Insurgency: Sandstorm

Oasis for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by ZAPATlSTA (mod ID: 580499)



Oasis is set in a conflict where the Insurgent forces have fled into the desert for a last stand following their defeat in the urban areas against the Security forces.

Amidst a stretch of treacherous sand dunes and steep cliffs, the remaining Insurgents have taken over the archeological site and fortified the ruins of an ancient polis hidden within the local wadi.

After having met heavy resistance during their initial attack, Security forces have deployed an elite task force to secure the oasis and crush the last remnants.

How to Run

Copy & paste the appropriate command line into your console.


Firefight (VERSUS):
AdminTravelMap Oasis?Scenario=Scenario_Oasis_Firefight

Domination (VERSUS):
AdminTravelMap Oasis?Scenario=Scenario_Oasis_Domination

Team Deathmatch (VERSUS):
AdminTravelMap Oasis?Scenario=Scenario_Oasis_Team_Deathmatch

Push Security (VERSUS):
AdminTravelMap Oasis?Scenario=Scenario_Oasis_Push_Security

Checkpoint Security (COOP):
AdminTravelMap Oasis?Scenario=Scenario_Oasis_Checkpoint_Security

Checkpoint Security Hardcore (COOP):
AdminTravelMap Oasis?Scenario=Scenario_Oasis_Checkpoint_Security?game=CheckpointHardcore?


Firefight (VERSUS):
Open Oasis?Scenario=Scenario_Oasis_Firefight

Domination (VERSUS):
Open Oasis?Scenario=Scenario_Oasis_Domination

Team Deathmatch (VERSUS):
Open Oasis?Scenario=Scenario_Oasis__Team_Deathmatch

Push Security (VERSUS):
Open Oasis?Scenario=Scenario_Oasis_Push_Security

Checkpoint Security (COOP):
Open Oasis?Scenario=Scenario_Oasis_Checkpoint_Security

Checkpoint Security Hardcore (COOP):
Open Oasis?Scenario=Scenario_Oasis_Checkpoint_Security?game=CheckpointHardcore?

Developer Notes:

This map was made for the 2020 Mapping Contest and it is my first mapping experience, so I'm very open to constructive criticism, just drop me a comment :)

  • At its core this is a fast paced Firefight map. Other modes were added later on. I would like the map to be judged on this basis for the contest.

  • This map is still being improved. You can follow progress on Trello. (This where all the feedback goes before I hop to work).

  • Some of the reported issues in the comments have been addressed (check Trello for details) but I cannot deploy properly due to a packaging bug that was introduced with the 1.9.1 update to the SDK. Engine won't package certain assets, so I cannot deploy a new version. It seems I'm not the only one being affected. Thank you all for the feedback, I hope to release these changes once the issue has been addressed by NWI, but it will probably have to wait until after the contest.

  • Support for the map has been discontinued for the time being. I will update here if this situation changes, apologies for any inconveniences and thank you for your interest.














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TayLord @taylord

Zapatista Could we get a repackage for 1.11? Ai nav update in 1.11 broke all custom maps. Just need a repackage to get the AI to spawn. Even if some textures are missing, itd be playable.

Ninj1stic @ninj1stic

Will there be an update for this map? Not currently working with the new update?

Lipe123 @na2207282

Unable to call fire support for most of the map, for some reason nothing happens when we call it.

UnstableThermalpaste @unstablethermalpaste

HI! ZAPATlSTA I'm still kinda new in I just want to say is this gonna public in insurgency sandstorm or do I just have to download myself? Sry still got questions so can I play it with my friends, if they don't have it? "Btw XD are you part of the developer?"

-[U|S|A]-WilliamF @usa-williamf

You will automatically download the map on your client-side if you play on the community servers. If you trying to know how to add the map to your own server that will be a different story.

SilentKiwik @silentkiwik

The map really looks gorgeous, with a lot of scenic points and really nice environments (bonus points for a certain hidden area, it made us laugh ;) ).

On the other hand, it doesn't seem to play very well yet in Coop, mainly because of how the Ai moves aroundand how the checkpoints are designed. If I may provide some constructive criticism for Chekpoint mode (mainly Security, as we play with ISMC):

- the restricted areas seem a bit too much, as you're often confined within a very small surface to protect a point; your map is beautiful and well inter-connected, but more often than not you're forced into pre-defined routes when you could be using the map creatively. Even worse, you're entirely stuck on the checkpoint area when defending, utterly unable to move around it, even for a few meters.This can be especially problematic when defending some points with no vertical cover, like A on Security, as a single mortar strike can prevent you completely from defending, as you are unable to push inside the temple and are forced to stay out in the open by the restriced area (a similar situation on other points).
This also ends up forcing the players into holding doorways and angles instead of being able to 'roam" a bit more freely and enjoy the complexity of your work.
I would personally advise on making the allowed areas slightly bigger in order to make for freer movement around the points.

- as other have mentioned, the AI spawners and pathfinding seem a bit off. On some points (like A) they seem to all spawn less than 10m away from you, leading to overwhelming firepower being poured incessantly into the point, or even spawn in the water in plain sight (on B, iirc), where they then proceed to engage from the reeds (which provide very good concealment, btw).
Meanwhile, on other points (mostly all the indoor ones) the bots seem to get stuck somewhere outside and you can go through a whole defense phase without seeing any enemies, since you can't even move away from it to look for them (for instance on Baths, or that very nice cupola point underground).

All in all, I think your work is fantastic, and it's one of the most visually stunning maps I've tried, but I think it needs some slight adjustments to have it ready for Coop (can't speak for other gamemodes, sorry).
I have very high hopes for this map, I think it has great potential, so keep up the amazing work! :D

ZAPATlSTA @zapatlsta

Hey thank you for taking the time to write this wholesome feedback. I've heard some of it before and I think you've touched very valid points.

If I'm being honest, coop was the last thing I added to the map before the deadline for the contest. Unlike some of the other maps, coop was more of an "afterthought" if you will. I had a little more time in my hands so I decided to throw in checkpoint. Now that I actually have an idea on how it plays in coop, I would do some things differently.

What I'm thinking is I tried cramming too many points onto this small/medium sized map. I wanted to take the players on a tour of the various areas; but I think I could have done it in a more subtle manner.

Placing less objectives would mean less restricted areas, because these areas are there to essentially stop players from spawn-camping the bot spawns or pushing up to the next objective for an instant-capture. If I had less objectives, I could let players be more free on how they approach them.

As for the path-finding issues, I believe they mostly come with the complexity of the map.

I've done the bot pathing is it should be done and I've spent a good chunk of time on making various things like rocks and ramps more navigation friendly. (Players will seldom get stuck/glitch on rocks etc. where you normally would in vanilla maps.) Nevertheless Oasis was always designed as a PVP map from the ground-up. So some areas may be a little too complex for the bots to navigate.

It would have been a whole lot easier if the map was a simple series of "rooms-corridors-rooms" or simpler geometric shapes. But the varying geography and the prominent verticality seem to give bots a really hard time. If I'm being honest, sometimes I'm surprised bots are doing as well as they are on certain areas!

I believe the only solution to this is the same as the restricted areas problem. I would just reduce the number of objectives and place them more strategically where I can make bots not have to deal with some of the more complex areas so they don't get lost/stuck. I will see what I can do.

Thank you again for the kind words and recognition, I'm really happy you could enjoy Oasis despite these shortcomings.

By the way, you can take a look at the Trello page I set up to see what's in store for Oasis for after the no-update period ends.


[NF]Tazzy @nftazzy

Just letting you know. That the bots do not show up to a few of the objectives when defending. Played this yesterday i know for certain it was the final objective but there were a few more before this one also

SecretGoldfish @secretgoldfish

I just want to came here and to say this is a such beautiful map! Plenty of cinematic spots, vertical space transition and small details. Only issue I have is at some location I could fell out of he map.

E1xP @e1xp

Is this map support night? It look really nice.

ZAPATlSTA @zapatlsta

Hey, glad you liked it!

Unfortunately not right now. Night Lighting is among the things I'm planning to add after the contest results are announced (updates not allowed until then).

For other planned updates, you can check out the Trello page in the description.

CornedBeef1 @cornedbeef1

The out of bounds areas are all screwed up. Please remove them all if you aren't going to test them.

BlargedyBlargedy @blargedyblargedy

I recommend looking at the no restricted areas mod.

ZAPATlSTA @zapatlsta

Which game mode, where? What exactly is "screwed up"? Are they not working, are they broken?

I would love to know about the problems you have found. Could you detail them?

CornedBeef1 @cornedbeef1

When you cap either A or B as soon as you cap it you are immediately out of bounds. On the point. That seems pretty screwed up to me. Plus, you have SO many out of bounds areas the map plays completely linear. It is like a bad single player game. Sorry, can't go around the rock to the left, must go to the right of the rock. The map is absolutely beautiful but plays horribly due to constantly being funneled with no option to flank and capture points.

BlargedyBlargedy @blargedyblargedy

we got stuck on India as there was a bruiser stuck in the ceiling/rock area.

ZAPATlSTA @zapatlsta

Noted. We are allowed 1 last update before voting ends. I'll move this up in my todo list! Thanks for the feedback!

Edit: please see the description area for an update on what's happening.

govrin @224g1

one problem i had so far is too much restricted areas in coop

BlargedyBlargedy @blargedyblargedy

The no restricted area mod is good for such things as this.

ZAPATlSTA @zapatlsta

Thanks for the feedback. Any specific areas I should take a look at?

They've prolonged the voting period and we've been given 1 extra chance for another upload during this week. I could probably take a look at those if you could provide me some details.

govrin @224g1

point a is by far the hardest to defend you cant go anywhere because of the restrictid areas and most of the time you will get bombed
basicly there is too much of the restricted area even moving from point to point is hard i say just remove it all

ZAPATlSTA @zapatlsta

Noted, and added to my list. Thank you.

I will overhaul checkpoint altogether to make it more open. I will probably decrease the amount of objectives as well.

govrin @224g1

the amount is fine really but the restected area are the most problem
OH and they dont mach the map for exampel after you take obj b it become a restrected area

ZAPATlSTA @zapatlsta

Red zones not matching the map is known to me. I fixed it for Push, Firefight, Domination, TDM on v1.5 (but cannot deploy new version, see map description for the reasons) but it is still a WIP for COOP. I will do this while improving the OBJ spread for Checkpoint.

The reason there are so many restricted areas is because of the amount of objectives I crammed onto the map. I didn't want players to be roaming in AI spawn areas. I think I need to reduce amount of OBJs to address the red zones issue. Thanks a lot for the feedback!

govrin @224g1

i think just making their spawn a red zone will work alot better then making the inter map as a red zone giving no freedome on the way to go to the obj