Insurgency: Sandstorm

Last Light for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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On the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea lies the fictional town of Lak, her streets have seen a lot of change over the centuries as regimes have risen and fallen.

The ancient port bears witness of a prosperous past and is a popular sight for tourists in the region.
Real estate in the area is booming as a new generation of elites are taking over while the old world crumble.

There is rumors of change.
The winds of conflict have reached the shores of Lak, disturbance in the area has left her streets empty.
As last light approaches on yet another hot summer day lines are drawn in blood when a group of insurgents are facing death by bullet or to drown in the ocean.

How to play:

Firefight, paste the following string into the console in game:
Open LastLight?Scenario=Scenario_LastLight_Firefight

Domination, paste the following string into the console in game:
Open LastLight?Scenario=Scenario_LastLight_Domination

Checkpoint (Security), paste one of the following string into the console in game:
Open LastLight?Scenario=Scenario_LastLight_Checkpoint_Security
Open LastLight?Scenario=Scenario_LastLight_Checkpoint_Security?Game="Checkpointhardcore"

Checkpoint (Insurgents), paste one of the following string into the console in game:
Open LastLight?Scenario=Scenario_LastLight_Checkpoint_Insurgents
Open LastLight?Scenario=Scenario_LastLight_Checkpoint_Insurgents?Game="Checkpointhardcore"

Team Deathmatch, paste the following string into the console in game:
Open LastLight?Scenario=Scenario_LastLight_Team_Deathmatch

This is an original Insurgency: Sandstorm level created for the Insurgency: Sandstorm Mapping Contest 2020.
All custom content has been created by myself, this mod uses no third party assets.













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SpartanViperz @spartanviperz

Noticed these random floating wood pieces when playing on domination recently:

DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

Idk why but suddnly map stoped working in HardcoreCP
but works in domination

invalid_nick @invalid-nick

Post Contest update,
A big thanks for the support and feedback! With your help this map was honored a second place!

This update has been ready since the final days of submission, unfortunately I got very ill and was not able to upload it in time.

- Tweaked objective capture zone sizes
- Added covers along the streets
- Updated the skybox
- Updated ambience and wind speed
- Various clipping fixes
- Various navmesh fixes
- Optimization around spawns and obective areas

istasyon @istasyon

is there a night mode?

invalid_nick @invalid-nick

no sorry, there is no night mode...yet, I might add it later

Kokuroku @kokuroku

Really nice map! I feel like the verticality of the bigger buildings could be used a little more to extend the gameplay time (as far as checkpoint goes), and some points are very small with pretty bad cover to offer, but overall, very fun compact urban map. Will continue to play on our server!

invalid_nick @invalid-nick

Once the contest is over I will push an update that (amongst other things) updates the capture zone sizes, the update is ready to go but I was not able to upload it in time following the contest guidelines,

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

Amazing map going to put it on community servers wow

invalid_nick @invalid-nick

Thanks for the support! :D

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

I really like this map, and so far everyone loves it... But I found 1 Bug... Coming out of the Spawn to go to Point A you can walk through one portion of the wall, but bullets will not penetrate... - This is not a killer deal, real close to putting it into my public servers. It is only a small section that you can walk thru!

invalid_nick @invalid-nick

thanks mate, I have this issue fixed (and a bunch of other small tweaks), but I was not able to upload a new version in time for the contest dates, once the embargo is lifted I'll update the map with a fix for this

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

When is the contest over... I thought that it had already finished. To be honest, I have been playing it quite a bit... Seems to be a good map, but I have not put it on the main servers yet... just my test server.

invalid_nick @invalid-nick

from what I know the public voting in the competition is over, for the finalist maps that were selected NWI has asked to not update the maps until they are done judging them,
if you have any more feedback for the map I'd be happy to listen, some updates that are "done" but are waiting to be pushed are:
- more covers along some of the streets
- tweaked capture zone sizes to better facilitate the various game modes
- tweaks to lighting/wind/effect
- some navmesh and optimization improvements

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

Thanks for the info.

miltonjackson @miltonjackson

This map is for sure in my Top2 of the contest. A really Beautiful concept with stunning visuals and mind blowing interiors. But it still falls short a little with the bot spawns and waypoints. While Checkpoint A is a glorious fight you still can just walk on to B, C and D without a fight and that is on a server with 50 bots thus leaving all these spectacular alleys empty and kind of boring. Also the Final checkpoint is a little easy to defend. As all these issues can be fix in what i think very small updates this map will bring lots of joy in the future.
As a final score, i give it a 9.5/10. I hope we see more maps from you in the future! In the name of my Community we thank you very much for your contribution and hard work! We would love to invite you to come and play a round with us over at ISMC Hardcore. Cheers

DavidARMAstrong @davidarmastrong

What is the line I need to put in mapcycle.txt to have this map show on the vote screen as Hardcore
This is how I added the normal checkpoint mode and it works fine.
Thanks. I can call it with game=hardcore locally If possible at this time I would like to be able to vote for both checkpoint and hardcorecheckpoint. Thanks to all for your help. Great map. Good luck in the contest!

invalid_nick @invalid-nick

Thanks! hmmm the map does not have any lighting scenarios, try to remove the Lighting="Day", and instead do Scenario=Scenario_LastLight_Checkpoint_Security?Game="Checkpointhardcore" ...let me know if it works!

hobbicon @hobbicon

+ overall nice lighting
+ layout allows a nice mix of close and medium range combat
+ runs well on my machine
+ no asset flip, you made your own models
+ fits thematically into Sandstorm

- cap zones are way too small
- lacks details and cover at times

Overall I like it very much.

invalid_nick @invalid-nick

Thanks! In a upcoming update I've increased the size of some of the capping zones to include more covers

Meister.Yoon @meisteryoon

Looks so realistic. Amazing. Hopefully you will add Frontline!

invalid_nick @invalid-nick

Thanks! It would be interesting to add Frontline, not sure if the layout allows it, how would you think the flow should be if I were to add that mode?

Meister.Yoon @meisteryoon

As it is a round map, i think a frontline mode should work like Red Orchestra. Not linear, but as if it is a attack/defend for two objectives. To prevent the round to end too quickly, you could set 5 objectives and the next objectives could rotate in a circle, not lineal, with an idea of making a team to capture all the objectives in the end. Or you have 6 objectives without a neutral one. Both team should attack and defend at the same time, and the next ones should be on the other side. Let's say, (Security) A B C D E F (Insurgents) but they are in circle like everywhere(east,west,south,north) so in the end a team should conquer the whole map to win, or dynamically mixed, that would be for example western part F E C D B eastern part, so if security from western starting point captures D in the east, they should go back to the west, where E(Insurgent) is. This could work very similar to Battlefield's conquest mode.

In the end, one team and both caches of A and F are somewhere in the middle or in a very isolated place, in a same very well defendable building, so any losing team just spawn there to defend the cache.

To summarize, the frontline mode could work with the idea of conquerring whole map, instead of being lineal. So two objectives should have equal distances for both teams, just like Red Orchestra.

invalid_nick @invalid-nick

interesting, not sure if that will be able to do in Sandstorm, will do some research on it, thanks!