Insurgency: Sandstorm

Payout for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Fight your way through Lebanese high society to retake the casino from the insurgents.

Experience the high life as you storm through the finest hotels and mansions towards a final push for the casino, where the insurgents have overtaken the building and are using it as a base of operations.

**UPDATE** With update 1.2, the lighting and skybox has been overhauled. New cover has been added to emptier areas to increase the density of combat in a space.


For checkpoint and push gamemodes.

For push:

open Payout?Scenario=Scenario_Payout_Push_Security?Lighting=Day

For checkpoint:

open Payout?Scenario=Scenario_Payout_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day

Admin commands:








If this map is being judged for the competition, I would like to be judged on the 2 available gamemodes - Push, and Checkpoint, please :)

I will add more gamemodes, as the map can definitely fit them, but for the competition I ensured the above 2 were the most polished :)

Solo project :)

But, a HUGE thanks to everyone who helped me in the discord. <3







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R34P3R1621468743 @r34p3r1621468743

Map is broken since last patch, floors missing

Unix_Eco @unix-eco

Same we loaded into our server last night and the map is bugged. Everyone kept falling through the floor and getting stuck.

DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

It will be great if you could add hardcore.. could you please do that? :(

[BG]Nomy61 @none28

Can this Map be used in hardcore mode ??

[REDi]1RMAJPolTuurd @redi1rmajpoltuurd

great start , some walls are see/walk through

Kokuroku @kokuroku

Great map, love the distances and layout. Only feedback would be to add a bit more detail to the areas in between points (a few more vehicles in the streets would be nice for example), and would love to see hardcore added. keep up the good work!

Starkidd1595780962 @starkidd1595780962

Going to try this with our certed team. Will let you know how it goes!

CameronC @cameronc

Please do, I appreciate any feedback! Thanks so much for playing :)

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

I would love to try out this map, but everytime I do, I get "Error Loading gamemode assets." this is the only map that gives me that error.

CameronC @cameronc

Oh no! Which gamemode are you trying it for? I hope we can fix this :)

Mamba45 @mamba45

I get the same error. This is my rcon command:
travel Payout?Scenario=Scenario_Payout_Checkpoint?Lighting=Day?game=checkpoint

Fantasiado @fantasiado

not bad, but i think that the layout is kinda awkward and buildings feel far from each other, that without considering that almost 0 buildings are acessible, These big empty spaces also make the map feel rather dull with lack of details, the cassino also feels way too big to anything you see in vanilla insurgency, really i think thats where the map shot itself in the foot, way too empty with mostly unacessable buildings and pools that i dont think anyone would want to be in during combat.

CameronC @cameronc

That's really great feedback, thanks so much! I'm really sorry about most buildings being innaccessible - it was a decision I had to make to save time as the deadline drew nearer. We are now allowed one more update, so I might try and make some of the large spaces feel more interesting. Whilst I can't bring the buildings closer now, I can maybe increase the density of objects in an open space. Unfortunately, I can't make the casino smaller now. But, this is great feedback for whatever map I make next. Thanks for playing! :)

d4d330 @d4d330

I'm curious as to the lighting you used, the map is generally too dark for day time although by looking at the shadows the sun direction looks to be South x South East, middle morning-ish, yet it is so dusky looking. Quite a few parts of the map could use NV to see the hostiles. I know I can crank the gamma up but that seems wonky and I don't want to adjust my gamma for every time I load or unload a map. My two cents...

CameronC @cameronc

Hey! With this new single update we're allowed to do, I've drastically changed the lighting so it's much easier to see. Please, if you get the chance, check it out and let me know what you think! :)

CameronC @cameronc

That's a really good point, I'm sorry about that. I tried for early morning, but it was my first time properly trying to use the lighting settings in unreal so it was a bit of a challenge. I wish I knew it was too dark far enough in advance - it has no real dark spots on my monitor, but I'm starting to think it's just my monitor and it's too dark for everyone else. I wouldn't expect you to crank the gamma - just don't play it if it's too hard, sorry! :D I only started to become suspicious it was too dark when I saw a screenshot on my phone, but by then it was too late to make adjustments to the map at the last minute. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed what you did manage to play, so thanks for trying it out!

[0]Whiskey @0whiskey

Checkpoint. The only issue we've run into so far is that you can't see your character in the loadout screen. Hit M and you can see the guns but not the character. Lovely map! Thank you.

miltonjackson @miltonjackson

can you tell me mapcycle/admin travel command? i would be very gratefull!

CameronC @cameronc

so, does


not work? sorry, i dont have hardcore checkpoint. ran out of time :)

and, presumably, a travel command would be:


CameronC @cameronc

Fantastic, thanks so much for your feedback, I'm so glad you enjoyed playing! Fix incoming for the character in the loadoat screen, probably be fixed in about 12 hours as I'm going to run my final lightbake tonight :) And please, if you think it deserves it, a thumbs up on the mod will be wholeheartedly appreciated! Have a great day! <3