Insurgency: Sandstorm

Mountain Pass for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by deerslug (mod ID: 109375)


Checkpoint map set in the mountains.

Map: MountainPass

Checkpoint scenarios:

Name Difficulty ID
Compound Assault Medium Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint
Bunker Assault Hard Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_2
Bunker Medium Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_3
Sweep and Clear Hard Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_4
Battle in the woods lol Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_5
Bunker Assault 2 Medium Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_6
East Village Assault ? Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_7
Bunker 2 ? Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_8
Mounted Patrol ? Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_9
Insurgency Medium Scenario_MountainPass_INS
Counter Assault Medium Scenario_MountainPass_INS_2

Outpost scenarios: (taking name suggestions lol)

Name Difficulty ID
Outdoor ? Scenario_MountainPass_Outpost
Bunker Hard Scenario_MountainPass_Outpost_2
in / out ? Scenario_MountainPass_Outpost_3
Tunnel Defence Easy Scenario_MountainPass_Outpost_4

Range: Scenario_MountainPass_Range

Lighting Scenarios: Day, Night


open MountainPass?Scenario=Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint?Lighting=Day


  • New outpost layer
  • 3 new checkpoint layers
  • Fixes for bunker outpost and bunker assault 2
  • Small update to the east village


  • 1.9
  • 3 new outpost layers
  • 1 new checkpoint layer (Bunker assault 2)
  • Added 2 new locations in the bunker + new entrance
  • Overhauled the mansion
  • Minor tweaks to the air strip and security main
  • Updated points on Bunker Assault, Bunker, and Sweep and Clear
  • Added hardcore variants to all 8 checkpoint layers
  • Updated night scenario
    • Removed fog
    • Added indoor lights around the map
  • Fixes
    • Battle in the woods crash on C
    • Compound assault point names
    • Compound assault mansion capture zone extended to include wings


  • 1.7.1
  • Edited some bunker counter attack spawns to prevent being spawned on
  • Added some new paths in the bunker


  • Night mode is back
  • Added "kill house" to the range
    • Activated at the computer just beside the tents
    • The bots don't like to stay in place so they'll probably just rush you
  • Added a vehicle counter attack to compound assault
  • Fixes
    • Added stairs so ai don't get stuck on doors


  • First village has been redone
  • Added a few extra spawn locations in the tunnels
  • New minimap
  • Higher resolution loading screen
  • Performance boost for checkpoint_3
  • Fixes:
    • White halo effect in the bunker
    • Moved some counter attack spawns further away
    • Shadows are showing on grass again
    • Adjusted some spawns for checkpoint_5


  • Ai falling to death (Please let me know if you see this)
    • I need scenario name + objective
  • Ground disappears when looking at a cave from a certain position


  • Other game modes (if requested)
  • More checkpoint layers (if requested)
  • More sounds

(Pictures by fetcher)












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DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

Ah.. too many similar commands... I just wanna play Checkpoint HC then
what command should i type in?

SSServer @ssserver

Appears that this map causes server problems since today's update. Server non starting issues

deerslug @deerslug

Is there an error showing up in the logs? I just tested in in local play and on a server and it seemed fine

SSServer @ssserver

I will retry over the weekend & see if anything comes up in the logs

deerslug @deerslug

Ok thanks, let me know and hopefully it works and saves everyone an extra download! If not I'll just reupload

SSServer @ssserver

Reloaded the map to my server & it is now working. Don't know what happened last time. The other map,Macedonia, has been confirmed to have issues. Sorry to have misinformed you

deerslug @deerslug

All good, glad I don't have to force everyone to redownload!

SSServer @ssserver

Not that I seen. This was a Windows server. My server wouldn't start with full Steam/NWI connection. I removed all mods & maps, then added one at a time. The problem reproduced with 2 maps, Mountain Pass & Macedonia. I removed them & all has been fine since. The only noticeable thing seen was the console window disappear momentarily on mid-load whenever they were in the rotation

deerslug @deerslug

Thanks for letting me know, I'll check it out. Might just have to repackage it for 1.9.2

Meister.Yoon @meisteryoon

This couldve definately been one of the winners of the contest. Hopefully this map will be official!

deerslug @deerslug

Thanks, glad you like it!

Affinity420 @affinity420

This map is really high quality and i really love the mixture of the scenarios . i know its a big request but to experience this map in a foggy/rain/dawn lighting could be really something. Your other maps are extremely good too! thanks for making good content for this game.

deerslug @deerslug

Each lighting scenario add about ~600mb of data so not really something I want to do here sorry :/ It's really easy on the redwood maps because I just use dynamic lighting so each lighting scenario doesn't add any extra data. The downside of that is worse performance and no shadows on low / med settings. I literally just don't have enough CPU power to do a static lighting build on redwood so I tried to make up for the lost performance with some cool weather scenarios :p

Pufu1 @pufu1

What would the mapcycle for this map look like? Each Scenario by itself or does it randomize when you put in the main one?

deerslug @deerslug

Each scenario by itself

Pufu1 @pufu1

Im sorry, I just cant get this map to load. 109375 in the mod.txt and in the mapcycle.txt I put (Scenario="Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint",Mode="Checkpoint",Lighting="Day"). Other maps work fine. Are there known issues with other mods or game.ini settings?
Really loved the map and want it on my server.
Thank you in advance for your reply.

deerslug @deerslug


Are some of the ones I use, just make sure you give your server enough time to download the map

istasyon @istasyon

it's my favorite map but you need to work on some issues. We are playing Compound Assault, Bunker Assault and East Village Assault now but we found that the big house is almost impossible to hold againts so many bots. We are playing 1 player = 4 bots server. You need to do smaller objective point. And there is spawn point issues on Helicopter in Hangar and that little house in the closest west village. They can't open that door and stuck inside the house. I'm waiting for an update. I said that already it's my favorite map ever in this game. Thanks for your great work! If you fix that issues it would be perfect map for me.

deerslug @deerslug

I don't find the last point in compound assault to be too big I've played it with 40 bots and it's far easier than the last point in bunker assault. I'll look into the spawn issues though. Might try to bundle the fixes up with a few other updates I've been putting off. I try not to update this very often so people don't have to redownload :)

Karkus-swe @karkus-swe

Gj with this map. Love all the tunnels. To bad they are not being used in coop. TY for the time you spent on making this.

deerslug @deerslug

Thanks, the tunnels are used in 6 of the 11 checkpoint scenarios