for checkpoint or hardcore along with lighting=day or night for server txt commands.

V 1.4 Map update for 1.7.1 Insurgency Release and UE 4.25.

**Bold text has been UPDATED**


In Game Name: JunkYard

MAP: JunkYard





When testing map LOCAL PLAY use command:

For DAYTIME map:

travel junkyard?scenario=scenario_junkyard_checkpoint_security?lighting=day?


travel junkyard?scenario=scenario_junkyard_checkpoint_security?lighting=night?



travel junkyard?scenario=scenario_junkyard_checkpoint_security?Game=CheckpointHardcore?Lighting=Day

Night Time:

travel junkyard?scenario=scenario_junkyard_checkpoint_security?Game=CheckpointHardcore?Lighting=Night

These travel commands have been tested and verified to work.


(Thanks to TDSM) Server MapCycle.txt commands:






TDSM Step by Step guide for Manual Download of map:

<-- For This Tutorial it will be for Synthean13 - JunkYard Map >

1. GoTo:

2. Write down the Mod ID: 115402

3. Click down arrow in the cloud

4. Scroll down to " Releases " section and Hover on Trophy of

5. Bottom left copy the < ID: 149524 >

6. Go to your local Insuregency:Sandstorm location: Steam\steamapps\common\sandstorm\Insurgency\Mods\modio

7. Open folder 115402

8. Right click on State.json and open file in NotePad or NotePad++ (easier to read with this)

9. Scroll down to "modfile" section and under it you should see "iD": < old number >

10. Replace that number with the < 149524> from Step 5

11. Save it and close the file

12. Create a folder with the Step 5 number: < 149524 >

13. Move from downloads to that folder and right click and extract here option

14. Close everything else and launch Insurgency Sandstorm :D to play JunkYard without waiting for in game download :D *Remember the <149524>* number will change with each patch update.* (CURRENT IS <188562>)

**If you are subscribed to the mod, it will download upon you opening Insurgency Sandstorm Game in Steam.**


Please take the time and give feedback to improve the map play and map design. If you can, try to be specific/detailed with your feedback, so that I know what I'm looking for. I will read every suggestion. Thanks -Syn13














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Its_Time_To_Yiff_Som @its-time-to-yiff-som

i dont have folder 115402 in /Mods/modio

[BG]Nomy61 @bgnomy61

Has any1 got this awesome map to run on a linux server im pulling my hair out it run gr8 on our windows server thx

Rover_Redback_Admin @rover-redback-admin

Since 1.9 the building between "B" and "C" has no walls.

[HTP]Synthean13 @htp-synthean13

I'm aware of this issue, it will be fixed in the next update, however, I'm still dealing with textures issues since last update. Thank you for the feedback Rover! -Syn13

[BG]Nomy61 @bgnomy61

Thx for the update man

[BG]Nomy61 @bgnomy61

does not work on mine either ive tried it on a windows server but fps drops badly

[HTP]Synthean13 @htp-synthean13

Nomy, I currently can not make any changes to this map until NWI fixes the editor side of breaking textures and assests from outside the game. I haven't forgotten about this map! Thank you for feedback! -Syn13

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

Its not work for me on linux server. I try this command travel junkyard?scenario=scenario_junkyard_checkpoint_security?lighting=day? and i get error loading game mode. And no icon/thumbnail shows in the mapvoting.

[HTP]Synthean13 @htp-synthean13

If you downloaded the 1.5 update, delete the mod folder associated with Junkyard and re-download 1.4 version. NWI updated the editor which broke some of the assets I used in making this map. I'm also aware of the thumbnail problem, again, that came as a problem when they updated the editor. Sorry for the inconvenience, as really don't know what to do about these issues until a new update comes out for editor. -Syn13

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

I know the problem, its not your misstake. I like your map and keep up the good work.

[REDi]1RMAJPolTuurd @redi1rcaptpoltuurd

great map mate , could you give us some more cover at spawn as they come over the hill and kill us with mollies and greandes

[HTP]Synthean13 @htp-synthean13

At this time, if I update the map, the map will upload missing assets, until an update is released from NWI, I really don't have an option to update anything on the map right now, sorry. Check your server settings or game.ini file for AI wonder settings, maybe that would help them from pushing into spawn area.-Syn13

[REDi]1RMAJPolTuurd @redi1rcaptpoltuurd

all good mate just asking keep up the good work

[HTP]Synthean13 @htp-synthean13

I rolled back to 1.4 from 1.5 due to missing assets. -Syn13

Rover_Redback_Admin @rover-redback-admin

I don't know if it's only my servers, but the mapvoting thumbnail is faulty, just shows grey.

[HTP]Synthean13 @htp-synthean13

I'm aware of this issue since the last update, I'm not sure how to resolve, I have thumbnails in the right places to show up for voting and loading screens. When I find a solution, I'll update. Thank you for the feedback Rover! - Syn13

[BG]Nomy61 @bgnomy61

i just cant get get this map to show up on maplist to vote for (checkpointhardcore) im using correct line in the mapcycle (Scenario="Scenario_JunkYard_Checkpoint_Security",Mode="CheckpointHardcore",Lighting="Day")
but map does not show up .its in my modio folder and all files current ive even downloaded it and did manual extraction any idea guys ?? Server is Linux

Rover_Redback_Admin @rover-redback-admin

is it in your mods.txt file

[HTP]Synthean13 @htp-synthean13

Can someone help Nomy out, I don't know anything about Linux servers. Thank you. -Syn13

xcyber3000x @xcyber3000x

Crashing on my server and in Game serialization error

[HTP]Synthean13 @htp-synthean13

Maybe a bad download, delete the entire mod from server and re-download to see if there was a currupt packet, also delete mod from client side and re-download, good luck! -Syn13