Insurgency: Sandstorm

Assault for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by TOCAHUEVOS (mod ID: 607225)


Assault 0.286a


Classic CS:GO hated and loved cs_assault map cover.
Don't hate me too much for doing it. As always any feedback will be appreaciated.

1st Phase Progress:
▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▯▯▯ 80%

Avaiable Game Modes

Survival, Team Deathmatch, Outpost, Checkpoint and Checkpoint Hardore.

Avaiable Scenarios List

Survival: Assault?Scenario=Scenario_Assault_Survival
Outpost: Assault?Scenario=Scenario_Assault_Outpost
Team Deathmatch:
Checkpoint Security: Assault?Scenario=Scenario_Assault_Checkpoint_Security

Changes 0285a - 0286a

· 1.11 Update repack.

Changes 028a - 0285a

· Insurgent team can't spawn the killer-train.

Changes 027a - 028a

· Night scenario is here!
· Train station has been redesigned because...
· We've a train! a tram! a subway! Something that looks like that and can kill you!
· Outpost one objective game mode added.

Changes 026a - 027a

· 1.10 version lost floors assets and textures fixed.
· Survival game mode added.
· Outpost one objective game mode added.
· Warehouse objective capture zone fixed (sometimes bots spawned inside walls blocking the objective).

What's next

· Domination game mode.

· Parking building, above security start, will be opened.

· More visual details.
· Detailed outskirts.

· Make a good sound pass.

What's maybe next

· 2nd Phase - Extended version of the map.
· New streets and buildings for this game.

Known issues

· Stopped train appears only in first round (I'm working on a round reset parameter to bring it up in all rounds)
· Survival final extraction final copter sequence looks weird.
· Objectives appears duplicated on HUD

Player's issues found

· Annoying foot step echo sound in left channel.

Full Map Cycle List











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AiBOT @bot-server-admin

Survival J point(factory inside) sapwn in the wall outside. plz fix

TOCAHUEVOS @tocahuevos

I updated the AI nav path for 1.11. Can you tell me if this bug still present? Thank you.

AiBOT @bot-server-admin

the enermy It is impossible to move to the X point in zombie or frenzy.
It needs to be improved so that it can be moved.

DJNickelz @limerick2

Really like the theme and how well the trailer looks. GJ

[0]Whiskey @0whiskey

We had a bot stuck behind concrete at Juliette. Twice. We had to end the round early because no one could kill the bot. Great map otherwise, very fun.

TOCAHUEVOS @tocahuevos

Thank you! I think I deleted all nav zones (where bots spawn on Survival mode) bellow those concrete zones in Juliet. Could you be more specific where stuck-bots are located?

[0]Whiskey @0whiskey

Sure, he was under that ramp inside the building. I'll get a screenshot and update this post with it. Update: We could hear him behind the concrete where my gun is pointing, but nothing could kill him, not even C4. Thanks again!

TOCAHUEVOS @tocahuevos

Thanks Whisk! I'll check it out.

bahzooga @bahzooga

played it yesterday on my server and we had us and the enemy bots glitching at and around the train. I think that was objective D, if I am not mistaken. They were sort of flying / hovering and we could not kill them off before they wiped us :)

TOCAHUEVOS @tocahuevos

Ok' I think I fixed it, tell me if bots still doing weird things in last objective :)

TOCAHUEVOS @tocahuevos

Yep, sorry I noted this bug in "known issues": In checkpoint mode bots can activate the killer-train but is not showing for security team.

So what is happening is that train is only visible for the character who is activating it, in this case the bots :D You can ear it and see the bots diying and flying but is not showing the train animation for players. I'll try to fix it and test it before uploading here.

Heloft @heloft

For some reason, this map isn't downloading for me at all? It just stops and stays stuck at 5% or 40%. I keep trying to play a server from my country that has ISMC and this map, but because of it not downloading, I can't play on it at all.

TOCAHUEVOS @tocahuevos

For all my clan is working. Did you try to delete all the 607225 folder at /Mods/ ?

Heloft @heloft

Worked! Thanks :)

dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

Wow! Difficult map for Survival! Only two issues I saw on the new Survival mode. 1. Bots spawned in the walls at F, making it uncapturable. 2. The bots can't contest the final extraction point, because they can't climb the ladders. While it is fun to snipe them all, it somewhat takes away the thrill when you know you can't lose. If you could add an official stairway up there or make the whole warehouse the extraction point such that the finale is a battle it'd be much more fitting. Thanks for your work!

TOCAHUEVOS @tocahuevos

Thank you for the testing. I was wondereing where are all the bots sometimes... so you found them in behind that walls haha. About the extraction I think is fun to defend it more relaxed knowing that bots cant go up. I'll check how to add a bot-reachable-zone. In this game-mode bots spawn in all floors with navigataion areas so is hard to delete all the interior dead-zones.

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

Have been playing on my test server, and have observations from users: Weird Color (needs more contrast as well, Too Bright (Darker Colors)), A little Bigger, Need wider street (Feels more like Alleyways), Have more trucks driving around (1 per round or so), Don't have bots in every cubby hole (Improve and have more spawn Points, especially for Higher Bot Servers)... Makes players play more strategic (Increase Excitement, build better players), A Crashed Plane or Heli would be great... maybe on a roof. Did not see more than 1 route to the Train Station, Need 2nd route, or make the 2nd route more obvious. Map needs more detail, Needs to feel more like a Warzone. We feel that this map has very good future it is off to a good start.

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

Very good map and see a good future.... To Say that this is an Assault is an under estimation... Point A is a Killer! - I did notice 1 issue: "Point A to B to garage appears to be a pit" Right now I just have it on my Map Test Server, but it worked well with no major issues. I look forward to seeing this map progress. - You mentioned adding a Train.. That would be great... what would be better is if you had the train moving through and it could be more of an Obstacle than an Asset... :)

TOCAHUEVOS @tocahuevos

Yep, I was thinking that about the train haha maybe one stoped and other one spawning with a timer and moving to make some road kills :D

B.Miller @bmiller

Discovered the map yesterday on an ISMC server and we had the time of our life on it! Thanks for porting it :)