Insurgency: Sandstorm

Mountain Pass for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by deerslug (mod ID: 109375)


Checkpoint map set in the mountains.

Map: MountainPass

Checkpoint scenarios:

Name Difficulty ID
Compound Assault Medium Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint
Bunker Assault Hard Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_2
Bunker Medium Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_3
Sweep and Clear Hard Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_4
Battle in the woods Extra Hard Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_5
Bunker Assault 2 Medium Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_6
East Village Assault Medium Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_7
Bunker 2 Medium Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_8
Mounted Patrol Medium Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_9
Mounted Patrol 2 Medium Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_10
Insurgency Medium Scenario_MountainPass_INS
Counter Assault Medium Scenario_MountainPass_INS_2

Outpost scenarios: (taking name suggestions lol)

Name Difficulty ID
Outdoor Medium Scenario_MountainPass_Outpost
Bunker Hard Scenario_MountainPass_Outpost_2
in / out Medium Scenario_MountainPass_Outpost_3
Tunnel Defence Easy Scenario_MountainPass_Outpost_4

Range: Scenario_MountainPass_Range

Lighting Scenarios: Day, Night


open MountainPass?Scenario=Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint?Lighting=Day


  • Updated for 1.11
  • Added a new checkpoint layer


  • New outpost layer
  • 3 new checkpoint layers
  • Fixes for bunker outpost and bunker assault 2
  • Small update to the east village


  • 1.9
  • 3 new outpost layers
  • 1 new checkpoint layer (Bunker assault 2)
  • Added 2 new locations in the bunker + new entrance
  • Overhauled the mansion
  • Minor tweaks to the air strip and security main
  • Updated points on Bunker Assault, Bunker, and Sweep and Clear
  • Added hardcore variants to all 8 checkpoint layers
  • Updated night scenario
    • Removed fog
    • Added indoor lights around the map
  • Fixes
    • Battle in the woods crash on C
    • Compound assault point names
    • Compound assault mansion capture zone extended to include wings


  • 1.7.1
  • Edited some bunker counter attack spawns to prevent being spawned on
  • Added some new paths in the bunker


  • Night mode is back
  • Added "kill house" to the range
    • Activated at the computer just beside the tents
    • The bots don't like to stay in place so they'll probably just rush you
  • Added a vehicle counter attack to compound assault
  • Fixes
    • Added stairs so ai don't get stuck on doors


  • First village has been redone
  • Added a few extra spawn locations in the tunnels
  • New minimap
  • Higher resolution loading screen
  • Performance boost for checkpoint_3
  • Fixes:
    • White halo effect in the bunker
    • Moved some counter attack spawns further away
    • Shadows are showing on grass again
    • Adjusted some spawns for checkpoint_5


  • Ai falling to death (Please let me know if you see this)
    • I need scenario name + objective
  • Ground disappears when looking at a cave from a certain position


  • Other game modes (if requested)
  • More checkpoint layers (if requested)
  • More sounds

(Pictures by fetcher)













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arthur26rPhlGoiIYuAG @arthur26rphlgoiiyuag

Seems to play fine with 1.12 version.

magnum.rh @magnumrh

On Checkpoint_9 Mounted Patrol going into the tunnel the vehicles are sunk into the road. you will fall through the map if you get out. I managed to keep jumping and made it one time, but other times moving on the right side of the map was not an issue.

deerslug @deerslug

Thanks for letting me know, I'll work on an update for that

iMC @imco986

Great versatile checkpoint map. Outpost spawns need to be fixed though. (at least on the Outdoor scenario)

Phederal_BR @phederal-br

Is is possible to play in Checkpoint Hardcore mode?

Zero31 @zero311

Nice map :). A few comments/questions:

1) On the checkpoint maps, the bots do not engage with players in the open until the players go quite close to them. The bots ignore the players completely, even if the players shoot into the ground next to them. So the players can just snipe the bots from distance without any resistance.

I guess this is because the bot AI is designed for much smaller maps with less open areas. Do you know if there is a server setting to tweak this? I tried increasing BotTerritoryRadius to a huge value, like 100000, but that seemingly has no effect.

2) On Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_5, the bots spawn next the players at the start of the game, leading to instant massacre :(.

3) On Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint, the bots get stuck when the players are defending E.

deerslug @deerslug

Thanks for the info, I havnt been playing a ton lately so maybe there's been some changes to the bots but I'll definitely look into the issues with the bot spawns! I thought I reduced the spawn radius on checkpoint 5 already, but it must not have been enough

Zero31 @zero311

No problem. Thanks!

More feedback:

4) On Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint, on D and E, too many of the bots spawn in the hangar. This is a bit boring, and makes players just farm them as they run out of it.

5) On Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint, when defending G (the last point), almost no bots attack. Seems like spawning is broken, or maybe they get stuck somewhere.

6) On Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_7, too many of the bots spawn in the house on C, making them easy to farm.

7) On Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_7, a dummy player is standing on a hill near the last point. This seems to be the character you see on the loadout screen? You can also see yourself on the loadout screen if you stand next to it.

8) On Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_3, the bots get stuck in a cluster in the caverns to the east (point H) when capping/defending G.

9) On Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_3, the bots spawn next to the players after capping H, leading to instant massacre.

deerslug @deerslug

Extremely helpful and super thorough! Thanks ๐Ÿ˜ one thing to be aware of is when attacking an objective bots will always spawn from the next objective which leads to some of the issues which you described. It becomes a lot more obvious on open maps. So not much I can do there unfortunately. It's something I've been trying to avoid on my next outdoor map. But 5,7,8,9 all seem valid. I'll add them to the to do list!

Zero31 @zero311

You are welcome :). And thanks for the explanation about bot spawning. I was not aware of this! I will keep submitting any feedback I get it from my players. Here is a bit more:

10) On Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_8, while defending A, bots often never go to A. Maybe they get stuck somewhere?

11) On Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_8, while defending A, some bots spawn on the road just outside the bunker. But some players may be a bit slow to reach A, or choose to camp around that area, so they get killed by bots that spawn right next to them. Could this spawn point be removed or moved somewhere else?

12) On Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_8, after destroying B, bots spawn next to the players.

13) On Scenario_MountainPass_Checkpoint_8, after destroying B and going to the right, players sometimes run into an invisible wall right behind the truck in the open area. Can be reproduced by walking (not running) towards the back of the truck.

14) On Scenario_MountainPass_Outpost, most of the bots never go to A. Something is very broken with this one, it being an outpost scenario and all.

15) On Scenario_MountainPass_Outpost_2, most of the bots never go to A+B. Seems like the few bots that *do* get through then disappear later on. Maybe one of their spawn points gets them stuck outside the map or something?

16) On Scenario_MountainPass_Outpost_4, the bots cannot see through the fenced windows in the building the players are defending. This makes the players shooting out of the windows almost invincible, and the scenario pretty boring overall.

17) On Scenario_MountainPass_INS_2, the bots get lost at several of the points.

(Edited to add more feedback)

deerslug @deerslug

Awesome I'll add those to the list!

ACE112 @ace1121

im subscribed im logged into it will not download gets to about 85% and it fails.I have tried 7 times anyone got suggestions.

deerslug @deerslug

Try deleting the files and the redownloading,

Go to:
Delete the entire 109375 folder

ds_scalar @ds-scalar

Where is the range computer located? There is a laptop in the tent near the bluefor spawn point but it doesn't work.

deerslug @deerslug

I think there's also one by the market down the road. I think that one is hooked up to spawning a bunch of bots in the buildings there but it's been a while since I've looked at that

EliteMoonFox @elitemoonfox

Seems with certain Checkpoint scenarios bots are still spawning inside of walls. f.e in Checkpoint_7 and INS

deerslug @deerslug

Thanks! I'll check this out and see if there's anything I can do to fix it

Bishop2619iyVCbOLTPR @bishop2619iyvcboltpr

Wonderful map. thanks

deerslug @deerslug


Person_of_D @person-of-d

in the Checkpoint scenario "Battle in the woods" the bots spawn together with the players on almost the same starting point

deerslug @deerslug

I'll look into the spawn settings but is this happening on a certain objective?