Insurgency: Sandstorm

Night Park Loadout for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by DagZede - learn more (mod ID: 383335)


Please note that this mod is designed for private use, and will always be a continuous work in progress of experiments of bad decisions!
We will also be heavily biased to our group's opinion for the mod's changes onward.
It's actually playable though. If you're installing this on your server and having a problem feel free to message me.

Discord: DagZede#1888

Mutators :
- Replaces bot loadouts and types with Night Park's custom bot via squad override for both factions.
- A copy paste of the original Frenzy mutator with some more special frenzied variations.
- Replaces the squad system only, for both default Insurgents and Security factions.
NPMod - Replaces the theater system, an all-in-one activator mutator.

Again, this mod is actually a private mod for our private server, designed only to work on hardcore co-op mode. That was made to counter Sandstorm 1.9's co-op loadout changes, NWI have undone that update though.

- Custom theater or custom squad system mutator.
- More weapon selections for each classes.*
- New items, weapon upgrades, class, etc.**
- New bot enemy types.***
- All secondary weapons are available for every class on both factions from Makarov to Desert Eagle.
- More basic explosive selections for every class: M18 Smoke, M84 Flash, F1 Frag, M67 Frag, Incendiary, Molotov, and MG83 Mustard Gas.
- Equal loadout selections for both human player's Security and Insurgent factions.
- Higher level requirements for each class.****
- Locked hardcore movement speed even for outpost and survival mode.
- Custom counter attack wave config.
- Custom wave config for outpost and survival mode.

- Etc.

*Class loadouts:
- Operator: M24, Mosin Nagant, M16A2, M16A4, SKS, AKM, G36K, AUG, Galil, Galil SAR, AKS47U, AK74, M1 Garand, QBZ-03, QBZ-97, QTS-11, Mk17, Alpha AK, Mk18 CQBR, L85, FAL, M4A1, VHS-2, ACE52, Tavor 7, and Famas as primary. Now includes SMGs and shotguns as well.
- Advisor: Same primaries as operator without SMGs and shotguns, but with ability to use 6x and 7x scopes.
- Breacher: All SMGs and shotguns as primary, along with both version of mines, C4, and IED as available explosives. All primaries are one supply point cheaper.
- Demolition: Same primaries as operator, but with ability to use explosive grenade launchers, both mines, C4, IED, and all rocket launchers.
Light Gunner: Less primaries than operator, semi-automatic rifles are excluded. But with ability to use drum magazine upgrades.
Gunner: M249, PKM, M240, MG3 as primary.
- Marksman: M24, Mosin Nagant, M82, M99, M110, SVD, Mk14 as primary.
Observer: Same primaries as operator.
Commander: Same primaries as operator.

**Custom stuffs:
- VIP Carrier, a light carrier that gives you extra ammo mags for secondary instead of primary.
- MG83 Mustard Gas, made with a special mix of pee and bleach.
- AP Ammo upgrades re-enabled, does not include all ammo types though.
- Honey Badger supersonic rounds.
- Security bots ability to use A10 strafe.
- Bots will call fire support more often.
- Explosive and smoke artillery/mortars on hardcore checkpoint.
- A10 strafe and smoke artillery on survival.
- Custom bolt for bolt action rifles
- Increased observer radio range upgrade, 20m and 30m.
- Wrapped and unwrapped suppressors upgrade for rifles.
- Cheapo suppressors for 9mm pistols.
- Osprey suppressors (lookalike) for pistols.
- Heavy barrel and custom barrel for rifles.
- Fast hands and steady hands training upgrades.
- Stackable quickdraw, loading, and aiming training upgrades.
- Tons of wacky gun skins (Weeaboo ones are disabled on NPLite).
- Black PEQ15 skin.
- Black and tan PMAG magazine for AR15 variants magazine skin.
- Black Norinco magazine for AR15 variants magazine skin.
- Tan and green accessory variants skin.
- And many more.

***Custom bot enemy types:
- Berserker: A huge juggernaut with tons of health and wields light machine gun
- Hunter: Fast moving rifleman that rush and flanks.
- Specialist: Fighter that uses a wide variety of weapons, upgrades, and explosives.
- Knocker: Shotgun wielding fighter with thick armor.
- Elite Marksman: High visual awareness sniper that wields .50 cal sniper rifles.
- Striker: Drum mag'd fighter that rush and flanks.

****Class level requirements:
Operator: 0
Breacher: 40
Advisor: 50
Demolitions: 60
Light Gunner: 70
Gunner: 80
Marksman: 90
Observer: 100
Commander: 300
You can disable it with bRestrictClassByPlayerLevel=False under [/script/insurgency.INSCoopMode] on your game.ini

Want some of the assets in this mod for your own loadout/theater mod? Hit me up and I can give you the files as long as said files are made by me. Open for collab.

Special thanks to all my friends (and their friends as well) on Night Park who helped me to create and test this mod.


filedata.7k.zip142.27mb0.1.11 Alpha (Test version)

filedata.wz.zip139.83mb0.1.10 Alpha

filedata.xj.zip137.37mb0.1.10 Alpha (Test version)

filedata.AT.zip138.22mb0.1.9.1 Alpha

filedata.rO.zip138.21mb0.1.9b Alpha

filedata.h7.zip138.21mb0.1.9 Alpha

filedata.gE.zip139.35mb0.1.8.8 Alpha

filedata.pO.zip129.62mb0.1.8.7 Alpha

filedata.nQ.zip133.6mb0. Alpha

filedata.v0.zip130.41mb0.1.8.6 Alpha

filedata.Ae.zip131.78mb0.1.8.5 Alpha

filedata.x1.zip125.3mb0.1.8.4 Alpha

filedata.E0.zip127.24mb0.1.8.3c Alpha (CH2)

filedata.49.zip132.43mb0.1.8.3b Alpha (CH2)

filedata.48.zip132.43mb0.1.8.3 Alpha (CH2)

filedata.47.zip116.68mb0.1.8.2 Alpha

filedata.46.zip115.86mb0.1.8.1b Alpha

filedata.45.zip115.85mb0.1.8.1 Alpha

filedata.44.zip111.54mb0.1.8 Alpha

filedata.43.zip113.98mb0. Alpha

filedata.42.zip113.98mb0.1.7.11 Alpha

filedata.41.zip113.97mb0.1.7.10 Alpha

filedata.40.zip112.4mb0.1.7.9 Alpha

filedata.39.zip94.54mb0.1.7.8 Alpha

filedata.38.zip94.32mb0.1.7.7 Alpha

filedata.37.zip87.12mb0.1.7.6 Alpha

filedata.36.zip87.11mb0. Alpha

filedata.35.zip86.53mb0. Alpha

filedata.34.zip86.64mb0. Alpha

filedata.33.zip86.15mb0.1.7.5 Alpha

filedata.32.zip86.14mb0.1.7.4 Alpha

filedata.31.zip85.36mb0.1.7.3 Alpha

filedata.30.zip83.28mb0.1.7.2 Alpha

filedata.29.zip83.28mb0.1.7.1 Alpha

filedata.28.zip83.25mb0.1.7 Alpha

filedata.27.zip84.1mb0.1.6.4 Alpha

filedata.26.zip79.31mb0.1.6.3 Alpha

filedata.25.zip67.84mb0.1.6.2 Alpha

filedata.24.zip66.9mb0. Alpha

filedata.23.zip63.42mb0.1.6.1 Alpha

filedata.22.zip63.27mb0.1.6c Alpha

filedata.21.zip63.26mb0.1.6b Alpha

filedata.20.zip63.28mb0.1.6 Alpha

filedata.19.zip77.93mb0.1.5.5 Alpha

filedata.18.zip75.68mb0.1.5.4 Alpha

filedata.17.zip75.68mb0.1.5.3b Alpha

filedata.16.zip79.61mb0.1.5.3 Alpha

filedata.15.zip53.94mb0.1.5.2b Alpha

filedata.14.zip53.91mb0.1.5.2 Alpha

filedata.13.zip51.92mb0.1.5.1b Alpha

filedata.12.zip52mb0.1.5.1 Alpha

filedata.11.zip51.95mb0.1.5b Alpha

filedata.10.zip52.14mb0.1.5 Alpha

filedata.9.zip47.1mb0.1.4.2 Alpha

filedata.8.zip31.74mb0.1.4.1 Alpha

filedata.7.zip33.28mb0.1.4 Alpha

filedata.6.zip30.22mb0.1.3.2 Alpha

filedata.5.zip30.22mb0.1.3.1 Alpha

filedata.4.zip29.92mb0.1.3 Alpha

filedata.3.zip20.56mb0.1.2 Alpha

filedata.2.zip6.37mb0.1.1 Alpha

filedata.1.zip6.35mb0.1b Alpha

filedata.zip6.35mb0.1 Alpha


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kangrove @exertthing

My players have reported a issue that both 3x optics show no crosshair with any weapons, any maps, night and day.

During the aim-down animation the crosshair is still visible. After aiming down the crosshair is gone.

Loaded MODS & Mutators:
FpLegs, NPMod, HardcoreHUD, ImprovedAI, SlowMovement, SlowCaptureTimes

Screenshots and videos here:

DagZede @dagzede

Thanks for the input, and yeah sorry I forgot to list it as known bug and kinda busy to update it constantly lately. Probably caused by changed blueprint system for the optics on the last update since the mod's 3x and 7x optics are a child blueprint of the existing one.

AdrianShephard3 @adrianshephard3

good mod


"- Security bots ability to use A10 strafe.
- Bots will call fire support more often."
They don't seem to work.

Additional questions:
Is Night Park compatible with Improved AI?

DagZede @dagzede

Currently having an issue where custom bots won't work on local play - they will only work on community server - and I don't really have the drive to fix it on my own. Gave up on troubleshooting all the bugs on the editor since 1.11 update. Sorry, but I will only urgently fix them if it's broken on our server.

I kind of forgot how the ImprovedAI mod works but I think it should be since it only overrides the bot's custom skill config. On our bots, only the custom ones (Berserker, elite marksman, hunter, slasher, etc.) are using our own custom skill config, Rifleman, advisor, breacher, etc. aren't equipped with custom skill config and will refer to the default skill config. So. ImprovedAI might've override all bot's skill config or only the non-custom bot ones.


Dear friends, I tested it on the linux server, and of course there was only one player and 9 friendly bot vs 40 enemies.
I have tested it many times and have not found that the security forces will call for A10 or use more fire support.
Am I wrong about something?
Do I need to set anything extra in Game.ini?
What are the conditions required for normal security forces to call A10 and to call for more frequent fire support?

DagZede @dagzede

You don't have to add anything to game.ini to make that work. However, security bot's A10 calls are triggered when 3 players of the insurgent side are stacked up closely with each other by the code, this probably didn't count when you're playing with friendly bots maybe.

Also which mutator are you using? Customized bot fire support only works on NPMod.


I've tried both NPMod and NPBots, and I think you're right. Friendly robots may not trigger.

Doesn't NPBots support Customized bot fire support?
This... It's more or less regrettable.

DagZede @dagzede

I think fire support can only be changed by theater override, and NPBots only replace the squad not the theater. NPMod however, did replace the theater system.

I may not be able to check it myself lately, and the editor is broken at the moment. But if you wanna check the mod's function as how it's intended to be, feel free to try the mod on our server at:
Name: Night Park


I see. Thank you for your reply.

MOsabbroxd @mosabbroxd

The new bots types are gone, maybe this is from the new game update. And also the bots does not call in fire support, I dont know why ?

DagZede @dagzede

We found out that the custom bots didn't work on local play after 1.11, even though I've updated the mod using the 1.11 version of the SDK. Bot still works fine on our community server though, sorry for this but yeah, I have no idea how to make them usable again on local play at the moment.


"- Security bots ability to use A10 strafe.
- Bots will call fire support more often."
That's all I like.
Thank you, brother.

germanc4 @germanc4

great work man, is it compatible with the mod zombies (mod ID: 564874)?

DagZede @dagzede

Just asked, and it (NPLoadout, NPLite, and NPMod) should work. Since Zombies works as bot squad override.
NPBots and NPFrenzy won't since it's a bot squad override as well, obviously.

germanc4 @germanc4

i have tried it and sometimes weapons desappear, but it works. thanks its a great mod and the bots difficulty is spot on

DagZede @dagzede

Never tried it before tbh, but it could be technically.
Only if Zombies uses enemy faction squad override instead of theatre override.

Eh, I'll ask Snake about it.

MOsabbroxd @mosabbroxd

Great mod, but is there a mutator that i can change the hardcore movement animation to the normal movement animation ??

DagZede @dagzede

Added "SoftcoreMovement" mutator for you, it basically overrides the movement speed into the default 1.0 value along with the animation, don't know if it'll work though.
Have you tried the vanilla "FastMovement"? Might've work better.

MOsabbroxd @mosabbroxd

Thank you for making this mutator for me, but it doesn't work :(