Insurgency: Sandstorm

MallConflict for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by [HTP]Synthean13 (mod ID: 176670)


Work In PROGRESS, Testing Map, Map Name: MallConflict

Server Map Cycle Txt should work:


V 0.1

I'm aware of missing textures on tree trunks, actor glitching due to actor merging and glass is missing or not breaking. I've made many adjustments for optimization due to low FPS around Objective Alpha, however, there is still a hit to FPS until inside the mall.

V 0.2

First phase of optimization, please test this version and provide feedback. There is still a FPS hit on 1st render of the mall front, but through editor testing, it's not as much as a hit as V 0.1 and really levels off once past Alpha. Missing textures have been fixed.

OPTIMIZATION will be in several phases, as to not break the map from something I can not recover from.

V 0.3

Second phase of optimization, I believe that I'm making headway on the FPS hit at beginning around Objective Alpha. Please provide feedback.


filedata.2.zip2.02gbV 0.3

filedata.1.zip1.74gbV 0.2

filedata.zip1.68gbV 0.1


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dat boi @dat-boi

why can't I play the mod? I click subscribe and then nothing ******* happens. I swear to god it is way too ******* problematic to mod this game **** like this keeps me from having fun, I unsubscribe and then resubscribe and **** doesn't happen. I look for stuff online and still not working. It is the same for this map, the trenches map, and operation redwood. ISMC and Redwood reborn seem to download tho

SCO77Y2010 @sco77y2010

I am new to this game ,love this map ,played a couple of maches on AD Alphadogs server and got banned, it would be nice to get the ban lifted has i do not know what i did to get the ban , I am new to this game . thank you

jjdavis006 @jjdavis006

local play doesnt seem to work for me... Is it not supported?

=[AD]=AlphaDogs @dogmanbytes

On the last point there are very little amount of bots countering FYI

[HTP]Synthean13 @htp-synthean13

This issue has already been addressed, and fixed for next release, thank you AlphaDogs! -Syn13

DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

Does the map support Hardcore mod? If it doesn't could you add it? :D

[HTP]Synthean13 @htp-synthean13

At this time, I do not have hardcore scenario added, working on optimization at the moment, ismc mod will slow you down if interested. However, there is reload ammo cans in the gun store! -Syn13

LhamaNobre @lhamanobre

on the second deck close to all the crates the light gets really glitchy
Edit: forgot to mention that this is a great map, will be even better if you keep the good work

[HTP]Synthean13 @htp-synthean13

Thank you for the feedback LhamaNobre! Near what store or objective are you talking about the lighting on the second floor near the crates? -Syn13

B4NDO @b4ndo

great map and a hell of a lot of work gone into this, would it be possible to add the insurgent side playable too?

[HTP]Synthean13 @htp-synthean13

Once I get things optimized for the security side, I'll look into into shorter scenarios like only 5 objectives for security and insurgent. Thank you for the support B4ndo! -Syn13

GNAO @gnao

the map does not load on my server, it destroys the rest of the mods maps, I have the following mods "ISMCarmory_legacy, ImprovedAI, HardcoreHUD, SlowMovement, SoldierOfFortune, NoRestrictedAreas, CustomObjectives" ¿does the map work with mods? because there is no case to make it work

[HTP]Synthean13 @htp-synthean13

We have it running on our test server with no problems loading or voting for the map. We have a few of the mods on our server like messages and stuff. We do not have the Armory, improved AI, Hardcore, slow movement, soldier of fortune, No restricted access, or custom objectives. I'm wondering if the custom objectives may be causing a conflict. I'm not sure, I don't understand why this map would destroy your other mod maps on your server? Are you using windows or linux server? I know that most linux servers have problems with modded maps and some mods. Good Luck -Syn13

GNAO @gnao

with the rest of the mods maps I can execute it without any problem, the only thing I do is add the following mapcycle route (Scenario = "Scenario_MallConflict_Checkpoint_Security", Mode = "Checkpoint", Lighting = "Day")

but crash the server when selecting other mod maps

[HTP]Synthean13 @htp-synthean13

Have you tried the map cycle txt line with no spaces, GNAO?

RareK @rarek

Maybe because your using spaces?
Worked on my local server

[HTP]Synthean13 @htp-synthean13

Thank you RareK, I didn't catch that, GNOA, definitely remove the spaces in the command map cycle txt line after the (,) and around (=). It should be continuous line text with no spaces. You can copy and paste the txt file above in the description. -Syn13

[HTP]Synthean13 @htp-synthean13

I'm at a loss, I'm not sure what the problem or fix would be, as we have not had any of these problems. Anyone else can shed any light to this issue?

[DPSO]Arrhythmix @dpsoarrhythmix

Spaces in the mods startup parameter.

[HTP]Synthean13 @htp-synthean13

Thank you Arrhythmix!