Insurgency: Sandstorm

NoRockets for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by TayLord (mod ID: 1966770)


This mod removes AT4/Panz/RPG7/M3 for player and bots from coop. Should support Checkpoint, Hardcore Checkpoint, and Survival.

Option 1: This uses a vanilla loadout without rockets. Rockets will not be available in the loadout menu and bots will not have them either.

Pros: Clean and simple
Cons: Can't be used with other loadout mutators like ISMC or FullyLoaded.


Option 2: This strips all explosive rockets from players on resupply. This does not touch the loadout at all, so rockets will be available in the loadout menu, but will be immediately destroyed on resupply.

Pros: Can work with ISMC and FullyLoaded as it doesn't touch the loadouts.
Cons: Rockets still show up in the loadout menu and player can spend points on them and not get them.


And just for fun:

Option 3: This removes all primaries and secondaries and leaves all bots and players with explosives and knives. Added a throwable infantry mine and a cleaver melee weapon to make things more interesting.


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Mr9v9 @900ghz

Now for the crazy ones of us in the crowd, could we get a feature to ONLY have rockets?

TayLord @taylord

Haha. You want bots to only have rockets too? Grenades? Explosives? The unfortunate part is you can only hold one rocket in vanilla game.

Mr9v9 @900ghz

Oh yeah! It would make my server more interesting to have a rockets only mode between bots.

TayLord @taylord

Just tried it. Unfortunately it works very poorly as the bots have specific situations they are programmed to use rockets. The end result is a bunch of bots that have explosives and knives and they use the knives only with a few exceptions that find themselves at a good distance to use their rockets. If you take the knife away they try and charge with their hands at close/medium range and if they are a certain distance away they will try and get at a good distance to use their rocket. Not great.

Mr9v9 @900ghz

I'm was actually hoping for a knives and rockets kind of game mode. Do you think it is worth it to make a separate mod like that? I know I would add it to the rotation for sure if it was polished. There are no knife-fight mods that I know of.

k2roo @k2roo

This removes ISMC

TayLord @taylord

Added a second option that could be used for ISMC or other loadout mutators. I don't have the explosives for ISMC, so I don't know what they are based off of or what they're named, but in theory this will work.

TayLord @taylord

Most definitely. I could potentially do another mutator that removes rockets regardless of loadout, but this is a loadout mutator so it defines a loadout without rockets.