Insurgency: Sandstorm

Operation Pipeline for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by Z1T2 (mod ID: 100877)


PICTURE IN PICTURE graphic settings is bugged please turn it off till i figure it out.
Make sure to keep server's up to date so there's no invisible walls and issues with bots spawning wierdly.

Currently learning stuff about ue4 i will continue to update this map but next one will be a while before it gets released., got a ton of things to learn.

First attempt at map with UE4 (Using everything thats is already available in the SDK, custom stuff will come with next map)
Map progress : 80%
The name was meant to be changed but ended up leaving it.

Map name :


Scenarios names :


Maximum players :
TDM : 15v15
DOM : 15v15
COOP : 15 vs ?

Planned :

Coop :
Vehicle counter attacks.
Patroling AI.
RPG's, Smokes, Granades found around objecitves

Map :

Known Issues :
On Linux servers both players and bots can shoot & walk trough walls, objects in general. (No idea on what to do about this yet)
Scope in scope option causes wierd fog issues.
Vehicle that was added does not spawn.
Foxtrox 2nd floor has only one way to acces it.
Echo needs a third access point & more cover.

Updated screenshots with properly set up post process filter (12.04.2020)

Add me on ze discord : Z1T2#7577
Thanks for playing <3















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Rover_Oceania_Admin @rover-oceania-admin

needs to be updated for 1.7

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

Any update on picture in picture fix?
Sunlight seems a bit... off... very bright with no shadows? Strange?

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

Also very excited for vehicle counter attacks!!!!

Rover_Oceania_Admin @rover-oceania-admin

Can not see a thumb nail in the map voting screen. Only checked this map in Domination.

[3lNP]ElNecrofilico @3lnpelnecrofilico

For this map and more modded map

SoB|Pablostinoz @pablostinoz

Quick feedback on the map:
- Ai can see and shoot you through sandboxes and the square boxes (cant remember its name) that u use for cover as well. I was also able to walk through some of them.

Z1T2 @botm96k3y

If your able to walk trough its the server not having the latest update. For most part they wont shoot you trough sandbags., only in case you stand still where they spotted you they will put few extra shots trough sandbags. Any major walking trough walls or shooting trough them contantly is that the server has outdated map.
Thanks for feedback and let me know if this happens still. Ill upload a video today to show that its def server sided.

Crazy81584539834 @crazy81584539834

Nice map! The supply crate works different. Available at objective until captured then no longer available, even after secured. Have to go to next objective to resupply.

Z1T2 @botm96k3y

Yes sir i've noticed that yesterday will fix in the next update & thanks.

insgExecutioner @insgexecutioner

Nice map with the added objectives.

Z1T2 @botm96k3y

It was ******* me off with only 3 objectives and i assume other as well. Enjoy., will try to make them better as i test stuff.

Crazy81584539834 @crazy81584539834

I have the map ID in my mod file, and I am subcribed to the map, but it is not showing in my server folders. Any Idea why?

Lyamc @lyamc

Did you add your modio access token in your Game.ini?

The instructions on how to do so is located on the left hand side, under Guides and Server Admin Guide

Crazy81584539834 @crazy81584539834

Yes that is already in there. I have other mod maps i am subscribed to and play.

Z1T2 @botm96k3y

Try the modio access token if not send me a pm i'll try to help ya out.

Crazy81584539834 @crazy81584539834

I got it working. Unsubscribed then deleted all of it from my PC. Subscribed again and let it download. Joined server and it worked.

Crazy81584539834 @crazy81584539834

Yes it is in the ini file already. I play other mod maps on the server. I am subscribed to your Pipeline map, it has the client files on my pc, but the server has no files installed for it.

Z1T2 @botm96k3y

I pressed delete message by mistake., This is for whoever said Foxtrox has issues.

Hello., i've done few test runs in editor and on my server yesterday and it seemed to work fine., i will test again and most important is that if server dosent update to the latest version of the map people might experiance issues with invisible walls, capture zones not working correctly etc. Will report back after test., thanks for feedback.

Z1T2 @botm96k3y

Did another test, all objectives spawn ai and all spawn counter attack. Only thing i seen was that only 1 wave spawns per counter but i'm not sure if thats server settings cause i costomized it. Foxtrox should be working just the building on the point is WIP.

Lyamc @lyamc

Hey, I tried out your map on my server. Here's some feedback
-It's the most beautiful and well done map I have played yet
-Minimap is broken
-Performance hits my pc hard. Normally I'm around 120fps or more, and on your map it's 40fps
-On Linux Server, some spots have places you can just walk through, like the stairs in the house at E/F5 (use minimap coordinates). Apparently that's something that NWI needs to figure out though

If you want to test it live on a server, let me know and I'll change the map to it on my server

Z1T2 @botm96k3y

Thank you very much for feedback.
Minimap will be fixed with next update.,
Performance wise i aint sure to be honest i've tested it on windows server with 6 people and 30 bots and had anywhere from 80-120 fps. I need to get some more feedback to see if other have low fps as well.
I will try if the stairs are broken on windows server tonight.

I would love to test it on linux server, drop the server name.

Lyamc @lyamc

Search 8v8 and you'll find it. It'll have FUN SERVER on it