Insurgency: Sandstorm

Mintaqah (District) for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by Jason☪🐧 (mod ID: 520547)

Mintaqah (District) History

FilenameVersionAddedSizeMD5 Hash
filedata.7.zip1.1 (Nightfall)909.06mb6e36f720204b8ed78fc8300ba3580486

Feb 8 2021 - 1.1 (Nightfall)

[Gameplay Improvements]
- Adjusted Restricted areas for A,B,C on outpost.
- Adjusted AI spawns.

[Visual Improvements]
- Added more visual effects around streets.

- Fixed a few spots near the security outpost area.

[New Features]
- Added Night Lighting for all game modes.
- Added separate Loading screen for Night lighting.

Jan 28 2021 - 1.0

-Merged several other remaining meshes to improve Frame rate and Frame rate consistency.

- Fixed Several Collision issues on props.
- Fixed exploit spots.
- Fixed an issue where Trees are flickering.
- Fixed several lighting issues.

[Visual Improvements]
- Added textures to remaining rooftops.
- Added UI minimap.

Jan 26 2021 - 0.9

- Merged and Instanced meshes to reduce draw calls.

- Fixed Several collision issues
- Adjusted lighting on props
- Fixed an issue where 2 supply boxes would be on the final objective on Checkpoint Security.
- Several other fixes to blocking volumes.

Jan 22 2021 - 0.8

- Adjusted Loadout menu for insurgents
- Fixed several collision issues around the map
- Added more details
- Adjusted AI spawns on Outpost
- Added more cover actors for AI on Outpost B
- Fixed several exploit spots

Jan 20 2021 - 0.7.1

- Fixed UI camera FOV.
- Adjusted lighting on the security loadout screen.
- Added loadout screen for Insurgents.

Jan 20 2021 - 0.7

-Fixed several reflection captures
-Added several blocking volumes
-Added more details
-Added UI Intro camera
-Added Loadout cameras for security

Jan 16 2021 - 0.6

-Adjusted AI near security spawn on Checkpoint Security.
-Fixed A on Outpost.
-Added props and details to several areas of the map.
-Fixed a few spots where you could exit the map from.
-Adjusted one of the insurgents spawn for B on Outpost.
-Adjusted the rubble on which you could get stuck on.