Insurgency: Sandstorm

CTK_TheLastFrontier for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by CrazTheKing (mod ID: 970118)


Early Test Version / Do Not Download (if you expect it to be complete)

UNFINISHED Version with numerous bugs. Play at your own risk.

Current Bug List:

No Ammo/Supply Crates (except A, and a few at B)

No Collision for Tankers at Factory

AI get stuck at numerous doors

In some cases AI spawn at the Gas Station rather than their intended spawn (including after Draining C)

Broken player spawns for final objective

AI run away from Final Objective "Factory"

Water may cause Fps Loss

No Overview Map




To report bugs suggestions feel free to dm me.





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KingsComing @kingscoming

R.I.P (AI)
Still good for PVP!

CrazTheKing @craztheking

Hello everyone, sorry to announce there will be No Further Updates, Lost files due corruption. Map will remain up, as is until broken by update.

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

Fun map! Lots of distance for slow approaches. Two things I saw: 1. No counters made it to B even against 20 bots. 2. All the bots at C spawned on the same 1"x1" spot near the objective, so they all piled up and were respawning as soon as I killed them. Keep up the good work!

CrazTheKing @craztheking

Hey DanTaylor, Thankyou for the support. I hope to have all AI Spawning Issues figured out for the next update, With this, C Objective will be changing however I believe you guys will like the change. Understandable how spawn can effect gameplay, as it stands this change is the only way I know to fix C's Spawning issues. Alongside B should be a very easy fix, as I'm sure one of the spawn zones placement are bad.

CrazTheKing @craztheking

0.0.132 Changes
-Moved Domination to its own Scenario [Scenario_LF_Domination]
-Adjusted Domination Spawns (Balancing)
-Fixed Final Spawn (Checkpoint Security)
-Fixed Final Objective AI Attraction (Checkpoint Security)
-Adjusted Sun Speed (day)
-Adjusted Moon Brightness
-Reflections Rebuild
-Lighting/Shadow Adjustments
-Resolution Adjustments
-Added more Cover near Bank
-Added more Doors/Windows
-Adjusted Snowpile size near Apartments to add more cover
-Fixed Bank Glass
-Nav Rebuild
-Adjusted Floating fallen Balcony near Apartments
-More Hidden Weapons
-Fixed Tanker Collisions
-2 Windows of Apartments now spawn broken allowing better flow for AI
-Adjustment to bottom stairs of Apartment Balcony allowing for overall better flow for AI and Players
-Other Changes

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

Just played the map through and a very nice map and I can see putting on my server in the near future, However, a few more points would be great and I feel that some attention is needed as follows:

Need More Resupply Points (Only 1 I found was at E)
Point C - Hard to blow up tanker (Thru C4 under Truck and did not blow up, had to use RPG)
Point C - Bot spawn with you immediately after blowing up point

Keep up the great work.

CrazTheKing @craztheking

Thanks for the input Sparkie! Was having issues updating yesterday, as half the map would remain the old version, making unpassable invisible objects between server and player. Let it upload last night yet haven't had a chance to test the latest. There should be a supply for each objective with just over 1/3 or 33.3333336% chance of spawning. Along with all ammo boxes for A and a couple found at B.

As far as C, the tanker health and time have been adjusted to instill teamwork. I'm not sure if you're aware but the truck can be drained, rather than blown up. Hold F at the gas tank cap to do this.
Seems however the ui telling you this only shows up when you're dead against it, in the right spot. But a quick tip. The fastest way to destroy the truck is to throw a molly on top of it and let it burn.

I will continue working on fixing the issue with C's AI Spawn.
and adding 1 more objective, if possible, most likely a cache objective.

*Now have tested myself, update is working correctly* Seems you may have had some extremely crappy luck with the supply crates? However there is 1 for each objective, along with two that always spawn and open, The one at spawn, and the one at the final objective.

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

For Server Operators, add to mapcycle: (Scenario="Scenario_LF_Checkpoint_Security",Lighting="Day")

CrazTheKing @craztheking

Check the Cycles pastebin link in the description for all scenarios.

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

Where is the "pastebin link"?

CrazTheKing @craztheking

Oh mb its labeled "cycles".

Sparkie951 @sparkie951


=[AD]=AlphaDogs @dogmanbytes

Hey Craz, Got the map loaded on the AlphaDogs Servers and look really good, when we get some play time on it, I ll leave some feed back, Thanks again for your work!

CrazTheKing @craztheking

Awesome, Glad to hear AD. A little tip if you get bored at the last objective , since ai are not attracted to the objective after cap, run passed it and you will find AI just over the hill.

a1i3nNate @a1i3nnate

Sry if i missed it on the description. is this playable on solo?

CrazTheKing @craztheking

Definitely, to play solo load up any map on local play, then hit tilde ` to bring up console and type:

Travel LastFrontier?Scenario=Scenario_LF_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day

With the option to swap day for night.

To add teammates add to the end of the string:


You can also add mutators if you like by adding:


a1i3nNate @a1i3nnate

great. thx for the reply. i was putting LF after travel. as well as LF after scenario.

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

Yes. All maps are. ๐Ÿ‘

CrazTheKing @craztheking

0.0.12 Changes

-Scenario renaming, this is to avoid overlapping names (should work in server now)
-Adjustments to direction lighting (Directional Lights) Day and Night
-Adjusted Night Sky
-Increased Rotation Speed (Day)
-Added TDM and Domination, These work of the same scenario
-Smoothed landscape near Security spawn, leading to river
-Rebuilt navigation
-Adjusted factory textures
-Adjusted some lights
-Adjusted Ai Spawns / Counter Spawns
-Adjusted final spawn and final objective captuable (factory)
-Other Changes

=[AD]=AlphaDogs @dogmanbytes

Tried loading the map on my servers, but the Scenario not working?

CrazTheKing @craztheking

Thanks AD, I believe this is due to the naming process for LF's scenarios. Most likely confusing scripts and pulling the scenario from another level or dev map. I should be able to fix and reupload soon along with some other minor changes.