Insurgency: Sandstorm

Assault for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by TOCAHUEVOS (mod ID: 607225)


Assault 0.26a


Classic CS:GO hated and loved cs_assault map cover.
Don't hate me too much for doing it. As always any feedback will be appreaciated.

1st Phase Progress:
▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯ 70%

Avaiable Game Modes

Team Deathmatch, Checkpoint and Checkpoint Hardore.

Avaiable Scenarios List

Team Deathmatch: Assault?Scenario=Scenario_Assault_Team_Deathmatch
Checkpoint Security: Assault?Scenario=Scenario_Assault_Checkpoint_Security

What's next

· Outpost game mode.
· Domination game mode.
· Night lighting scenario.

· Parking building, above security start, will be opened.
· Add a train.

· More visual details.
· Detailed outskirts.
· Detailed loadout scenes.

· Make a good sound pass.

What's maybe next

· 2nd Phase - Extended version of the map.
· New streets and buildings for this game.

Known issues

· If you play against more than 8 bots at Checkpoint start and Alpha capture, some of them will die because they're spawning in the center of the map (and I added in there a kill zone to avoid the bot lost).
· Bot navigation and objective AI defense could be better sometimes.
· Bots preffer to go for a walk instead of defending the warehouse objective.

Player's issues found

· Annoying foot step echo sound in left channel.

Map Cycle List






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Sparkie951 @sparkie951

Have been playing on my test server, and have observations from users: Weird Color (needs more contrast as well, Too Bright (Darker Colors)), A little Bigger, Need wider street (Feels more like Alleyways), Have more trucks driving around (1 per round or so), Don't have bots in every cubby hole (Improve and have more spawn Points, especially for Higher Bot Servers)... Makes players play more strategic (Increase Excitement, build better players), A Crashed Plane or Heli would be great... maybe on a roof. Did not see more than 1 route to the Train Station, Need 2nd route, or make the 2nd route more obvious. Map needs more detail, Needs to feel more like a Warzone. We feel that this map has very good future it is off to a good start.

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

Very good map and see a good future.... To Say that this is an Assault is an under estimation... Point A is a Killer! - I did notice 1 issue: "Point A to B to garage appears to be a pit" Right now I just have it on my Map Test Server, but it worked well with no major issues. I look forward to seeing this map progress. - You mentioned adding a Train.. That would be great... what would be better is if you had the train moving through and it could be more of an Obstacle than an Asset... :)

TOCAHUEVOS @tocahuevos

Yep, I was thinking that about the train haha maybe one stoped and other one spawning with a timer and moving to make some road kills :D

B.Miller @bmiller

Discovered the map yesterday on an ISMC server and we had the time of our life on it! Thanks for porting it :)

Snakeyio @snakeyio


DJ-LEXX @dj-lexx

Nice map, I like it. Works well on a weak PC. But what's wrong with a footstep echo sound? There's a distracting echo sound on the right channel when I sprint or just walk with every footstep. It's always on the right channel despite the environment. It's pretty noticable if you use headphones. Can you center it or add the same echo to the left channel for the symmetry? =)

TOCAHUEVOS @tocahuevos

I'll check it. I didn't make the sound pass yet, I only added a default urban reverb ambience for all the map. Thank you for the feedback :)

B4NDO @b4ndo

chickens wheres the damn chickens :D adding it to server now :P

B4NDO @b4ndo

looking forward to this bud :)

TOCAHUEVOS @tocahuevos

Here we go :)