Insurgency: Sandstorm

Somodag for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by JvP1603379209 (mod ID: 455703)


Update May 11 2021:

After a chat with Tisa that some players really missed the level I decided to make it available again.
It has not been updated since the 27th january contest deadline and it wont get any future updates.

As the 1st phase of the contest is done unfortunatly this map did not made it to the top 10. As they seem kept the voting system and this map simply did not got enough votes. I never was a fan of the voting system as its way to subjective. For most of the voted maps I can agree they made it to the 10 final maps. But for one or two maps i have my doubts. But from a level designers view there should have been judging from day 1 and not public voting.

I did not made use of the 1 time update your map after the first submit. In my opinion there was time enough to finish and polish your map in time. As I added almost all gamemodes and polished the map. To me it was contest ready. It was enough.

What to do next ?
I dont know.

As the fighting continues the Insurgents moved north to the town of Somodag in valley situated in the Northern Caucasus.
At first they got unnoticed in the large abandoned Brick Factory. But Securety forces got warned by locals.
For Insurgents its a matter of surviving and maintain a stronghold in this Land of the mountains in the turbulent North Caucasus.


When creating levels I like a realistic approach. Realistic architecture in the theme you chose. For this map I picked the Snowy North Caucasus. It often has a lot of similar buildings and not to complicated.
Another thing is that I try to avoid typical gameplay cover. In my opinion its cover which is placed in a position to improve gameplay but the position is not unrealistic. I added game play in the Z axis by
adding three storey buildings and buildings on higher positions. And added the deeper river canyon in the center. For variety I added the abandoned Soviet Era brick factory. I hope people will enjoy the map
in every mode they like and it would be cool if it makes it to matchmaking so I can try in PVP mode more often.


For performance I used the Insurgency Sandstorm Hillside level as comparison. As an example I compared the DrawPrimitive call on my level
with the Hillside level. And tried to optimize until they where the same.


I want to thank my fellow mappers for help and info about these details I overlook. Simple things you just not aware of.

Additional tip:

To play with insane bot experience.....
Read more here


The level has the following modes


Push Security
Push Insurgents
Team Deathmatch

Checkpoint Security
Checkpoint Insurgents

Checkpoint Security Hardcore
Checkpoint Insurgents Hardcore

To play local Checkpoint Security:
Local Play Day: Open Somodag?Scenario=Scenario_Somodag_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day
Local Play Night: Open Somodag?Scenario=Scenario_Somodag_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Night

To play local Checkpoint Insurgents:

Local Play Day: Open Somodag?Scenario=Scenario_Somodag_Checkpoint_Insurgents?Lighting=Day
Local Play Night: Open Somodag?Scenario=Scenario_Somodag_Checkpoint_Insurgents?Lighting=Night


Scenario: Scenario_Somodag_Push_Security

Local Play Day: Open Somodag?Scenario=Scenario_Somodag_Push_Security?Lighting=Day
Local Play Night: Open Somodag?Scenario=Scenario_Somodag_Push_Security?Lighting=Night

Scenario: Scenario_Somodag_Push_Insurgents

Local Play Day: Open Somodag?Scenario=Scenario_Somodag_Push_Insurgents?Lighting=Day
Local Play Night: Open Somodag?Scenario=Scenario_Somodag_Push_Insurgents?Lighting=Night

Scenario: Scenario_Somodag_Domination

Local Play Day: Open Somodag?Scenario=Scenario_Somodag_Domination?Lighting=Day
Local Play Night: Open Somodag?Scenario=Scenario_Somodag_Domination?Lighting=Night

Scenario: Scenario_Somodag_TDM

Local Play Day: Open Somodag?Scenario=Scenario_Somodag_Team_Deathmatch?Lighting=Day
Local Play Night: Open Somodag?Scenario=Scenario_Somodag_Team_Deathmatch?Lighting=Night


Local Play Day: Open Somodag?Scenario=Scenario_Somodag_Frontline?Lighting=Day
Local Play Night: Open Somodag?Scenario=Scenario_Somodag_Frontline?Lighting=Night




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MurderHorn1603659743 @murderhorn1603659743

We love this map. Thanks for making it available again.

[0]Whiskey @0whiskey

Thanks for resurrecting Somodag! Can't wait to play it again. :) Many thanks sir.

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

Thanks for bringing it back! Bummed there wont be any updates though, I was thinking Survival would be fun on this.

BANNEDBROTHER @bannedbrother

Mate, in fairness there are more than 10 user maps that could and should all be put into the main game including yours. We often play this on our server and rate it very highly. Do not get disheartened etc, this is a cracking map and we love playing it.

[REDi]1RMAJPolTuurd @redi1rcaptpoltuurd

great map mate well thought out and tough to beat

JvP1603379209 @jvp1603379209

Thanks for the heads up.

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

First run looks pretty good to the first point... Playing solo that was the best that I could do...Trying to run on a server, but keep getting "Error Loading Assets", I found out for some reason that if I use ISRT to change the map, I get the "Error Loading Assets", but if it is voted in, it works fine... Just an oddity... Have not fully tested, so will update when I get a couple of people to test it out. - If you have a specific format for command line or the Mapcycle, please post it.

Klian @klian

Hey man, maybe B4NDO could help. He found an issue with modio installing one of my updates, you can find the comment on my map page but I'll paste it here:

klian i see u crossed out both fast extensions in the list, does that mean you took them out? because both security and insurgents checkpoint are broke. screen is flashing and there is no spawn just round end screen after about 10 secs. ive taken the _FAST off the map scenario scripts and server wont even boot. we was running coop checkpoint security and insurgents both day. has it all changed?
***EDIT this has to be a modio corruption issue, deleted complete mods folder and redownloaded the lot which seemed to cure it. removed fast for now. will test it in a bit******

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

Finally got it to work... think the next revision did the trick. I picked up 3.2 and 3.5 came out later.. .3.5 worked.

JvP1603379209 @jvp1603379209

Well if you like the map spread the love.....Its to late to vote.....

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

I had already Voted for it... :)

JvP1603379209 @jvp1603379209

I have no knowledge server settings and commands. I only can place assets on landscape and than call it a map. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

There is a server who runs it in Frontline PvP mode and yesterday i did see a server where 12 people played Checkpoint on it.I played Checkpoint on the Olympus server more than once. Where it is part of a mapcycle.

So i dont know what cause your issue.

JvP1603379209 @jvp1603379209

I have no idea. Other servers run it and I never here someone complain.
So I cant help you with that. Can you run it local ?

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

What is weird, is that I can run it from the Mapcycle, but I cannot load it ISRT or Command Line! Gives an error... I just can't be a feature map as it will not command load if you know what I mean. I still have it in the Mapcycle where it can be voted on.

miltonjackson @miltonjackson

While i personally cant really see snow maps anymore (played way to much Hillside), whenever this map pops up in the voting screen its a sure go. The biggest win is the layout. Its just perfect. Going forward while being not to narrow and not to wide, everywhere good places for snipers yet also at the same time always CQB. This map just flows perfect and if this map had a different setting it would be godlike in my eyes. But taste is subjective. You do need to change some of the bot spawns. In one of your earlier iterations the bots where already at the CP and spreading out. Now you can just run on to the CPs and encounter just 2-3 bots (on a server with 50 bots) as the bots spawn somewhere else and have to run there first. Also some of the Checkpoints are to big, like dual Floor Checkpoint suck with high botcount server when there is just 1 player alive fighting 40 bots on multiple levels can become tiring.
That being said i am super hyped to any future project you lay your hands on as you fundamentally understand the layout of a good map like no other mapper of this contest!
As a final score, i give it a 9/10. In the name of my Community we thank you very much for your contribution and hard work! We would love to invite you sometime to come and play a round with us over at ISMC Hardcore. Cheers

JvP1603379209 @jvp1603379209

Thanks for the feedback. Well snow what can we say about it. From the start I never had checkpoint in mind. I am a PvP player so aimed at Frontline and Push. To late I realized that the PvP community did not really showed any interest in custom made levels. So I had to add Checkpoint in order to receive some feedback.

Layout is all about multiple options to flank and diverse routes to objectives to get some good chokepoints. These are important for a flow and the longer playability for a level. I got mainly positive feedback on the layout. It only did not reflect in the votes. ;-) ;-) While I seen examples of levels being praised as second coming while its clear the layout wont work in its current state. But its the most important part of any level as the visuals can be add later.

Meanwhile I tried to deliver a polished level. I don't like sloppy maps. It takes away the immersion. So I gave that a lot of work as well. Polished,detailed and a working level. That as well did not reflect in the voting.

So its clear i am not a fan of community voting in a mapping contest. As its a cripple system.

The issue with the botspawns on Checkpoint remains a mistery. I played it on servers with ISMC where I see tons of them. I did not really changed anything from earlier versions. I added more covernodes. Another thing is sometime I played and did only see 1 counterattack. Next time i see 4 counterattacks. I hope I get a chance to finally test this one for PvP. But to be honest I dont see that happen.

Thank's again you actually took time to check it out and write down your experience. That would have been a requirement for anyone to vote. Especially for the downvote kiddies.

HELLOKITTY9 @hellokitty9

The depth of the interiors on this map is second to none, way more complex than any other snow map so far really hope this makes the top 10!

JvP1603379209 @jvp1603379209

Yeah I tried to make it as realistic as possible. Thanks for the positive feedback.

Klian @klian

This map feels so well balanced, all the objects are evenly distributed all over the playable area. I know this map was developed for pvp game and I can definitely see how much effort you put into the harmony of each area to ensure a great versus experience. However, I played checkpoint gamemode and the map feels great anyway, I think this could be the most versatile and well balanced map around here. Also, when I was a kiddo I used to play the first CoD (united offensive too!) online and I liked it so much, this map gives me some good vibes from my childhood with those bricks, snow, concrete walls and destroyed vehicles.

JvP1603379209 @jvp1603379209


Klian @klian

My God exactly, and this gamemode was so funny!

JvP1603379209 @jvp1603379209

This map was a tad weird in design it was some sort of a test i did with the portals for performance.

This even older