Insurgency: Sandstorm

Operation Metro for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by [GBBB]k24uk (mod ID: 115420)


Remake of Operation Metro from Battlefield 3.

Currently the interior of the metro station only.
So for now its only a short 4 checkpoint mode for Security and 3 for Insurgents.
I've tried to stay faithful to the original layout but I have added the left flank up to the top area from the Battlefield 4 version and I scaled up the B flag area.
Still a work in progress so there is placeholder models (e.g escalators dividers) and some lighting artifacts I need to iron out.

Subway Train model is a freebie off the UE4 marketplace, unfortunately can't take credit for that awesome model.

*NIGHT mode not working properly, I will release a fix soon*

Checkpoint Hardcore
Team Deathmatch

(want another gamemode? request it down below)

Map Name: Operation_Metro

Scenario Names:




Team Deathmatch:




  • Added "night" gear to day map... NVG, flashlights etc... (Night map still broken)
  • Added loading screen image


  • Updated for v1.7


  • Added new light sources in and around Security's A Checkpoint.
  • Brightened the map overall
  • New ticket gate model (original model by €r!c)
  • New platform floor texture
  • New glass for store fronts
  • Various fixes


  • Fixed missing floor textures and escalator/ticket gate textures


  • Initial release

Known Issues:

  • Some users are reporting that the mod won't download to their servers, looking into it. *Update* I have experienced this myself on the latest update with trying to get it on my server, whenever I added the mod ID to my mods.txt file it would break my server and not download, 2 hours later it decided to fix itself and download, I have messaged ModIO for any info on this.








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BADASSGAMERS @badassgamers

is the the line structure for the mapcycle ?
(Scenario="Scenario_Operation _Metro_Checkpoint_Security_Night",Mode="Checkpoint",Lighting="Night")

[GBBB]k24uk @gbbbk24uk

(Scenario="Scenario_Operation _Metro_Checkpoint_Security",Mode="Checkpoint",Lighting="Night")
but night isn't working properly currently

RocketRammer @rocketrammer

Any plans to expand out into the construction area / outside up top?

[GBBB]k24uk @gbbbk24uk

Yes I do, I've only just returned to working on the maps but I plan on expanding this map

Swagger200 @swagger200

So far so good seems not to have the "blind bots" issue

[GBBB]k24uk @gbbbk24uk

Yeah, will look into the Canals problem first thing tomorrow. Thanks for playing and feedback.

AlphaDogs @dogmanbytes

Its working thanks my fault.

AlphaDogs @dogmanbytes

Its not show in the game map menu

AlphaDogs @dogmanbytes

Map loaded but its not showing in the menu Scenario_Operation_Metro_Checkpoint_Security is this correct?

[GBBB]k24uk @gbbbk24uk

That is the correct scenario name. Which menu is it not showing?

[NLD]Dutchxarms @nlddutchxarms

thanks! possible to do night version to let us use nightvision or flashlights?
or can we add it our selfs?

[GBBB]k24uk @gbbbk24uk

Currently working on a night version, just wanted to get a working version out for 1.7.

xcyber3000x @xcyber3000x

Mods not working anymore after update to V1.7 any updates would be great

[GBBB]k24uk @gbbbk24uk

update out soon. Apologies, been busy with work.

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

Awesome so far, perhaps add some litter like newspapers and things on the ground in some places and maybe some flickering lights in some spots ESPECIALLY the hallway on the south side on the right, the one that in BF4 version is usually dark when someone shoots out the lights in that game? Also some garbage cans and such things. The little details to add life and lived in feel to the map if you get time. Or if you don't have time, with your permission and obviously full credits I would love to add some minor little detailing for you and send it back to you to let me know what you think. Ambient noises too :)

Also check this out its cool!

We are playing it on the (large discord community) servers often!

Brings back memories for sure. The scaling is pretty solid! Love it!

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

Ty for 1.7 update

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

I also think there should be some very dim yellowish lights along the actual tracks along the walls of the track. As would be in real life usually at least in my city. The tracks area near the trains is a bit too dark. <3

And the subway trains themselves are a bit out of scale, too small. But its ok. Just pointing it out! Awesome work.

TokaiTele @tokaitele

Love this map! More objectives would be great. Brought back fond memories of Rush (this map was best on rush imho). Well done sir!!

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

I do believe he was keeping it true to BF's style. But it would be cool to have another capture point in the hallway that in BF4 version is usually dark.

ChaplainVane @chaplainvane

Incredibly well done, one issue tho i have and couple others with a recent update that you added the restricted area things. That is just a huge NO, big huge NO.

[GBBB]k24uk @gbbbk24uk

Not sure I follow, the restricted area zones have been in the map since first release. They are kinda vital for the bots to spawn. or you would just see bots spawn out of thin air. I would imagine you played on a server that removed the resticted zones with a mod, then played on another server that didn't have that mod? Thanks for playing though!

ChaplainVane @chaplainvane

That probably must be it, didn't mean to sound hostile or anything don't get me wrong, i was bit weirded out for a moment there. I didn't realize there was actually a mutator/mod to disable the restricted area. Still a good map though.

[GBBB]k24uk @gbbbk24uk

No worries man and cheers.